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Updated: August 20th, 2020
By Santorini Dave

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On the main walking path in Oia.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner in Oia, year round, since 1982.

Lotza is a small cafe restaurant in Oia that’s been open since 1982. With beautiful caldera and sunset views, Lotza has a casual, laid back environment, but also a romantic vibe in the evening around sunset. Enjoy a meal or have coffee and dessert. They serve traditional Greek dishes, fish and seafood, meat, pasta and vegetarian options available. The Oia spaghetti is delicious and their baklava, served with ice cream, is the best in Santorini! Don’t order the souvlaki. Always get a gyro or souvlaki from a small gyro/souvlaki shop, never at a sit down restaurant. Friendly staff, great service, and reasonable prices. A great breakfast option as it’s one of the few restaurants we talk about on our site that is open early. Reservations are usually not required. They have a walk-in system and there is a person assigned to seating so it’s pretty organized and usually not a long wait if at all.

Lotza Hours and Information

  • Season: Open all year except a few weeks in February
  • Hours: Open daily 9am to 11:30pm in summer. Reservations usually not required.
  • Website: Lotza on Facebook
  • Location: Central Oia
  • Telephone: + 30-22-860-71357
  • View: Excellent caldera views
  • Parking: Free and paid parking lots available 10 minutes walk away.
  • Bus: About a 6 minute walk from the Oia bus terminal.

Lotza Restaurant

On the main pedestrian path.

Located along one of the main pedestrian walking and shopping paths in Oia.

Interior dining room and waiting area.

Quaint interior dining and waiting area.

Caldera view dining.

Amazing caldera views.

The best baklava in Santorini.

The best baklava in Santorini!

Amazing caldera views

Fabulous views of the caldera and Oia village.

Amazing caldera views.

Great spot for a meal or drink any time of day.

Great patio dining.

Shaded patio seating.

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