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Updated: July 19, 2023
By Santorini Dave

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10 Best Restaurants in Rome

1. Salumeria Roscioli • Historic Center & Jewish Ghetto • $$$

Salumeria Roscioli deli and restaurant in Rome
Map • +39 06 687 5287
Rome’s premier deli features a fabulous in-house restaurant. Space is limited but the food is consistently high level with a menu of traditional Italian fare and classic international dishes. Also serves a fantastic wine list.

2. Emma Pizzeria • Historic Center & Jewish Ghetto • $$

Emma Pizzeria in Rome
Map • +39 06 6476 0475
Excellent wood-fired pizzas in a smart, modern pizzeria. Toppings include southern Italian mozzarella, cured meats, and fresh seasonal veggies. It’s one of the few places that does pizza at lunchtime.

3. Colline Emiliane • Villa Borghese, Barberini & the Quirinale • $$

Colline Emiliane restaurant in Rome
Map • +39 06 481 7538
A renowned restaurant specializing in regional food from Emilia-Romagna. That means cured Parma ham, parmesan cheese, and rich meat sauces paired with homemade egg pastas. A short walk from the Trevi Fountain.

4. Armando al Pantheon • Historic Center & Jewish Ghetto • $$

Armando al Pantheon restaurant in Rome
Map • +39 06 6880 3034
Traditional family-run trattoria in the touristy Pantheon area. Cozy and often crowded, it’s famous locally for its unswerving dedication to authentic Roman cuisine. Reservations recommended.

5. Osteria dei Cappellari • Historic Center & Jewish Ghetto • $$

Osteria dei Cappellari restaurant in Rome
Map • +39 06 9436 6598
Traditional Roman cuisine with excellent house wine in a charming, non-touristy environment. The menu features a range of local and regional Italian dishes made with fresh, seasonal ingredients and a range of gluten-free dishes.

6. Felice a Testaccio • Testaccio & Ostiense • $$

Felice restaurant in Rome
Map • +39 06 574 6800
The best of the trattorias in the foodie Testaccio neighborhood. Hugely popular, it flies the flag for traditional Roman nose-to-tail cooking with dishes such as tripe and coda alla vaccinara (oxtail).

7. Casa Coppelle • Historic Center & Jewish Ghetto • $$$$

Casa Coppelle restaurant in Rome
Map • +39 06 6889 1707
Sophisticated Italian-French cuisine, modern romantic decor, and a prime location near the Pantheon.

8. Glass Hostaria • Trastevere • $$$$

Glass Hostaria restaurant and wine bar in Rome
Map • +39 06 5833 5903
Chic restaurant serving creative Michelin-starred food. With its contemporary decor and innovative cuisine, it stands out in the medieval Trastevere district. Bookings necessary.

9. Metamorfosi • Villa Borghese, Barberini & the Quirinale • $$$$

Metamorfosi restaurant in Rome
Map • +39 06 807 6839
Michelin-starred restaurant in the upmarket Parioli neighborhood. Food is modern and creative as per its signature dish, Uovo 65° carbonara, a contemporary deconstruction of the classic pasta dish. Book ahead.

10. Ristorante L’Arcangelo • Vatican & Prati • $$$

Ristorante L'Arcangelo in Rome
Map • +39 06 321 0992
A bistro/restaurant in the Prati district that’s much loved by local foodies. Particularly prized are its traditional Roman dishes such as carciofi alla romana (Roman-style artichokes made with white wine, garlic, anchovies, and mint).

10 Best Spots for Pizza, Street Food, & Gelato

11. Pizza Florida • Historic Center & Jewish Ghetto • $

Pizza Florida restaurant in Rome
Map • +39 06 6880 3236
Cheap and delicious pizza by the slice known for their crispy crust and wide variety. Limited seating, so plan on taking your pizza to go; there are benches across the street around the ruins of Largo di Torre Argentina, Caesar’s murder site.

12. Pizzarium Bonci • Vatican & Prati • $

Bonci Pizzarium restaurant in Rome
Map • +39 06 3974 5416
Legendary takeaway serving Rome’s best pizza al taglio (sliced pizza). Squares of feather-light dough are capped by artisanal cheeses, cured meats, and assorted veggies. It’s about 10 minutes’ walk from the Vatican Museums.

13. Forno Campo de’ Fiori • Historic Center & Jewish Ghetto • $

Forno Campo de Fiori restaurant in Rome
Map • +39 06 6880 6662
A busy bakery famed for its sliced pizza. The house specialty is pizza bianca (white pizza): rectangles of unadorned pizza base seasoned with salt and olive oil. Ideal for a quick snack or cheap lunch.

14. Ce Stamo a Pensá • Monti • $

Ce Stamo a Pensa restaurant in Rome
Map • +39 06 6936 3154
Casually cool spot for Neapolitan street food and comfort food, known for their fried pizza. Great pastas, panini, tiramisu, Moka pot coffee, and beer.

15. Supplizio • Historic Center & Jewish Ghetto • $

Supplizio restaurant in Rome
Map • +39 06 8916 0053
A gourmet takeaway dedicated to supplì (fried rice croquettes). Go for the classic supplì, stuffed with rice, tomato, and cheese, or choose from a selection of clever variations. You can eat in the brick-clad interior or take away.

16. Mordi e Vai • Testaccio & Ostiense • $

Map • +39 339 134 3344
A Testaccio market stall cooking up classic Roman street food. Best of all are their panini (bread rolls) filled with slow-cooked beef. It’s a local favorite so expect crowds most lunchtimes.

17. Mercato Centrale • Termini & Around • $$

Il Mercato Centrale food court in Rome
Map • +39 06 4620 2900
Termini station’s three-story food hall. Stalls are ranged under towering brick vaults serving everything from pizzas and pastas to veggie burgers, salads, sushi, and shakes.

18. Fatamorgana • Trastevere • $

Fatamorgana gelateria in Rome
Map • +39 06 580 3615
Organic gelato from one of Rome’s best gelaterias. There isn’t a huge choice but the quality is high and you’ll find some unusual flavor combinations such as pineapple and ginger. There are several other branches across town.

19. Glauco Gelateria • Monti • $

Glauco Gelateria in Rome
Decadent gelato shop known for their rich, homemade gelato topped with your choice of macaron. Opt for hazelnut or pistachio gelato; dairy-free varieties available.

20. Venchi • Historic Center & Jewish Ghetto

Venchi gelateria in Rome
Map • +39 06 6992 5423
The best of the gelaterias near the Pantheon. It specializes in chocolate which features in creamy ice creams, drinks, and dolci (sweets). Expect lines.

11 Best Rome Cafes

21. Caffè Sant’Eustacchio • Historic Center & Jewish Ghetto • $$

Sant Eustachio cafe in Rome
Map • +39 06 6880 2048
Famous for its espresso, reckoned by many to be the best in Rome. The cafe, situated between the Pantheon and Piazza Navona, is a workaday place, better for a quick stand-up coffee than a leisurely break.

22. Barnum Café • Historic Center & Jewish Ghetto • $$

Barnum Cafe in Rome
Map • +39 06 6476 0483
Cool all-day hangout with shabby-chic furniture and a relaxed vibe. Stop by for a breakfast cornetto (Italian croissant) and cappuccino, a light lunch, or cocktails and jazz in the evening. •

23. Sciascia Caffè • Vatican & Prati $$

Sciascia Caffe in Rome
Map • +39 06 321 1580
A model old-school cafe with wood-lined decor and waistcoated bar staff. The house specialty is caffè al cioccolato, an exquisite espresso served in a demitasse lined with melted chocolate. In Prati.

24. La Casa del Caffe Tazza d’Oro • Historic Center & Jewish Ghetto • $

La Casa del Caffe Tazza d'Oro in Rome
Map • +39 06 678 9792
Landmark cafe near the Pantheon. It serves superb coffee, best taken standing at the long wooden bar. In summer, go for a granita di caffè, a delicious blend of coffee, crushed ice, and whipped cream.

25. Roscioli Caffè • Historic Center & Jewish Ghetto • $$

Roscioli Caffe in Rome
Map • +39 06 8916 5330
Elegant cafe serving great coffee, indulgent sandwiches, and divine mini-pastries – try the maritozzi (sweet buns packed with whipped cream). It’s generally standing room only but there’s seating in a small back room. Near Campo de’ Fiori.

26. Caffetteria Musei Capitolini • Ancient Rome & Monti • $$

Capitoline Museums in Rome
Map • +39 06 6919 0564
For inspiring views with your coffee. The Capitoline Museums’ cafe is a stunning spot, offering memorable panoramas from its elegant terrace. Without a museum ticket, you can access the cafe through Palazzo Caffarelli just off Piazza del Campidoglio.

27. Caffetteria Chiostro del Bramante • Historic Center & Jewish Ghetto • $$

Chiostro del Bramante in Rome
Map • +39 06 6880 9035
Even in Rome, few places can rival this cafe’s location. Set on the first floor of an elegant Renaissance cloister, it sets a memorable stage for a tranquil coffee or light lunch. Just behind Piazza Navona.

28. Antico Caffè Greco • Tridente & Trevi Fountain • $$$$

Antico Caffe Greco in Rome
Map • +39 06 679 1700
Rome’s oldest cafe and the former haunt of Casanova, Goethe, Byron, Keats, et al. Nowadays, it’s touristy and pretty expensive, but it really does exude a sense of history. You’ll save a euro or two by drinking at the bar.

29. Canova Tadolini • Tridente & Trevi Fountain • $$$

Canova Tadolini restaurant in Rome
Map • +39 06 3211 0702
Only in Rome. The one-time studio of sculptor Antonio Canova is now a busy cafe with tables laid out between marble busts and figures. Good for drinks but avoid the overpriced food.

30. Libreria Caffe Bohemien • Ancient Rome & Monti • $$

Libreria Caffe Bohemian in Rome
Map • +39 339 722 4622
Books, bricks, mismatched furniture, and bold colors abound at this relaxed hangout. Stop by for wine, cocktails, or tea. In the village-like Monti neighborhood.

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