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Updated: October 5, 2021
By Santorini Dave

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Review of Kantouni Restaurant in Pyrgos, Santorini

Kantouni is located on the main road in Pyrgos and is renowned for its traditional fare.

Kantouni is located on the main square of Pyrgos, right next to the bus stop. It is renowned for its traditional homemade dishes including fresh seafood, grilled meats, and vegetarian options. It has a casual atmosphere and a very friendly staff. Reservations recommended for large groups.

Kantouni Hours and Information

  • Season: April-end/early May to October-end.
  • Hours: Open on all days 8 am-11:30 pm.
  • Website: Facebook.com
  • Location: Pyrgos.
  • Telephone: +30-228-603-3474
  • View: Located on a main road so views only of the people and vehicles passing by.
  • Parking: Parking available on the main road and parking lots nearby.
  • Bus: Directly in front of the restaurant.


Kantouni Restaurant location

Kantouni is located on the main road just steps from the bus stop in Pyrgos.

Kantouni Restaurant kitchen and indoor seating.

The small building houses the kitchen and offers a few tables.

Kantouni Restaurant kitchen

The kitchen is in the back of the building.

Kantouni Restaurant outdoor seating

The restaurant offers several tables on its terraced patio.

Kantouni Restaurant outdoor seating

There is a variety of seating options across multiple levels.

Kantouni Restaurant outdoor seating

Artificial shade is provided by thoughtfully stretched sails overhead.

Kantouni Restaurant dolmades

Dolmades are exceptional at Kantouni.

Kantouni Restaurant entrees

There are a wide variety of delicious Greek appetizers on the menu.

Kantouni Restaurant food

Kantouni Restaurant lamb chops

A colorful plate of juicy lamb chops.

Kantouni Restaurant food

Pork with pita and rustic potatoes.

Kantouni Restaurant dessert

A sweet ending to a fine meal.

Kantouni Restaurant mini-mart

Maria’s Mini Market is just across the road.

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