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Updated: August 9th, 2020
By Santorini Dave

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oia restaurant ambrosia dining

Enjoying the fabulous view and an early evening cocktail before dinner in Oia.

Ambrosia is one of the most romantic and well known fine dining restaurants in Oia, located just below the main walking path. There are 2 small exterior patios with fabulous views of the caldera, and 2 small interiors with seating. Above is an intimate cave dining room decorated in Greek antiques, below is just outside of the kitchen. You’ll want to linger forever at candle lit tables overlooking the volcano. First seating at 6:30, second seating at 9:00. Make reservations well in advance.

Ambrosia Restaurant Hours and Information

Ambrosia Restaurant

oia restaurant ambrosia sign

Just off the main pedestrian thoroughfare in Oia.

oia restaurant ambrosia

The entrance into the restaurant.

oia restaurant ambrosia romance

Amazing caldera views from the outdoor patios.

oia restaurant ambrosia hillside

Nestled into the hillside of Oia.

oia restaurant ambrosia romantic 2

oia restaurant ambrosia

Imerovigli and Fira visible on the caldera cliff in the distance.

oia restaurant ambrosia interior

The small interior dining room just outside the kitchen.

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