Cacio e Pepe Italian Restaurant in Fira, Santorini

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by Santorini Dave • Updated: August 8th, 2020

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The best Italian restaurant in Santorini, on the main road through Fira

Cacio e Pepe serves authentic Italian cuisine in the heart of Fira. Based on original recipes, fresh handmade pizzas and pastas are the signature, with a large selection of Italian wines. Great for families and large groups, as well as romantic dinners on the patio.

Cacio e Pepe Hours and Information

  • Season: Late March to early December
  • Hours: Open daily 1pm to 12am. Reservations recommended for dinner 7:30 to close.
  • Website:
  • Location: 25th March str., Fira, Santorini
  • Telephone: + 30-22-86-024971
  • View: Limited view from patio terrace.
  • Parking: Limited free parking out front.
  • Bus: 7 minute walk, from the Fira bus terminal.

Cacio e Pepe Restaurant

fira-italian-restaurant-cacio-e-pepe street

Located off of a busy Fira thoroughfare.

fira-italian-restaurant-cacio-e-pepe patio

Mellow shaded patio.

fira-italian-restaurant-cacio-e-pepe dining room

Interior dining room.

fira-italian-restaurant-cacio-e-pepe outdoor patio

Large shaded patio.

fira-italian-restaurant-cacio-e-pepe wine selection

Wide selection of Italian wines.

fira-italian-restaurant-cacio-e-pepe bar espresso

There’s a small bar.

fira-italian-restaurant-cacio-e-pepe entrance

Entrance with limited free parking for customers.

fira-italian-restaurant-cacio-e-pepe fine dining

Interior dining room.

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