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by Santorini Dave • Updated: January 14, 2022

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Note: In 2022, all transportation to and around Greece will be impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. Please use ferryhopper and kayak to find the most recently updated routes and schedules.

Greek Ferry Essentials

  • is the best way to buy ferry tickets for Athens to Milos ferries. It’s also good for researching ferry timetables, costs, and schedules.
  • Most ferries do not sell out. But for peace of mind, book tickets 2 to 3 months in advance.
  • Most tickets (when booked through Ferryhopper) are e-tickets which means you do not have to pick up a paper ticket before boarding.
  • If a ticket purchased online doesn’t have a barcode that usually means you’ll need to pick up a real ticket when in Greece. This is most often done at the ferry port 30 to 45 minutes before departure. Don’t worry about pick up – it’s easy and effortless and usually very close to your actual ferry.
  • Ferries will leave on-time from their first departure port in the morning (usually large ports like Piraeus, Heraklion, and Rhodes) but will be late arriving and departing from all onward ports (e.g. Naxos). Usually getting later as the day progresses.
  • Most areas in Greece, including Athens and Milos, have public transportation strikes throughout the year. These strikes can affect all forms of transit, including, buses, trains, ferries, flights, and taxis. During strikes no buses, no ferries, and only a handful of trains and flights will depart on time (or at all); taxis tend to be the least affected mode of transport. Though strikes can occur any time, there is always a huge strike on May 1. Avoid booking any ferries, flights, or trains that day.

Athens to Milos 2022 Flights

Note: In 2022, all flight routes and schedules may be impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. Please use kayak to find the most recently updated information.

Sky Express may offer flights from Athens to Milos in 2022, though information about their flight schedule can be difficult to find. Use the website’s search function to see if they have a flight that works with your travel schedule.

Sky Express offers three different fare tiers, differing in luggage and hand baggage allowances, flight change and cancellation fees, and access to airport lounges and expedited security lines. Note that flights will sell out much earlier than ferries – if you find a flight that works for you, book it as soon as possible.

Athens to Milos 2022 Ferry Schedule

Note: In 2022, all ferry routes and schedules may be impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. Please use ferryhopper to find the most recently updated information.

There are ferries from Athens to Milos year-round, with frequency increasing in the summer months. The length of the ride varies depending on the boat you choose. Most ferries from Athens to Milos make the trip in around 3 hours, though the trip can take up to 4 1/2 hours. Ferry tickets from Athens to Milos cost €40 to €70, depending on the type of ferry and class of ticket.

Ferries from Athens to Milos depart from the port of Piraeus. Piraeus is the closest port to Athens city center, and is easily reached via Metro. Piraeus is also the largest and busiest port in Greece, so be sure to allow ample time to collect your tickets and get to your ferry. (See our Guide to Piraeus Ferry Port.) During the 2022 season, there are expected to be daily ferries from Piraeus port to Milos, with additional ships running during the summer months. These ferries may include:

  • 7:00 Seajets catamaran ferry (3 hours, 25 minutes)
  • 7:35 Seajets high speed catamaran (2 hours, 35 minutes)
  • 9:00am Aegean Speed Lines catamaran car ferry (3 hours, 55 minutes)
  • 3:15pm Seajets catamaran ferry (3.5 hours)

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  1. Ferries to Milos

    Hi Dave! Do you know if there is an Athens to Milos ferry in April, or the reverse? Trying to plan our return visit, but hard when I don’t have ferry info. Also, we would like to visit Mykonos from Athens, and Milos from Mykonos (or the reverse). Am I correct in assuming there will be at least one Athens to Mykonos ferry a day, but in order to get to Milos from Mykonos, I will have to ferry to Santorini first?


    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      There will be ferries from Athens to Milos, Milos to Athens, Athens to Mykonos, and Mykonos to Athens every day of the week. Getting between Mykonos and Milos will be dependent on the ferry schedule for Spring. But it will likely involve transferring at a third island and might not be possible every day of the week.

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