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Updated: October 29, 2023
By Santorini Dave

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Santorini Hotels with Infinity Pool

Santorini hotel with infinity pool that allows kids.

My son doing a handstand at Tholos Resort (one of the more affordable caldera view hotels) in Imerovigli.

One of the most common pictures of Santorini is a dazzling pool perched on the cliff with the water of the pool merging with the waters of the Aegean in the distant background.

In reality, there are very few true infinity pools on Santorini and – I’ll be honest – not all of the pools listed below are technically infinity pools, which for aficionados has a very specific definition. But they are all wonderful pools that peek over the edge of the caldera cliff and have incredible views of the volcano or sunset – or both. There are also many great Santorini hotels with private pools and caldera views.

1. Grace Santorini – Imerovigli

Full Review of Grace Santorini.

Hotel with infinity pool view of caldera in Santorini.

The best infinity pool in Santorini is at Grace in Imerovigli. Grace’s pool is the largest on the caldera.

2. Katikies Kirini Suites – Oia

Full Review of Katikies Kirini.

Hotel with infinity pool view of caldera in Santorini.

The infinity pool at Katikies Kirini Suites.

3. Katikies Hotel – Oia

Full Review of Katikies Hotel.

Hotel with infinity pool view of caldera in Santorini.

The infinity pool at Katikies hotel.

4. Cavo Tagoo – Imerovigli

Full Review of Cavo Tagoo Santorini.

Infinity pool at Cavo Tagoo in Imerovigli

The infinity pool at Cavo Tagoo has one of the best sunset views in Santorini.

5. Chromata – Imerovigli

Full Review of Chromata Santorini.

The infinity pool at Chromata hotel on Santorini.

The infinity pool at Chromata.

6. Canaves Oia Suites – Oia

Full Review of Canaves Oia Suites.

Infinity pool at Canaves Oia Suites

The shallow infinity pool with sun loungers at Canaves Oia Suites. A second swimming pool sits farther back from the caldera’s edge.

7. Tsitouras Collection – Firostefani

Full Review of the Tsitouras Collection.

The infinity pool at Tsitouras Collection hotel on Santorini.

The infinity pool at Tsitouras Collection.

8. Perivolas – Oia

Full Review of Perivolas Hotel.

Hotel with infinity pool view of caldera in Santorini.

The infinity pool at Perivolas.

9. Astra Suites – Imerovigli

Full Review of Astra Suites.

The infinity pool at Astra Suites in Imerovigli, Santorini.

The infinity pool at Astra Suites.

10. Cosmopolitan Suites – Fira

Full Review of Cosmopolitan Suites.

Hotel with infinity pool view of caldera in Santorini.

The infinity pool at Cosmopolitan Suites.

11. Andronis Luxury Suites – Oia

Full Review of Andronis Luxury Suites.

The infinity pool at Andronis Luxury Suites in Oia

The infinity pool and Lycabettus Restaurant at Andronis Luxury Suites.

12. Altana Heritage Suites & Villas – Imerovigli

Full Review of Altana Heritage Suites & Villas.

The infinity pool at Altana Heritage Suites in Imerovigli

The highest infinity pool in Santorini is at Altana Heritage Suites.

13. Honeymoon Petra Villas – Imerovigli

Full Review of Honeymoon Petra Villas.

Hotel with infinity pool view of caldera in Santorini.

The infinity pool at Honeymoon Petra Villas has an almost 24-hour pool bar.

14. Charisma Suites – Oia

Full Review of Charisma Suites.

The new infinity pool at Charisma Suites in Oia.

Charisma Suites, perched over Ammoudi Bay, boasts two infinity pools, both with views of the caldera and sunset – a rare find in Oia. This is the newer and larger of the two pools.

15. Homeric Poems – Firostefani

Full Review of Homeric Poems.

Infinity pool at Homeric Poems in Firostefani

The infinity pool at Homeric Poems in Firostefani.

16. San Antonio – Imerovigli

Full Review of San Antonio Hotel.

Infinity pool at San Antonio, north of Imerovigli

The infinity pool at San Antonio a little north of Imerovigli.

17. Katikies Garden – Fira

Full Review of Katikies Garden Hotel.

Infinity pool at Katikies Garden

The rooftop infinity pool at Katikies Garden offers views to the caldera, Profitis Ilias Mountain, and (out of the frame) views over Fira village and the Aegean Sea to the east.

18. West East Suites – Imerovigli

Full Review of West East Suites.

The infinity pool at West East Suites in Imerovigli

The infinity pool and pool bar at West East Suites in Imerovigli.

19. Tholos Resort – Imerovigli

The infinity pool at Tholos Resort in Imerovigli

The infinity pool over the caldera and Skaros Rock at Tholos Resort in Imerovigli. This is one of the least-expensive hotels with an infinity pool in Santorini.

20. Canaves Sunday – Oia

The infinity pool at Canaves Oia Sunday Suites

The charming infinity pool at Canaves Sunday.

21. Astarte Suites – Akrotiri

Full Review of Astarte Suites.

The infinity pool and pool bar at Astarte Suites in Akrotiri

The infinity pool and pool bar of Astarte Suites in Akrotiri.

22. Galaxy Suites – Imerovigli

The infinity pool at Galaxy Suites in Imerovigli

The infinity pool at Galaxy Suites in Imerovigli. There is a second swimming pool on another nearby terrace.

23. Mystique – Oia

Full Review of Mystique Hotel.

The infinity pool at Mystique in Oia, Santorini.

The infinity pool at Mystique hotel.

24. Aenaon Villas – Imerovigli

Full Review of Aenaon Villas.

The infinity pool at Aenaon Villas in Imerovigli

The infinity pool at Aenaon Villas north of Imerovigli faces Skaros Rock and the volcanoes.

25. Santorini Secret Suite & Spa – Oia

The infinity pool at Santorini Secret Suites and Spa in Oia

The infinity pool at Santorini Secret Suites & Spa in Oia.

26. Andronis Arcadia – Oia

Full Review of Andronis Arcadia.

Infinity pool at Andronis Arcadia in Oia, Santorini

The infinity pool at Andronis Arcadia offers direct sunset views.

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  1. Pool Day Pass

    Hello Dave!
    We are a group of friends who are spending a whole day in Santorini. We are arriving very early in the morning and going back home at midnight. I was hoping you could suggest a nice hotel where we can buy a day pass and use the pool and the buffet services. Is that possible in Santorini?
    Thank you

    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      There are no hotels (that I know of) that offer day passes for their pool. The closest thing is the Lioyerma Pool & Bar in Oia – which is great but not a hotel and not on the caldera. Nice sunset views though.

  2. Public Pool in Santorini

    Hey, what an excellent site, thanks so much for all the valuable info! I read that the only public pool on the island doesn’t face the caldera, just the sea. Is it an infinity pool or just a regular one? Thank you

    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      It’s the Lioyerma Pool in Oia. It’s open to everyone as long as they buy drinks or food. It’s a large nice pool with sunset views but does not face the caldera and is not an infinity pool.

  3. Hotel with Pool and View for Kids

    We are planning to travel to Santorini next summer with 2 daughters aged 19 and 16. We would like to stay where there is a pool with a caldera view. The priority over everything else is the pool, the bigger the better with a great view. We don’t mind splurging for the hotel but would prefer it to be not top end as it is with our teenagers, not a honeymoon! Thank you for any recommendations you may have.

    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      Try Athina Luxury Suites in Fira or Agali Houses in Firostefani. Both have great pools good for teenagers.

  4. Santorini Hotel Infinity Pools

    Hi Dave,

    I am planning to go to Santorini September 22 to September 27 for our honeymoon and am torn between the Prestige Suite with two private pools in Andronis Boutique Hotel and the Deluxe Suite with an infinity pool at La Perla Villas. I assume that the hotel pool gets packed so I looked for rooms with private infinity pools – is it worth it? Also do either of them have views of the sunset so I don’t have to brave the crowds? One thing that I do see on social media is that Andronis has a turndown service whereas it is absent for La Perla. Is it standard for all hotels to have that? I’ve never been to Greece, so any insight will be greatly appreciated.


    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      Both Andronis Boutique and La Perla have great views of the caldera, but they face southwest, so they do not have direct sunset views. Both Andronis Boutique’s Prestige Suite and La Perla’s Deluxe Suite include turndown service (most but not all luxury hotels offer turndown service), and they both have outdoor private jacuzzis (heated) and outdoor, private infinity pools (unheated). The suites, facilities, and service at Andronis Boutique are top-notch, among the very best on the island, so although on the surface the properties seem of offer a similar product Andronis is definitely the more luxurious of the two.
      Both hotels do get quite busy, especially in the high season, but by the end of September, it should be calmer, so the pools shouldn’t be crowded. Andronis Boutique hotel offers 2 pools so everyone can spread out, so even during the high season, it never feels overly full. Having a private pool and/or jacuzzi is not absolutely imperative, but for a special occasion, it’s worth it to spring for one. But do keep in mind that “private pool” in Santorini means that only you can use it; it does not mean that it is hidden out of sight.

  5. Honeymoon Suite in Fira

    Hello Dave, I am booking now for our honeymoon September 8 to the 12th. I am looking at two places and want your feedback. I booked two places and cannot decide. Please help. Trieris Villa & Suites – Superior Suite with shared outdoor pool and caldera view. Or Andronis Honeymoon in Fira – Junior Suite with hot tub and caldera View.

    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      Both are wonderful, down the steps from Fira with great views. Flip a coin.

  6. Mystique, Katikies, or Andronis Boutique Hotel

    My fiancee and I are going to Santorini for our Honeymoon 10/1/18 – 10/6/18. We have narrowed our choices to the following 3 places: Mystique, Katikies and Andronis Boutique Hotel. We absolutely require balcony with a beautiful view, preferably with a plunge pool/hot tub. Please let us know your thoughts regarding these 3 resorts and if there is another facility that you recommend that we consider in addition to the above, please let us know. Thanks for your help.

    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      They’re all wonderful hotels. Location is a little different: Mystique in a quieter part of Oia but requires walking along the road a short distance to access central Oia walkway; Katikies at the start of the walkway; Andronis right in the busiest section of Oia (but rooms still have good privacy). All have incredible caldera views but none have sunset views.

  7. Which Town in Santorini


    We are planning a trip to Santorini in early September or early to mid October of. We are little torn between staying in quieter Imerovigili or a little more active Oia, thoughts? If we go in mid Oct (which I know is nearing the end of season on Santorini) will everything still be open and operational as far as restaurants etc.? Final inquiry, are pools in Santorini heated?
    Paul Shultz

    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      Sounds like you have the right idea of Oia and Imerovigli. You just have to choose. One thing to note: even though Imerovigli is quieter it is walking distance to Fira (the hub of the island) so it can feel more central than Oia. Mid-October everything will be open. Most pools are not heated. Private plunge pools usually are. And, of course, hot tubs and Jacuzzis.

  8. Heated Pools in Santorini

    Are there any heated swimming pools in Santorini? Can you recommend one or two as we’ll be there in April and worried it won’t be warm enough to swim. Not looking for a plunge pool, looking for an actual pool. Preferably a heated infinity pool at a Santorini luxury hotel or villa.


    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      There’s a heated infinity pool at Katikies in Imerovigli. And Vasilicos in Imerovigli has a heated swimming pool too.

  9. San Antonio or Grace Hotel

    Hi Dave,
    I’m having a hard time deciding between San Antonio or Grace hotels. We are visiting in early October for 3 nights. We plan on using the pool area a lot. Which hotel do you think will be less crowded? And how far is the walk from San Antonio to Imervogli?

    Diane Cerm

    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      San Antonio is much quieter (both in terms of guests and walk-by traffic) but Grace is more luxurious. It’s about a 45 minute walk from San Antonio to Imerovigli.

  10. Best Sites for Booking Flights and Hotels for Santorini

    Hi Dave!

    I want to go to Santorini for 3 days, however you recommended not to use Expedia, what websites do you think are best in finding cheap flights and great hotel deals for Santorini (specifically in Fira or Imerovigli) in late July?

  11. Grace Swimming Pool for Non Guests

    Hi Dave,

    We are staying in Absolute bBliss which is beautiful hotel with great staff and views. My husband and I were wondering if grace hotel allows non guest to enter their pool to take pictures?

    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      Just to see the pool? No. But you could make a reservation at their restaurant which is just behind the pool and see it that way (still won’t be able to swim).

  12. Grace Is Fully Booked – Cavo Tagoo or Aria Suites?

    Hi Dave,

    My mother, sister, and I are torn between the new hotel in Imerovigli, Cavo Tagoo, and Aria Suites in Fira. We would have loved to stay at the Grace Hotel, but it is completely booked. We are looking for a hotel with incredible views and good food… and we know that Cavo Tagoo has a better communal pool. But, we could have the Dolce Far Niente suite in Aria Suites which has it’s own pool/deck. Which would you choose?

    Thanks for your help!

    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      Both are great. If you want to be in a quieter area a 15 minute walk to some restaurants but much longer to any shopping or nightlife, then go with Cavo Tagoo. If you want to be close to more activity then go with Aria Suites.

  13. Fira Pools Open to Public

    Are any of these pools open to the public? I’ll be in Fira soon and was hoping to find a poolside bar to lounge in.
    Thanks! Grace

    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      Lioyerma Pool & Bar in Oia is the only Santorini pool open to public. It’s nice. You can use it for free by buying drinks or food.

  14. Homeric Poems or Pegasus Suites?

    I’m so glad I found your site. I’m planning a 6 night stay in Santorini in July and a lot of the hotels are booked up already. I’m currently choosing between Homeric Poems and Pegasus Suites. Would you recommend one over the other?

    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      Homeric Poems for sure. Though Pegasus is a fine hotel I’m not fond of its location – feels like a bit of a no man’s land between Firostefani and Imerovigli.

  15. Family Hotel with Caldera View

    Hi Dave,
    I wanted to know your thoughts about Hotel Thireas, we will be travelling in July as a family 2 adults and 2 teenage kids. Any other recommendations for hotels with great caldera views my budget is around 500 euros a night.
    Stan Leib

    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      Hotel Thireas is nice with great views. Right beside it is Cori Rigas which might be slightly more kid-friendly. In front of the family suites is a nice enclosed courtyard and the pool is a little bigger and built into the cliff (cave pool) that provides lots of shade. Both hotels have many steps up to Fira’s main street so be prepared for some climbing.

      (I am typing this from the Cori Rigas where I’m staying with my family of 4.)

  16. Dreams Luxury Suites or San Antonio

    Hi Dave – We are returning in July for our 10 year anniversary (married in Santorini in 2007). We are torn between Dreams Luxury Suites and San Antonio. We’re looking for 1) great views, 1) contemporary design and 3) good location. Views and design are most important. What do you recommend? We are also open to another hotel in the $500-$600 per night range if we overlooked something. Grace, Katikies and Perivolas all look amazing, but I’m having a tough time with the cost premium/availability for a 2 night stay.

    Thank you so much!

    Steve & Emily

    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      They both are wonderful luxury hotels. Views are great from both but very different. San Antonio has sunset views, Dreams does not. San Antonio looks into the north caldera and towards Oia. Dreams looks into the south caldera towards the volcano and Fira. But the biggest difference between the two is location. There is almost nothing (restaurants, shops, nightlife) within walking distance of San Antonio. You’ll be very reliant on taxis, buses, or a rental car if you want to get around the island. Dreams has a dozen good places to eat within a 5 minute walk and Fira (nightlife/shopping) is about a 15 minute walk away.

  17. Luxury Santorini Hotel with Private Pool

    Hi Dave!

    My partner and I are looking at going on our honeymoon at the start of August this year to santorini. We are a young couple and would ideally like somewhere modern and luxurious with great views and our own private pool – the stereotypical santorini postcard kind of look-where would you recommend? Or are we asking too much?

    Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      Grace is a super luxurious hotel with marvelous views. Most suites have private plunge pools and the villa has its own larger pool (if that’s within your budget).

  18. When is the Weather Warmest on Santorini

    Hey Dave,

    I’m trying to go to Santorini in the summer but I’m not sure what month to come. I want to come when the weather is really hot and nice. What months do you suggest?
    Destiny Owusu

    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      August is the hottest month but you’ll get great beach weather anytime from June to September (and often May and October too). The sea temperature warms through the summer and is at its warmest in August and September.

  19. Fully Booked at Dana Villas

    If I have 800-1000 a night what do you suggest? I want to book the infinity suite at Danas Villas but I can’t find any openings. Any suggestions?


    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      Grace and Katikies have the best pools with caldera views on Santorini. Both are wonderful hotels.

  20. Inexpensive Hotel with Jacuzzi and Views

    I would like to travel to Santorini with my wife and want to know about the following:

    1) Luxury suite/villa/room with a private plunge pool or outdoor jacuzzi with a view. Private pool will be even more awesome.
    2) The time of the year when the accommodation would be the cheapest.
    3) My budget is 300 Euros a night.
    4) Beautiful views from the room.

    San Mathews

    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      The cheapest months on Santorini are January and February but the island is very quiet. Late November, March, and April are good compromises for cheap accommodations but still decent weather and most things are open. The Cave House Suite at Keti Hotel is one of my favorites with a private pool and wonderful views but not crazy expensive.

  21. Sophia Suites or Esperas

    Hi Dave! I’m so glad I found your site. I’m trying to decide between Sophia Suites or Esperas. Which hotel would you recommend? Also, are there any hotels in that price range that you would recommend? Thank you!
    Laura Tscholl

    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      These are two of my favorite hotels. Esperas is one of the few Oia hotels with sunset views and the restaurant is a great place to watch from. Sophia is nestled in the paths and stairwells of Imerovigli and has better views of the actual caldera. If you have 4 days or more I would consider splitting your time between the two as they each have a very different feel.

  22. Budget Hotel in Fira

    Hi Dave – travelling to Santorini on 24th April for 5 nights with my boyfriend – looking to stay in Fira, preferably within budget of around £400 total for 2 people for the accommodation only – where would you recommend? I’ve looked at all reviews on all hotels & cannot decide as they all sound lovely. I would prefer a pool but your earlier posts suggest it will be too cold to dip in? Central Fira & Atlantis seem good – we want to be right in the centre around Theoxenia Boutique you see – Thanks for your help, Marie

    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      Kavalari Hotel is very nice, not too expensive, great views, central, and has a plunge pool that should be heated and useable. (You’re right, a swimming pool will not be of use in April.)

  23. Using Hotel Pools with a View

    Hello! Do you know if it’s possible to use one of the swimming pools at day time, if we pay? We are in Santorini now, and would like a pool with a veiw.

    Kind regrets

    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      No, pools are only for guests. But there is the Lioyerma pool/cafe/bar in Oia that’s open to the public.

  24. Ilioperato Hotel in Santorini

    Hi Dave
    My girl and I are going to Santorini this month, we booked at Hotel Ilioperato traditional apartments. Do you know the the place and is it far from the city?

    Brian Lykkegaard

    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      Great hotel with marvelous views and small pool (fine for dipping, not much for actually swimming). It’s a 5 minute walk from the best restaurants in Imerovigli. To Fira (the largest town on the island and the only place with any nightlife) it’s a 20 minute walk. It’s a little tricky to find: first get yourself to Imerovigli and find the footpath leading to Oia. You’ll see Kasimatis Hotel on the left of the path and Ampelonas on the right. Take this path (between the two hotels) and walk for 3 or 4 minutes. Ilioperato will be on your left. If you get to Avaton Resort you’ve gone too far.

  25. Swimming and Beach Weather in October

    Hi Dave,

    We’re visiting Santorini in two weeks from today (October 17th-20th) as part of our Greece honeymoon trip including Athens, Mykonos, Naxos.

    1) Is the weather in mid-October warm enough for beach activities? 2) Are Santorini hotel pools still open in October?

    I used The Weather Channel website to check Greece’s weather, but I was wondering if you knew of a more accurate app/website.



    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      1. Weather is usually cooling noticeably by mid/late October but it would not shock me if you got some warm days that were fine for swimming. But be prepared for anything. Will likely be sunny through the day and cool at night. 2. Pools will definitely be open but very few are heated so might not be warm enough to enjoy. Hot tubs are nice this time of year. For weather I just use

  26. Hotel near Beaches, Shopping, Nightlife with Views

    I want to go to Santorini in September. I will be traveling alone and I want my vacation to be relaxed. I would like a hotel near beaches, shopping and nightlife but also that has phenomenal sunset view, preferably from the room or pool. Can you suggest anything that would fit this bill for me?

    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      On Santorini, you’re either on the caldera (with views) or on the beach. So you have to choose which (I recommend the caldera). Most shopping and nightlife is in Fira. The best views are in Imerovigli (a 15 minute walk from Fira).

  27. Hotel for Wedding Ceremony

    Hi Dave,

    We are planning to elope to Santorini next fall. Which hotel would you recommend in terms of accommodating a small wedding ceremony outside for us and for that type of occasion? If we had to choose between September, October, or April, which month do you think is best in terms of warm (not too HOT) and less tourists

    Thank you!
    Lara Wygle

    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      There are many great places for a wedding on Santorini. Hotels that can accommodate a ceremony include: Andronis, Grace, Afroessa, Dana Villas, Tsitouras, and Santorini Princess. These are some of the most popular but there are many more. April can have beautiful sunny days but you won’t be swimming in the sea (or pools) then. September and October are great. As it moves from early September to late October it continually gets cooler and there are fewer tourists, so it just depends how far you want to slide in either direction. Late September is probably where I would do it myself.

  28. Tsitouras Collection or Grace Santorini

    Tsitouras Collection VS. Grace…what would you recommend for a 20th wedding anniversary? Thanks very much!


    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      Both are wonderful but very different. Tsitouras is a small boutique hotel with super friendly owners. Grace is much larger and dominates its location in Imerovigli. Small boutique vs medium-sized and uber-luxurious. Tsitouras has very few steps compared to Grace and is much closer to Fira for nightlife and shopping. The views from Grace are more impressive.

  29. Heated Pools on Santorini

    Any hotels with heated infinity pools in Santorini (for first week October)?


  30. Santorini Hotel with the Best Spa and Pool

    Infinity pool and spa.

    Hey, I’m looking for the the best hotel with an infinity pool and spa.


    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      Grace Santorini is the best hotel on Santorini and has spa treatments (in your own suite) and a beautiful pool with view (though technically not an infinity pool).

  31. Astra, Cosmopolitan, or Chromata?

    My husband and I are trying to decide between Astra, Cosmopolitan, and Chromata for a a one-year anniversary trip? What are the main differences between these three luxury hotels? How would you rank them?


    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      These are all wonderful hotels. Astra has the nicest/largest pool and is right in the lanes and steps of Imerovigli. It has the best sunset views of the 3. Cosmopolitan is in Fira with the clubs and restaurants right out your door (though you don’t really hear them in your room so no need to worry in that regard). Chromata is on the Fira-side of Imerovigli and thus quieter (and perhaps a little more romantic).

  32. Sophia Suites

    Hi, I’ll be in Santorini in September, looking for a beautiful hotel with amazing view, science it will be my honeymoon. Would you recommend Sophia suites?


    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      Yes, I love Sophia Suites, just know that it doesn’t have a pool – but most have private jacuzzis/plunge pools.

  33. Pool in Santorini with Views


    I am right now in Santorini and I would like to know if there is any restaurant/cafe that allows its customers to use the pool in Fira/Oia with views to the caldera.

    Thanks for the post!


    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      Only Lioyerma Pool Bar in Oia, but it doesn’t have caldera views – it looks north with good sunset views. Great pool and decent food.

  34. Restaurants at Luxury Hotels for Non-Guests

    Hi Dave,

    Heading to Santorini August 26-29 and staying in an Airbnb. Fell in love of course with the Katikies Hotel but it was out of our price range. Instead, hoping to pop into these gorgeous properties for lunch/dinner – do most allow for non-hotel guests to visit the restaurants? I understand that most don’t allow use of the pool, but interested in seeing these places by way of the restaurant scene.

    Sue Bohlen

    Thanks so much,

    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      Yes, most hotels allow non-guests to eat at their restaurants. Canaves in particular has a very welcoming (and delicious) restaurant with great views.

  35. Infinity Pool in Firostefani

    Hi Dave! Other than Tsitouras, do you have any hotels recs with an infinity pool in the Firostefani area?

    Diana Alvarez

    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      Homeric Poems has a nice infinity pool. And both Belvedere and Agali Houses have great pools with views but they are not infinity pools.

  36. Aria Suites or Homeric Poems

    HI Dave!

    I am planning on going back to Santorini after 17 years and would love some of your thoughts.
    What do you think about staying at Aria Suites vs Homeric? (they have the availability on my July dates).
    I would love to have a very nice, chic, and usable pool and pool area with a great view.

    Would Cosmopolitan hotel be too hectic of an area to be at?

    Is Chromata too far away from Fira? (how would we get back from dinner in Fira).

    It sounded like from what I have read so far that Firostefani might be best.

    Having such a hard time deciding! Please let me know your thoughts.

    Many thanks, Linda

    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      All of these hotels are wonderful. Cosmopolitan is right in the heart of Fira, but for the most part you leave the busyness behind when you enter the hotel. Homeric Poems is the closest to Fira of the other 3. Aria Suites is the farthest but still a pleasant 15 minute walk down to Fira. To get back up take a taxi or bus if you don’t want to do the climb. You can’t go wrong with any of these hotels.

  37. Infinity Pools and Things To Do on Santorini

    Hi Dave
    I am planning a holiday with my adult daughter next year around end March early April. An infinity pool is high on list but also am wondering what you recommend we visit whilst there.

    Any advice you can give on what to visit and how would be fantastic. Thanks.

    Janice Knight

    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      Santorini has some wonderful infinity pools but they’ll be hard to enjoy in March and April as they are not usually heated so will be very chilly. As for stuff to do, read my page on the best things to do on Santorini.

  38. Swimming Pool in Santorini for Public

    Hi Dave, thanks so much for your article! I’m a student-budget traveller to Santorini, and I was wondering if you could suggest any pools that have day passes or that you can lounge around for lunch/dinner? We can’t afford staying at a super nice hotel, but would love to get the infinity pool experience while we’re in Santorini.

    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      Lioyerma is a pool, cafe, restaurant in Oia. It’s very nice and usually not that busy (surprisingly considering it’s location and beauty). It’s not an infinity pool but views are great (north towards Oia, not views of the caldera, wonderful sunset views). No charge as long as you order food and drinks. Lots of lounge chairs. It can be a little tricky to find. If you get lost ask for directions to Esperas Hotel and you should see signs for Lioyerma.

  39. Infinity Pool Open to the Public

    Hi Dave, do you know of any infinity pools that are open to the paying public in Oia or Imerovigli that have caldera view? Thanks


    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      There are not any public pools with caldera views. There is Lioyerma Pool, Bar, and Restaurant in Oia which is nice and has good views – but not of the caldera.

  40. Public Pool in Fira


    We are staying in Fira for 3 nights and have opted for a basic apartment which has a Caldera view rather than a pool. We plan to check out a few places such as Oia and the ruins at Akrotiri during the first 2 days but on the 3rd day the other half would like a pool day. Do you know of any pools that are open to the paying public in Fira town. Obviously we would pay for entry and also refreshments whilst using the pool. I know there is a great one in Oia but would prefer Fira town if possible.


    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      I’m pretty sure the pool in Oia is only public pool on the island. But the Hostel in Fira has a huge pool and a poolside bar. I wouldn’t be surprised if they allowed non-guests to swim. Worth checking.

  41. Astra Suites or Cosmopolitan Suites

    Hi Dave,

    I am planning my honeymoon from May 23-27.

    I can not decide between Astra Suites or Cosmopolitan Suites.

    I love to have a great view and I do not mind the less crowded Imerovigli.

    Which of the two hotel do you think is better in term of the over all hotel grounds, infinity pool view and rooms?

    Thank you in advance as your help is greatly appreciated.


    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      Both are wonderful. Cosmopolitan feels a little more trendy. Astra more relaxed. For the tiebreaker I would recommend Cosmopolitan if you wanted some nightlife (many clubs and bars are within a short walk) and go for Astra if you’re more inclined to have a romantic meal then wander back to your hotel.

  42. Hotel with Great Infinity Pool on Santorini

    Dave –

    My wife and I are planning a trip to Europe which includes 3 nights in Santorini, in mid-May. We are looking for a clean hotel which offers a great infinity pool and at a good value (not crazy expensive).

    1. Would Cosmopolitan Suites be a good choice, are there any reasons why we wouldn’t want to stay there?
    2. Are there any other recommendations you would make based on our criteria?

    George Mosle

    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      I love Cosmopolitan Suites and would highly recommend it. The only reason to avoid it is if you were really opposed to being in Fira (the busiest of the caldera towns in Santorini). But, while it certainly has a lot of nightlife and activity, it’s not crazy and once you duck into Cosmopolitan (the entrance is on a busy walkway) you leave the crowds far behind (or it seems that way anyways).

  43. Pool at Chromata

    How large is Chromata’s pool? Looks sort of small in pictures!


    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      Small by American-hotel standards but for a Santorini pool with a view of the caldera it’s not bad.

  44. Hotel with Infinity Pool in Imerovigli

    How would you compare the infinity pools at Astra, Tholos, Grace, and Kapari in Imerovigli?

    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      They are all great hotels with incredible views. The pools are quite different. By size: Grace is the biggest by far, then Astra, then Tholos. The pool at Kapari is more like a large plunge pool than a swimming pool – but still nice for a dip. By infinity-style: Astra is the most like a true infinity pool. Then Tholos. Grace has a wonderful pool but there is a deck directly below the pool so it’s not a true infinity pool. Kapari’s pool is not an infinity pool.

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