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Updated: December 7 2017

Best tours and classes for families in Rome  – Gladiator School

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Best Tours for Kids & Families in Rome

Top 10 Things To Do With Kids in Rome

Rome is a big, bustling city with a huge amount to see. It can tire out the most high-energy kid and elicit whining from the most angelic toddler (wait, is that an oxymoron?). However a strategic kid-oriented itinerary will make a Rome lover out of any young one.

Below I’ve listed the top 10 things to see with your kids in Rome, all of which are top attractions for adults too. If you’re visiting Italy during July or August, mind the heat: put outdoor sights in the morning or late afternoon, take hats, and fill your water bottles often – all of Rome’s fountains flow with drinking water.

10. Visit churches instead of museums to see fine art in manageable bite-sized pieces. So duck into Santa Maria del Popolo to see two incredible Caravaggios and Santa Maria in Trastevere for jaw-dropping mosaics. Don’t miss Michelangelo’s Pieta’ in St. Peter’s.

9. Villa Borghese. Head to this gigantic park for the green space and the zoo. In addition, kids can pedal a bike or go-kart, or take a ride on the Bioparco Express train which circumnavigates the zoo. The Villa Borghese’s museum, the Galleria Borghese, is one of the best in Rome, but I wouldn’t take my 5 year old. However I definitely recommend the museum for kids with an art attention span of 1 – 2 hours (buy tickets in advance).

Things to do with kids on family vacation in Rome, Italy.

8. St. Peter’s and the Vatican. Start at St Peter’s by taking the elevator (most of the way) to the top of the cupola and enjoy the incredible view, then visit the gigantic cathedral. If your kids are okay in a museum for 90 minutes, hit the Vatican museums ideally around lunchtime during the week for fewest crowds, and go straight to the Raphael Rooms and then the Sistine Chapel. (And definitely avoid the Vatican on free sundays.) Walking at a leisurely kid pace, this route will take the full 90 minutes.

7. Hop On Hop Off Bus. Did I mention Rome is built on 7 hills? For anyone carrying a child in a carrier or traveling with a preschooler who refuses to sit in the stroller but can’t walk for more than a couple hours, I highly recommend seeing the main sights of Rome from the top of the Hop On Hop Off red bus #110. Catch it at Termini Station where it begins so that you get a good seat, and don’t hop off. Just ride the whole loop (which takes a couple of hours) and listen to the narration on the provided headphones.

6. Piazzas aka squares. Kids can run around in car-free Italian piazzas and get a history lesson at the same time. In particular don’t miss Piazza Navona, with its gorgeous fountains and unusual shape, and the huge Piazza del Popolo.Sightseeing attractions for families in Rome.

5. The Pantheon. Cool inside, open every day, and a relatively quick stop makes the Pantheon a winner for kids of every age.

4. Let the kids explore, and give them a theme. If they’re little, have them find fountains or look out for the letters SPQR (Senatus Populusque Romanus, which means The Senate and the People of Rome in Latin) found all over the city. If they’re a little older have them try to find family crests and symbols which are carved around Rome – they’ll find lions, dragons, bees, stars, balls, trees, and eagles to name a few.

3. Colosseum and Forum. This is a great place to paint the picture of Ancient Rome for kids. If they have an iPod, download Rick Steves free 1-hour audio tour, tell the story for them from your guidebook, or even better, buy a children’s book about Rome before you leave so that the kids already know a little bit about it. Buy tickets ahead of time to avoid waiting in a long line.

2. Fountains. Start with the spectacular Trevi Fountain, but have the kids look out for others – Rome has fountains. Not only are the fountains themselves works of art, but kids love to throw in a coin or two (and foreign currency goes to the Red Cross while Euros go to the Catholic Church). At Trevi, have them try to find the (pretty spectacular) drinking fountain on the right side of The Ace of Cups.

Finding great ice cream in Rome.1. Gelato. Italian gelato is one of the highlights of any visit to Rome, and will be what your kids are still asking for when you get back home! Make your way through Rome taste-testing gelaterias as you go.

Depending on how fast your kids move and whether you’re traveling with nappers, you can probably do the sights above in about 4 days in Rome. But I did put them in order of priority (in my opinion) so if you have less time just start at #1 and work your way up the list. If you’re planning to be there for more than 4 days I highly recommend buying a copy of the book Rome with Kids, by JM Pasquesi.

About the Author: Madeline Jhawar lived in Italy for 5 years and now designs custom itineraries for independent travelers to Italy. She lives in Chicago with her husband and two children, ages 3 and 5. More information at

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16 Questions and Comments

  1. Rome Tours for Families

    Hi, great tips! But unfortunetely the skip the line link at Colloseum you gave is only for kids from 7 years and up. Maybe good to know.
    (Yes, shorter is better for younger kids. There’s a Skip-the-Line Colosseum Express Guided Tour that is only 1.5 hours long but still has a professional guide.)

  2. Rome with Kids Around Christmas

    Awesome – Thanks for the great tips! Any suggestions for a late November/early December visit to Rome with a seven year old? Any special early Christmastime celebrations or ideas?

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Greece, Italy, and Everywhere

      Rome’s Christmas season kicks off on 8 December, the day of the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. The main religious celebrations are led by the Pope in Piazza di Spagna while the mayor marks the occasion by switching on the Christmas lights in Piazza Venezia. In the build up to Christmas, many churches and piazzas display nativity scenes, known in Italy as presepi. One of the largest is on show in St Peter’s Square in the Vatican. Nearby, Castel Sant’Angelo usually stages an outdoor ice rink over the Christmas period. The exact dates vary from year to year, but in 2016 it opened on 13 December. For a typical Christmas snack, you’ll find vendors selling roasted chestnuts all over town. Alternatively, shops are full of panettone and pandoro, traditional Italian Christmas cakes.

  3. Rome with 5 Year Old

    These are great tips! We are planning a trip with our five year old daughter for her spring break (last week of March 2018). Any recommendations on things we should do/ not do, given the time of year and weather? Also, she is a great traveler, but we are wondering if we should consider bringing a stroller for the evenings when we may want to take longer walks. Any tips? Amy

    1. DavidDavid Greece, Italy, and Everywhere

      Rome is fairly short on specific kid-friendly sights but there’s a zoo (the Bioparco) in Villa Borghese, Rome’s central park, and a kid’s museum called Explora near Piazza del Popolo. Your daughter might also enjoy throwing coins into the Trevi Fountain and putting her hand into the Bocca della Verità (Mouth of Truth). A visit to the Colosseum might also impress her. The Vatican, home of St Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican Museums, is hard work with children, but you can always admire the Basilica from outside and look out for colourfully-dressed Swiss Guards. Food-wise, you’ll have no problems. The local gelato (ice cream) is fabulous and pizza al taglio (sliced pizza) is a sure-fire kid-pleaser. As to whether to bring a stroller, consider that many streets are cobbled, meaning bumpy uneven surfaces. Also, sidewalks are often blocked by double parked cars or scooters. In short, Rome is not ideal for strollers, especially if you’re staying in the historic center. On the plus side, children under 10 travel free on Rome’s public transport network.

  4. Kid-Friendly Tour of Colosseum

    Hi – would you recommend one of the ‘kid-friendly’ tours of the Colosseum for a 5-year old girl? 3 hours seems like a long time to hold her attention span so I’m not sure if we should just consider doing this on our own?

    1. DavidDavid Greece, Italy, and Everywhere

      Yes, shorter is better for younger kids. There’s a Skip-the-Line Colosseum Express Guided Tour that is only 1.5 hours long but still has a professional guide.

  5. Rome with 2 Young Kids

    Excellent!! Thanks for all the tips we are in Roma now with a 5 year old and a 9 year old… they really enjoyed the Bioparco… thanks again.
    Nadia Aliaga

    1. DavidDavid Greece, Italy, and Everywhere

      Great. Kids love Rome.

  6. Roman Gladiators

    Wow! Fantastic advice! I am travelling to Italy this Easter with my 8 yo son – and he really, really wants to see Roman gladiators ripped apart by lions at the Colosseum. The advice to download Rick Steve’s guides is just perfect! Grazie mille!

    Marianne Kelly

    1. DavidDavid Greece, Italy, and Everywhere

      There is also a Gladiator School where they (and you) can learn how to be a gladiator.

  7. Rome with Young Children

    Your website was one of the sites I visited when planning an itinerary to Rome. I have two kids age 8 and 3 and although Rome is a beautiful city full of culture and history, kids won’t appreciate it after some time. So I dedicated a day of our 5-day tour for them.


  8. Jen

    Thanks for the tips! we are traveling to Rome with our 5-year old in October and I’m going to be using some of these great ideas! 🙂

  9. noel

    Wow, fantastic kiddy focused activities and enjoying a visit to this amazing city especially with children. I love Rome and touring around this ancient capital. Sharing some images of my favorite hangout spots and landmarks to visit around the city.

  10. Ling Tan

    Such a lovely list! May we add, take them on a ride on one of the streetcars, or trams too! As for gelato, don’t forget to do like the locals do, and choose two – three flavours with your scoop – all the better for sampling all the delightful flavours 🙂

    Ling Tan

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