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Updated: January 3, 2024
By Santorini Dave

Best Andros Beach Hotels
• Kini: Oro
• Galissas: Benois
• Agathopes: Calma
• Asteria: Ploes
• For Couples: Oro
• For Families: Benois

A man walks along a golden sand beach lined with sun umbrellas

Beautiful Agathopes Beach on Syros’ south coast. Calma, a fantastic family-run boutique hotel with private plunge pools, is located just across a small street from the sand.

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Syros Beach Basics

Syros’ best beaches are located along its west and south coasts. The north half of the island is rugged and uninhabited, and those beaches are only accessible by boat or lengthy foot paths. Although bus service runs from Ermoupoli to many beaches, a rental car is recommended for maximum convenience and to explore the island’s more remote options.

Bronze statue of a mermaid saving a drowned man

Kini Beach’s Panagia Gorgona (“Saint Mermaid”) statue depicts a mermaid attending to a drowned fisherman. It is based on a local legend and is a tribute to fishermen lost at sea.

  • The island of Syros has six Blue Flag beaches – Kini Beach, Galissas Beach, Agathopes Beach, Vari Beach, Azolimnos Beach, and Finikas Beach.
  • Five beaches on Syros feature a beach wheelchair called a Seatrac. The Seatrac system is a mechanical sea access ramp that provides unassisted sea access for beach-goers with disabilities; a chair on a fixed track, operated by remote control, can be moved through the sand into the water. These are located at: Agathopes Beach, Galissas Beach, Kini Beach, Vari Beach, and Voulgari Beach.

    Mechanical system on a beach, with a chair on a ramp, allowing handicapped access to the sea.

    The Seatrac system at Galissas Beach.

  • The best family beach on Syros is Galissas Beach, with warm, exceptionally shallow clear blue water, and fine golden sand. Water sport rentals are available.
  • For a charming and romantic vibe, Kini Beach offers numerous beachfront tavernas (serving top-notch seafood) that almost touch the beautiful golden sand. Great sunsets too.
  • Agathopes Beach is lively and fashionable, set in an attractive cove that’s sprinkled with summer homes. Calm azure waters, a volleyball court, and a prestigious restaurant/bar on the beach make this a popular destination.
Covered restaurant patio overlooking a sandy beach

The fantastic aVentoura restaurant at Galissas Beach.

The 9 Best Beaches on Syros

1. Kini – west coast

A boy with a shovel plays on a sandy beach lined with thatched umbrellas
Kini Beach is picturesque and charming, famous for its seafood tavernas and beautiful sunsets. Kini offers sandy shores and azure waters, with every amenity available including a washrooms building and rental sunbeds offering food service. Numerous tavernas, cafes, and bars line the beachfront here, almost touching the sand. A mix of tamarisk and palm trees border the beach promenade, providing shade for sunbathers.

Kini Beach is convenient for boat excursions to secluded beaches in the north, as local tour companies depart from here. The Beach is also equipped with a Seatrac system, a mechanical aid for wheelchair-using beach-goers. Direct buses in high season operate throughout the day to the capital city of Ermoupoli, 7 km away. The bus stop is at the Mermaid Statute in the center of town, in front of the Blue Harmony Hotel.

Covered terrace with white tables and rattan pendant lights, open to the beach.

The seafront terrace at Kini Beach’s Blue Harmony Hotel, which sits directly across from the sand.

  • Recommended Kini Beach Hotels
    Oro Suites (luxury) • Hotel phone: +30 2281 079994
    Blue Harmony Hotel (moderate) • Hotel phone: +30 2281 071570

2. Galissas – west coast

People lie in the sand on towels under thatched umbrellas on a sandy beach
Galissas is the longest beach on Syros, and home to some of the island’s best hotels for families. Situated in a wide bay that is protected by the north winds, Galissas boasts crystal blue water and and beautiful sunsets from its west coast location. It is exceptionally shallow, with warm water a very gradual slope for quite a distance – a dream for parents with small children. Several beach bars and the fabulous aVentoura restaurant are located along its golden sandy beach, with other bars and numerous tavernas only a five-minute walk away.

People walk a beach promenade at sunset

Sunset at Galissas Beach

The beach area has two sections; one has umbrellas and sunbeds and the other is quieter with more tamarisk trees for shade. Water sports can be rented – canoes, water cycles, and SUPs. Parking is easily accessible, with a large public lot beside the beach. Galissas Beach is equipped with a Seatrac system, a motorized chair that allows beach-goers who are in a wheelchair to access the sea. 9 km from Ermoupoli. The bus stop is beside the beach parking lot (next to Hotel Benois).

Beachfront open-air restaurant terrace

The beachy vibe at the 4-star Hotel Benois, which also features a fabulous family-friendly swimming pool terrace.

3. Agathopes – south coast

Overhead view through palm fronds of a sandy beach near a rugged hill
Agathopes is one of the most prestigious beaches on Syros, boasting calm azure waters and a variety of amenities. It’s a certified Blue Flag beach, with soft sand and a gradual slope that’s great for swimming. Agathopes has beautiful sunset views, and excellent views of two tiny nearby islands — Schinonissi and Strongylo. In high season, especially on weekends, beach parties are common here in the late afternoon.

A well-established and upscale Restaurant/Bar, ONO Concept, sits directly on the beach at the north end, and several other tavernas are across the road, steps from the beach. A fantastic selection of sun loungers are available, though they are somewhat pricey compared to those at other beaches in the area. The volleyball nets are well-used and popular with young adults. Agathopes is also equipped with a Seatrac system for disabled beach-goers. Located 14 km from Ermoupoli. The closest bus stop is in Poseidonia, a 10-minute walk away.

  • Recommended Agathopes Beach Hotel
    Calma Boutique Hotel (moderate) • Hotel phone: +30 2281 042296

4. Vari – south coast

Golden sandy beach in front of a large sea wall
Shallow, gin-clear water and shimmering golden sand make this an ideal spot for youngsters to splash and swim. Vari is an organized beach with sunbeds, umbrellas, and a handful of beachside cafés and tavernas. There’s a volleyball net for public use, and pedal boats and SUPs available for rent.

Travelers with disabilities can make use of the Seatrac access ramp into the water. Located 7 km from Ermoupoli, Vari is easy to access by bus – the bus stop is at the entrance to the beach. A large parking lot is adjacent to the beach at the far end.

  • Recommended Vari Beach Hotels
    Syros Atlantis (budget) • Hotel phone: +30 2281 061454
    Syros Holidays (budget) • Hotel phone: +30 2281 045065

5. Asteria – east coast

Sunbathers lie under thatched umbrellas on a concrete platform over the sea, with pastel neoclassical buildings in the background
There’s no sand in sight at atmospheric Asteria “beach,” a concrete platform nestled along the Ermoupoli seawall, with a swim ladder offering access to the sea. Located in the Vaporia neighborhood, Asteria boasts a picturesque backdrop of the iconic Church of Agios Nikolaos and the colorful mansions perched above. It’s a magical place.

Locals of all ages adore this wonderful spot, which is popular at any time of day or night. There’s a shower available for rinsing off sea water, and a small cabin for changing; thatched umbrellas on the platform provide some shade. Steps from the beach is a popular waterfront beach bar, Ciel Syros, where there is another public swim platform. The excellent Sta Vaporia café is perched just above. Asteria Beach is accessed by a series of steps behind Agios Nikolaos church, with a bus stop in front.

Stone platform with a ladder leading into the sea.

Ermoupoli’s luxurious Hotel Ploes is a 5-minute walk from Asteria Beach, and also boasts its own private-access sea swimming platform.

  • Recommended Asteria Beach Hotels
    Hotel Ploes (luxury) • Hotel phone: +30 2281 079360
    Villa Selena (moderate) • Hotel phone: +30 697 671 3602
    Arion Syros (moderate) • Hotel phone: +30 2281 081749

6. Delphini – west coast

Golden sandy beach lined with sun umbrellas
Delphini is a secluded and quiet beach, with a beautiful sheltered cove and refreshing clear water that’s great for swimming and snorkeling. The north end has golden sand and two beach bars offering sunbeds and umbrellas; the south end is more pebbly and is nudist-friendly.

There is no bus service to Delphini Beach. The road to the beach is in decent condition, with the last section being unpaved. A small parking lot is located next to the beach.

  • There are no hotels at Delphini Beach.

7. Azolimnos – east coast

Concrete platform over the sea, lined with sun loungers
One of the closest sandy beaches to the city of Ermoupoli, Azolimnos offers three piers, sunbeds, and few restaurants. There are lots of shade-providing trees along the beach, and three cement platforms are great for a stroll or for jumping into the water. The shoreline has some healthy marine plant life, so the water here isn’t as clear as at other beaches.

Sunbeds are available to rent on the sand and one of the piers, and there is a beach bar at the far end of the beach on the north pier. Several tavernas are also along the beachfront. It can get windy, which can churn up the waves. Bus service runs frequently from Ermoupoli, to a bus stop directly at the beach. Located 4 km south of Ermoupoli.

  • Recommended Azolimnos Beach Hotel
    Aegean Paradiso (budget) • Hotel phone: +30 2281 062181

8. Megas Gialos – south coast

Two women wade in a shallow blue cove, off a golden sandy beach
Megas Gialos is a narrow beach in a horseshoe-shaped cove, bordered by a cluster of charming seaside homes. Its clear and shallow waters are great for swimming, and a few good tavernas are just across the road from the sand.

It is very easy to access the beach by car or bus, though parking beside the beach is somewhat limited. Bus service runs frequently in high season from Ermoupoli, 11 km away.

9. Komito – south coast

Sign pointing to a secluded and largely empty sandy beach, lined with trees
Tucked into a natural and undeveloped area on the island’s southern tip, Komito Beach offers a casual and laid-back vibe, a rustic café, and limited amenities. The beach is composed of a mix of sand and small pebbles. Some water sports equipment, including sea kayaks, can be rented at the beach during peak season, and a few umbrellas are available.

Komito Beach is located 15 km from Ermoupoli; the last stop on the road at the southern tip of the island, a 3-minute drive from Agathopes Beach. No public transit is available to this beach.

  • There are no hotels at Komito Beach.

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