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Updated: February 1, 2024
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Our Favorite Syros Hotels

Luxury: Ploes
Budget: Dolphin Bay
Couples: Ploes
Families: Benois
Beach (Families): Benois
Beach (Couples): Oro
Ermoupoli Old Town: Ploes
Vaporia: Aristide
Galissas Beach: Benois
Kini Beach: Blue Harmony
Agathopes Beach: Calma
Ferry Port: Naves

Best place to stay in Syros.

Ciel Beach Club on Asteria Beach in Syros.

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Best Beaches on Syros

Syros is the capital and most populated island of the Cyclades group, and one of the most charming and enchanting islands in Greece. At around 1.5 times the size of Manhattan, Syros is one of the smallest islands in the Cyclades; similar in size to Mykonos, but with double the population (just over 21,000 permanent residents). And because it gets relatively few tourists, it feels more authentically Greek than most others. Its compact size means that it’s easy and relatively quick to drive practically anywhere on the island in 15 minutes or less.

The island’s largest town, Ermoupoli, is busy year-round, and is host to many cultural events and festivals. Ermoupoli is built on a hill overlooking the Aegean Sea, boasting neoclassical architecture and pastel-colored mansions, historic churches, excellent restaurants, interesting museums, and romantic marble-paved streets. Vibrant Miaouli Square sits in the center of Ermoupoli, dotted with palm trees and ringed with shops of all kinds. The city’s waterfront tavernas spill out onto its pretty sidewalks and harbor promenade, and Ermoupoli exudes a wonderful atmosphere for eating and drinking, especially in the evening during the summer.

Large neoclassical building with palm trees in front.

Ermoupoli’s Town Hall sits on central Maiouli Square, and houses the Syros Archaeological Museum.

The medieval village of Ano Syros (Upper Syros) is walkable from Ermoupoli, though most of it is uphill. This fascinating hilltop settlement dates back to the 12th century and is an intricate maze of rough-hewn stone passageways among historic churches, monasteries, and white-washed houses. The majority of the village of Ano Syros is pedestrian only, as the ancient rustic lanes are far too narrow for cars.

narrow stone pathways shaded by bouganvilla

Rustic, pedestrian-only Ano Syros.

Syros has some excellent beaches along its west and south coasts, and if staying in Ermoupoli, it is easy to make a day trip to the beach resorts or vice versa. The highways are in good condition, and it’s a short 15-minute drive across the island. The most popular resort areas on the island are Kini Beach and Galissas Beach. The northern half of Syros is unpopulated and barren; boat excursions depart Kini Beach for the island’s secluded and remote northern beaches.

Golden sandy beach lined with woven umbrellas

Agathopes Beach on Syros’ south coast, only a 20-minute drive from Ermoupoli. The best hotel at Agathopes Beach is Calma Boutique Hotel.

Getting To and Around Syros

Syros has a small airport 3 km south of Ermoupoli, Dimitrios Vikelas National Airport, that offers direct flights from Athens but no international flights. The vast majority of visitors arrive to the island’s ferry port in Ermoupoli via ferry from Piraeus port of Athens, Mykonos, or Santorini – all an easy 2-hours away or less. Options for ferries range from traditional ferries, to hydrofoils, to high-speed ferries that typically take about half the time of a traditional ferry.

A Greek port town bathed in dawn light, with a hyrdrofoil ferry docked at the waterfront

A hydrofoil ferry waits at Ermoupoli port at sunrise.

Renting a car can be a good way to explore the island, which is relatively small and easy to navigate. Driving from Ermoupoli on the east coast to Kini Beach and Galissas Beach on the opposite coast only takes about 15 minutes (7-8 km distance). The southern beaches of Agathopes and Komito are just slightly further at a distance of 10 km from Ermoupoli. Note: be alert if driving in central Ermoupoli (near Miaouli Square), as there are some stairs, one-way streets, and narrow pedestrian-only alleyways.

Local KTEL Buses serve the southern half of the island, departing at the bus station beside the ferry port in Ermoupoli. Most villages on Syros (Galissas, Finikas, Posidonia, Megas Gialos, Vari, and Azolimnos) are served along one route, with a second route providing direct service to and from Kini. To get around Ermoupoli, including the village of Ano Syros, there are regular mini-buses (not KTEL Bus) and no fare is required.

Best Time to Visit Syros

The best weather for Syros Beaches is generally from early June to late September. The capital city of Ermoupoli can be visited year-round, and will be active and bustling with culture and entertainment. Expect mild weather during the low season from November to April, with most rainfall occurring in December and January.

Colorful church interior with domed ceilings and chandeliers

Interior of the Church of Agios Nikolaos (St. Nicholas) in Vaporia.

Best Places to Stay on Syros

White boxy hotel with pine trees and the sea in the background

The fabulous Oro Suites is just steps to Kini Beach, and offers guest rooms with private hot tubs or mini plunge pools.

Elegant sitting room with chandelier and velvet furnishings

The elegant boutique Villa Selena in Vaporia, Ermoupoli

Best Places in Syros for…

  • Where to Stay on Syros for First-Timers: Ermoupoli
    The city’s elegant architecture includes pastel-colored mansions, an impressive town hall, and ornate cathedrals, all sure to please any first-time visitor. Ermoupoli is very pedestrian-friendly, though the city is built on a steep hill with numerous steps. First-time visitors will love Ermoupoli’s many museums including the historic Apollo Theatre, built in 1864 and open for both tours and live performances, the Ermoupoli Industrial Museum showcasing shipbuilding traditions, and the Syros Archaeological Museum located in the town hall. For excellent luxury accommodation near Miaouli Square (450 m) and the Apollo Theatre (270 m), try Castro Hotel.
  • Where to Stay on Syros for Couples and Honeymooners: Ermoupoli
    Traveling couples love Ermoupoli’s elegant mansions and scenic cafes, and enjoy strolling through its romantic lanes and alleyways. Ermoupoli boasts the island’s most luxurious hotels and its the best selection of restaurants, cafes, and bars. For overnight stays, there are wonderful ocean-view seafront hotels such as Hotel Ploes, conveniently walkable to romantic tavernas spilling out into bougainvillea-filled lanes. For honeymooners or couples seeking a beach holiday, Kini Beach is a good choice.
A couple sits at a balcony overlooking the blue sea

The incredible view from Sta Vaporia café overlooking Asteria Beach is easily accessible on foot from both Ermoupoli Old Town and Vaporia.

  • Where to Stay on Syros for Families: Galissas Beach
    Lovely Galissas, the longest beach on the island, has golden sand and a very gradual slope that’s shallow for quite a distance. Water sports equipment such as canoes, water cycles, and SUPs are available to rent. There are several beach bars for snacks and drinks, and eateries are less than a five-minute walk from the beach. Try Hotel Benois, a modern beachy hotel with a pool; or the Greek-traditional Dolphin Bay Family Beach Resort, with beach-view guest rooms, a pool & waterside, tot pool, and children’s outdoor playground.
  • Where to Stay on Syros for Beaches
    The best beaches are Galissas Beach, Kini Beach, and Agathopes Beach. Galissas Beach has a relaxed rural vibe, while Kini Beach is more compact with beachside tavernas and cafes — some where you can almost dip your toes in the sand. Apathopes Beach is more adult-orientated with a sophisticated vibe, and offers pretty views of two tiny islands. Galissas Beach and Vari Beach rent water cycles and SUPs; Galissas also rents canoes.
Best beach to stay at in Syros.

Galissas Beach.

  • Where to Stay on Syros without a Car: Ermoupoli
    Those who don’t rent a car are best placed to stay in Syros’ main town, Ermoupoli. The ferry port is in Ermoupoli, with frequent ferries to and from Athens, Mykonos, Santorini, Tinos, and more; the Syros Island Airport (serving direct flights from Athens) is just 3 km away. The island’s main bus station is conveniently located just south of the ferry docks. During the summer, daily and frequent bus service is available to many of the island’s villages and beaches on the west and south coasts, including Galissas and Poseidonia (for access to Agathopes Beach). There is also a seasonal direct bus route from Ermoupoli to Kini Beach and return. Buses within the city of Ermoupoli are free to ride.
Hotel room with built-in work desk and sea-view balcony

Superior Suite with Sea View at Naves Suites, an excellent hotel near the Ermoupoli ferry port.

View from a saffron-colored balcony over a Greek village to the sea

View over Ermoupoli from the top floor suite at 1901 Hermoupolis hotel.

Large blue pool with water slide and sun loungers.

The swimming pool at Dolphin Bay Family Beach Resort has a waterslide and dedicated toddler pool – with a fenced playground at the center of the resort. All close to Galissas Beach.

5 Best Villages on Syros

1. Old Town Ermoupoli

A man drives a motorbike up a narrow winding street lined with stone buildings

Motorbikes are a common means of transport around the winding hills of Old Town Ermopouli.

The port city of Ermoupoli (formerly known as Hermoupolis) has a rich history, boasting grand buildings and palazzos that surround its scenic harbor. It’s Old Town center climbs up from the waterfront, a maze of narrow streets and pathways filled with restaurants, cafes, and boutique shops.

Miaouli Square, located three blocks from the inner harbor, is the town’s focal point, and is often a lively spot, especially in the summer. This sprawling marble plaza, surrounded by bakeries and coffee shops, is anchored with towering palm trees and offers shaded seating areas to sit back and relax. The Apollon Theater, a beautiful opera house with red velvet balcony boxes, dates back to 1864; today it hosts musical and local theatrical performances throughout the year, and is also open for visitor tours. The Archaeological Museum at the Town Hall in Miaouli Square is one of the oldest museums in Greece.

Spacious hotel room with wood floors, ornate ceiling, and balcony.

The spacious and elegant Deluxe Suite at Old Town Ermoupolis’ Castro Hotel.

2. Vaporia

People lounge on towels and under thatched umbrellas on a seaside concrete platform in a Greek village

Asteria Beach in Vaporia, with the Church of Agios Nikolaos in the background.

This prestigious waterfront neighborhood is easily walkable from Old Town Ermoupoli (Miaouli Square) and offers premium accommodations, many with sea views. The island’s wealthiest citizens (shipowners and bankers) built mansions here, the vast majority having been beautifully restored. Asteria Beach is a popular spot for a scenic swim, though the name is somewhat misleading – it is less a traditional beach than a concrete platform with sun umbrellas and a swim ladder to access the water. Also in Vaporia is the remarkable blue-domed basilica of Agios Nikolaos with its dazzling interior.

  • Best Luxury Hotels in Vaporia
    Aristide Hotel • Hotel phone: +30 698 662 4881
  • Best Boutique Hotels
    Arion Syros • Hotel phone: +30 2281 081749
    Villa Selena • Hotel phone: +30 697 671 3602
furnished balcony overlooking the sea

The stunning balcony vista from the Junior Suite with Sea View at Arion Syros in Vaporia.

3. Kini

Tables on a covered outdoor terrace overlooking the sea

Beachside taverna at Kini Beach.

This charming and romantic beach town, just 9 km from Ermoupoli, is surrounded by rolling hills and boasts fantastic sunsets over Kini Bay. Feast on seafood at the numerous waterfront restaurants, or watch the kids splash in the safe-for-children waters. Kini Beach is compact in size and situated in a picturesque cove with a small harbor on one side of the bay. Numerous cafes and bars sit alongside and overlook its shoreline, as well as a several hotels offering sea views. Boat tours and excursions are available from Kini Beach harbor to the island’s secluded beaches on the north coast.

  • Best Luxury Hotels at Kini Beach
    Oro Suites • Hotel phone: +30 2281 079994
  • Best Boutique Hotels
    Blue Harmony • Hotel phone: +30 2281 071570
Indoor-outdoor beach bar with shaded table seating and

The cool and comfortable lounge at Blue Harmony Hotel, just across from Kini Beach.

4. Galissas

Sandy Dunes leading to a Greek village of boxy white buildings

Grassy dunes separate Galissas Beach and the village of Galissas. Dolphin Bay Family Beach Resort is pictured on the hill to the right.

The village of Galissas and adjacent Galissas Beach share a hilly rustic landscape, with a scattering of farms and white-and-blue Cycladic buildings. Galissas Beach is wide and long (the longest beach on the island) with fine golden sand; it’s great for swimming and sun bathing.

Galissas’ hotels and tavernas sit roughly fifty yards from the beach, with a wide grassy patch in between. At one end of the beach is a tiny white church; around the corner, just over a hill and along a narrow pathway, lies a pebbly beach that is nudist-friendly. Located 8 km from Ermoupoli.

Stone hotel swim terrace with kidney-shaped pool, hot tub, and sun loungers

The fabulous swim terrace at Hotel Benois, loctaed just a 2-minute walk to Galissas Beach.

5. Ano Syros

A charming rustic pedestrian lane in Ano Syros, Greece.

A charming rustic pedestrian lane in Ano Syros.

Ano Syros, only 2 km from Maouli Square, is a quiet hilltop village that dates back to medieval times; its tangle of very narrow corridors and rough-hewn stone pathways were built in the 8th century. Today the village features several scenic tavernas, some with patios that provide distant views of the Aegean Sea and the port of Ermoupoli. Markos Vamvakaris Square, named after a famous local musician, is home to a museum dedicated to the artist.

Ano Syros is a pedestrian-only zone, so visitors can drive to the village entrance, but must walk in from there. Note that the village of Ano Syros has many uneven stairs, walkways, and passageways that may require extra care and attention while walking. For a truly unique stay in Ano Syros, consider this holiday rental in a renovated historic windmill.

  • Best Hotels in Ano Syros
    Wind Tales • Hotel phone: +30 694 677 1400
A small, rustic swim terrace overlooking a Greek village and the sea

View from Wind Tales Hotel in Ano Syros

12 Best Hotels on Syros

1. Hotel Ploes – Ermoupoli (Old Town)

Hotel Phone: +30 2281 079360
View from a marble terrace over the blue sea and a neoclassical Greek seaside village
Elegantly restored oceanside mansion with views of Asteria Beach. Luxurious guest rooms feature ornate hand-painted ceilings, Venetian chandeliers, and marble bathrooms; some add ocean views. Courtesy of their on-site eatery, an excellent complimentary breakfast is served to their seaside terrace or the plush art-filled Lobby. Room service is also available. The hotel has a small private sundeck with a cement swimming platform.
Hotel websiteCheck prices for Hotel Ploes

2. Aristide Hotel – Ermoupoli (Vaporia)

Hotel Phone: +30 698 662 4881
Subtle signage on a neoclassical pink hotel, with a Greek church in the background
Nine lavish guest rooms, each with king-size beds, marble accents, and their own unique theme. Exquisite (and spacious) bathrooms feature either a stand-alone tub or walk-in rain shower. A contemporary art collection is displayed throughout the hotel, including in a dedicated exhibition space. Breakfast and lunch are served in a leafy courtyard, while evening cocktails and dining are available on their rooftop patio. Note that guest rooms here do not have a mini fridge or coffee machine.
Hotel websiteCheck prices for Aristide Hotel

3. Arion Syros – Ermoupoli (Vaporia)

Hotel Phone: +30 2281 081749
Hotel bed next to windows with a sea view
Perched above the ocean, this cliffside boutique hotel has been lovingly renovated and offers six unique guest rooms, all with ocean views and some with a furnished balcony. Homemade breakfast provided. Located in the upscale neighborhood of Vaporia, it’s a 10-minute walk to numerous restaurants, boutique shops, and Miaouli Square; 15-minute walk to the ferry port.
Hotel websiteCheck prices for Arion Suites

4. Castro Hotel – Ermoupoli (Old Town)

Hotel Phone: +30 2281 083000
Exterior view of a hotel doorway, on a narrow pedestrian street lined with stone buildings
This renovated mansion with luxurious guest rooms and top-notch service is set in a quiet Ermoupoli neighborhood. Their extremely spacious Deluxe Suite features dual bathroom vanities, a separate shower, and a stand-alone deep soaker tub. A restaurant and spa are on site, and the hotel has a small European elevator. Steps to colorful alleyways full of great tavernas, and a 7-minute walk to the ferry port.
Hotel websiteCheck prices for Castro Hotel

5. Oro Suites – Kini

Hotel Phone: +30 2281 079994
entrance to a hotel with a stylish covered outdoor eating area
This new complex has ten modern suites with a sleek design and soft neutral tones; some feature a private hot tub or mini plunge pool. Larger families can join two Family Suites to provide more space. Breakfast is complimentary, and can be delivered to your room. Excellent location, only steps to Kini Beach and a variety of charming seaside restaurants, and a 15-minute drive from the ferry port in Ermoupoli.
Hotel websiteCheck prices for Oro Suites

6. Hotel Benois – Galissas

Hotel Phone: +30 2281 042833
Blue exterior of a Cycladic-style hotel on a sunny day
This bright and cheery hotel boasts a fabulous outdoor pool and guest rooms that have either a balcony or patio. Rooms face the pool, back garden, or partial beach view. Sunsets over Galissas Bay are best viewed from the hotel’s outdoor lounge area. Great location just a 2-minute walk to Galissas Beach (the largest beach on the island), and steps to Galissas village restaurants.
Hotel websiteCheck prices for Benois Hotel

7. Apollonion Palace – Ermoupoli (Old Town)

Hotel Phone: +30 2281 089056
Hotel bed in a spacious room with balcony doors looking over the sea
Comfortable and clean hotel with complimentary breakfast served on their oceanside terrace or stately breakfast room. Guest rooms have high ceilings and hardwood floors, many add great views of the Aegean Sea. The hotel has sun loungers with umbrellas, and direct access to sea swimming.
Hotel websiteCheck prices for Apellonion Palace

8. Blue Harmony – Kini

Hotel Phone: +30 2281 071570
Stone Cycladic-style hotel with blue shutters
Situated in the center of a charming seaside village on Kini Beach, this hotel has a suitably beachy décor. Guest rooms are modern, dressed in shades of blue and grey; sea-view rooms are worth the splurge. Their restaurant/bar is cool and comfy, with a good selection of sun loungers and pouf chairs. Complimentary buffet breakfast. Beach sun beds are available across the street from the hotel and include beverage service.
Hotel websiteCheck prices for Blue Harmony

9. 1901 Hermoupolis – Ermoupoli (Old Town)

Hotel Phone: +30 2281 084680
Hotel bed next to an open door to a bathroom with patterned tile floor and teal walls
Delightful and pretty, this five-room boutique hotel has antique furnishings and Laura Ashley linens. Situated in a residential neighborhood in Upper Ermoupoli and walkable to cafes and shops near Miaouli Square. Guest rooms have either a balcony or access to the garden – opt for the sea view suites, which have the best views of Ermoupoli from a private terrace. Complimentary shuttle from Syros airport.
Hotel websiteCheck prices for 1901 Hermoupolis

10. Dolphin Bay Family Beach Resort – Galissas

Hotel Phone: +30 2281 042924
White and blue boxy Cycladic hotel next to a stony hillside
This family-friendly hotel comprises 155 suites that cascade down a hill overlooking Galissas Bay. Their large outdoor pool terrace features beverage service, sun loungers, a waterslide, and a toddler pool. The poolside bar’s large sundeck overlooks Galissas Beach and there’s an onsite restaurant and fenced outdoor playground for the kids, too. Guest rooms are somewhat plain, with a large range of room types available; from basic doubles to a spacious two-bedroom apartment. The main building features a furnished veranda next to a green lawn. (Tip: request a renovated room)
Hotel websiteCheck prices for Dolphin Bay

11. Naves Suites – Ermoupoli (Old Town)

Hotel Phone: +30 694 537 6151
Hotel doorway on a cobblestone walkway, with a motorbike in front
Seven modern suites are spread across two separate buildings, some with sea views and balconies over Ermoupoli’s bustling promenade and yacht harbor. Guest rooms feature deluxe Coco-mat mattresses, a large workstation/desk, and eco-friendly hair and skin products. Steps to shops and harbor-side restaurants. Note there is no staffed reception desk, however requests are addressed quickly. 3-minute walk to the ferry port.
Hotel websiteCheck prices for Naves Suites

12. Villa Selena – Ermoupoli (Vaporia)

Hotel Phone: +30 697 671 3602
Pink and white Neoclassical hotel sitting on a corner in a Greek village
Six elegant guest rooms feature bold and bright furnishings and restored hardwood floors. Relax on their small rooftop patio or their sophisticated lobby. A complimentary buffet breakfast is provided in their cozy outdoor courtyard. Steps to the Asteria Beach swimming platform, and a short stroll to numerous cafes, shops, and tavernas in Ermoupoli.
Hotel websiteCheck prices for Villa Selena

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