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Updated: October 5, 2021
By Santorini Dave

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Review of Savvas Popeye restaurant in Agios Georgios.

The wonderful Savvas Popeye is located at the southern end of Agios Georgios beach, walking distance from the best Perissa hotels.

Savvas Popeye is a casual and affordable café located at the southern end of Agios Georgios beach. The menu is made up of traditional homestyle dishes, specializing in fresh seafood, and also includes tasty grilled meat, pasta, and several vegetarian options. Complementing the great food is the extremely friendly hospitality of the staff. Reservations recommended for large groups.

Savvas Popeye Hours and Information

  • Season: Early May to mid-October.
  • Hours: Open all days noon to 11 pm.
  • Website:
  • Location: Agios Georgios beach.
  • Telephone: +30-228-608-1332
  • View: Great beach and sea views.
  • Parking: Plenty of free parking nearby.
  • Bus: Perivolos Beach bus stop is 1 km away (15-minute walk).

Savvas Popeye Restaurant Café

Savvas Popeye restaurant entrance

The entrance is bright and covered with colorful bougainvillea.

Savvas Popeye restaurant location

The restaurant is located across the small road from the beach.

Savvas Popeye restaurant

There are plenty of tables to accommodate a large number of guests.

Savvas Popeye restaurant staff

Staff is very friendly and accommodating.

Savvas Popeye restaurant view

All tables offer views of the sea.

Savvas Popeye restaurant decor

The decor is simple and elegant.

Savvas Popeye restaurant kitchen

The restaurant has an open kitchen where dishes are freshly prepared.

Savvas Popeye restaurant menu

Savvas Popeye offers a Mediterranean menu.

Savvas Popeye restaurant salad

Fresh salad.

Savvas Popeye restaurant moussaka

Rich moussaka.

Savvas Popeye restaurant side dish

Hearty and traditional fare.

Savvas Popeye restaurant grilled meats

Grilled meat…

Savvas Popeye restaurant seafood

And excellent, fresh, grilled seafood.

Savvas Popeye restaurant
Savvas Popeye restaurant zucchini fritters

There are several vegetarian options on the menu, like zucchini fritters.

Savvas Popeye restaurant parking

There is plenty of free parking outside the restaurant.

Savvas Popeye restaurant bus stop

The nearest bus stop is 1 km away toward Perivolos Beach, at the entrance of Mera Beach Bar.

Savvas Popeye restaurant bus to Fira

Regular buses run between here and Fira.

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