Santorini Cave Hotels

The best santorini cave hotels with pool and view.

What are the best cave hotels on Santorini?

Watch this video for a great introduction to Santorini and its cave hotels.

Cave hotels are very popular in Santorini (and Oia especially) and are pretty much what they sound like – rooms and suites that are built into the cliffside to form a cave. They’re usually decorated simply and sparsely, but when done right they’re close to magical. Another plus is that they stay cool even when it’s very hot outside in July and August.

Three of the best cave hotels on Santorini are Perivolas (Oia, +30 22860 71308), Aris Caves (Oia, +30 2286 071511), and Iconic Santorini (Imerovigli, +30 2286 028950) – all are drop dead gorgeous. (The Perivolos is the hotel seen in the video above.)

If you’re looking for a cave hotel that’s a little cheaper then Chroma Suites (Oia, +30 22860 71910), Delfini Villas (Oia, + 30 22860 71600), and Kavalari Hotel (Fira, +30 2286 022455) are all great picks.

And the recently opened Sophia Suites in Imerovigli is wonderful.

If you need a cave house then Dream Blue (+30 21080 02307) is a privately owned home that sleeps 6, has a fully equipped kitchen, a hot tub, 2 bathrooms, and free wi-fi. It’s 350€ to 450€ a night (depending on season and number of guests) but it’s an amazing house and worth it if you can afford it. The owner also rents a smaller house, My Blue, with traditional Santorini architecture. It sleeps up to 4 and costs between 290€ and 390€.

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2 Questions and Comments

  1. Cave Hotel on Santorini for Family of 4

    We’re a family of 4 (kids ages 8 and 14) and are planning a visit for next July. What hotel has a cave suite, a pool, and good views of the caldera? I have not been able to find a hotel with a view that allows kids. Thank you.

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Kasimatis Studios in Imerovigli has a large cave suite with hot tub. There’s a huge hole in the ceiling (now covered with glass) that used to be used to drop grapes into the cave to crush them for wine (very cool). The pool here is a good size and the vibe is family-friendly (which is not the rule for Santorini). The cave suite is just back from the edge so you’re not cliffside but if you walk 20 feet and sit on the pool deck the views are wonderful.

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