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Updated: October 27, 2022
By Santorini Dave

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a shop display of leather sandals, bags, and belts

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Olgianna Melissinos Hours and Information

  • Hours: Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday 10am-6pm. Thursday and Friday 10am-8pm. Closed Monday and Tuesday.
  • Website: melissinos-sandals.gr
  • Location: Normanou 7
  • Telephone: +30 21 0331 1925
  • Email: contact@melissinos-sandals.gr
  • Social Media: Instagram, Facebook
  • Nearest Metro: Monastiraki

Olgianna Melissinos Sandals in Athens

This charming and traditional shop is owned by the hospitable and charismatic Olgianna Melissinos and her husband Hristos. Olgianna is 3rd-generation leather sandal-maker who inherited her craft from her father Stavros Melissinos, known as the “Poet Sandal-Maker.” (In addition to his sandal-making, Stavros also wrote poems and plays, many of which have been translated and sit in respected libraries abroad.) Their historic family business was established in 1920 by Stavros’ father, Georgios Melissinos, and at that time was a small-scale shoe factory that made luxury rubber soled shoes and climbing boots. In 1955, Stavros took over the family business and created a fashion sensation with his ancient Greek sandal catering to famous customers such as Sophia Loren, Jackie Onassis, The Beatles, Maria Callas, Anthony Quinn, Jeremy Irons and Barbara Streisand to name a few.

A friendly-looking man and woman smile for a photo amid shelves of hand-crafted sandals.

Today Olgianna and Hristos carry on the tradition of creating authentic leather sandals inspired by ancient Greek designs while keeping contemporary needs in mind. Sandals, as well as a variety of bags, backpacks, and belts are all handmade by Olgianna and Hristos with genuine leather from the island of Crete. They maintain a small on-site workshop, but most goods are made at their nearby factory. In-stock sandals can be adjusted to fit, and custom sandals can be made to order – Olgianna and Hristos are more than willing and happy to create whatever design you want. Women’s, men’s, and children’s options and international shipping are available, and online shopping is offered through their website.

Located just 200 meters from Monastiraki Square on the corner of Normanou and Ifestou Streets, Olgianna Melissinos Sandals is easy to find. Follow Ifestou street under the “Athens Flea Market” sign beside the metro station on Monastiraki Square and take the first right. Open year-round.

A leather sandal shopfront on a narrow pedestrian lane crowded with shops.

Olgianna Melissinos Sandals is located in central Athens, just around the corner from Monastiraki Square.

Framed black and white photo of a cobbler in front of his shop

Olgianna, who owns the shop with her husband Hristos, is the daughter of Stavros Melissinos, the famed “Poet Sandal-Maker of Athens.”

A variety of Greek sandals on display on a shop shelf

Olgianna and Hristos make traditional Greek sandals (as well as bags, belts, and other accessories) with genuine Cretan leather.

A man sits at a small workbench and crafts a leather sandal.

They have a small workbench in the shop, but most goods they sell are made at their nearby factory. In-stock sandals can be adjusted to fit, and custom sandals can be made to order.

A variety of leather sandals on display on a shop shelf.

A variety of leather sandals on display on a shop shelf.

A variety of leather sandals on display on a shop shelf.

A variety of leather sandals on display on a shop shelf.

A variety of leather sandals on display on a shop shelf.

Shelves of leather sandals and photos on display

A variety of leather purses on display, hanging on a wall

A variety of leather wallets on display on a shop shelf.

Leather backpacks on display on a shelf

Leather backpacks on display on a shelf

Old leather Greek-style sandals on display

Small leather baby-sized sandals on display in a shop

Interior of a shop, with leather sandals and accessories lining the shelves

Olgianna Melissinos Sandals is open Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday from 10am to 6pm; Thursday and Friday 10am to 8pm. Closed Monday and Tuesday.

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