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Updated: October 26, 2022
By Santorini Dave

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Shop with punk-inspired clothing on display

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Remember Fashion Hours and Information

Remember Fashion in Athens

A must-see for fans of rock music or vintage fashion, this cult fashion boutique located in Psirri has been going strong since punk rock’s glory days of the 1970’s, selling one-of-a-kind designer and second-hand fashion items with a retro-punk edge. In 1978, Dimitri Tsouanatos and his brother George Vanakos opened the shop, having been inspired by Greece’s newfound freedom after years of dictatorship. It has been a hub of creative and counter-cultural expression ever since.

Remember Fashion’s one-of-a-kind vintage clothing has been worn in concerts by many iconic artists and has been displayed at the Benaki Museum in Athens and museums in New York. Famous bands, singers, and celebrities from the 70’s to the present have sourced their clothing here: The Clash, Debbie Harry, Ramones, Iron Maiden, Sex Pistols, Sonic Youth, Pearl Jam, Lana del Ray, and Chloë Sevigny to name a few. Picture albums, letters, and memorabilia are displayed throughout the shop.

Open scrapbook showing photos of Nick Cave at a birthday party

Originally located in Plaka, the shop moved in 2016 to the hip Psirri neighborhood. Dimitri is now semi-retired, so his son, Yiannis, has taken the reigns. Having grown up working in the store, Yiannis knows its history very well; if you’re interested in hearing about it, he’s more than happy to share stories.

Located in Psirri, very close to Plateia Iroon and Bougatsadiko Thessaloniki. The closest metro station is Monastiraki, about a 450-meter walk away.

Exterior of a vintage clothing shop on a narrow and vibrant street

Remember Fashion is located in Athens’ vibrant Psirri neighborhood.

Vintage clothing shop with punk-inspired attire

Since the 1970’s, this unique clothing shop has outfitted counter-cultural icons such as The Clash, The Ramones, The Sex Pistols, Sonic Youth, Pearl Jam, and more.

A man lifts a photo album onto a table in a shop

Yiannis Tsouanatos, the son of the shop’s original owner, is well-versed in the shop’s history, and is happy to share stories.

Photo album open to a page of photos of the band Iron Maiden

Albums of photos and memorabilia are on display for customers to look through.

Photo album open to a page with photos of the band The Ramones

Photo album open to a page with photos of Debbie Harry

Photo album open to a page with photos of the musicians Lana del Rey and Kim Gordon

Interior of a shop selling vintage and punk-inspired clothing

Rack of clothing with a silver-studded leather jacket on display

Collage wall with black and white photos of punk and rock bands

Rack of clothing with a lit sign hanging above that reads "Believers in the Ruins"

A mannequin in punk-inspired clothes posed on a graffiti-covered stairway

Vintage clothing store with a large sign that says "remember"

Remember Fashion is open Monday to Saturday, 12pm-7pm.

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