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Updated: December 12, 2023
By Santorini Dave

Best Tinos Beach Hotels
• Agios Ioannis: Porto Apergis
• Agios Fokas: Golden Beach
• Agios Sostis: Cavos
• Laouti: Akti Aegeou
• For Couples: Cavos
• For Families: Golden Beach

Hotel swimming pool next to a sandy beach

The charming traditional hotel, Akti Aegeou, sits directly on the sand at Laouti Beach, one of the best beaches on Tinos.

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Tinos Beach Basics

The island of Tinos has over 40 beaches, ranging from remote and deserted types to cosmopolitan-style beaches with lively bars and water activities. The best beaches on Tinos are along the south and west coasts, which are protected from the strong north summer winds known as the Meltemi.

Tip: If driving to a remote beach, keep in mind that using a map app on your phone will sometimes direct you to the shortest route, which is not always the best route. Stick to the main roads if possible, to avoid roads that can end up looking more like a goat trail.

Overhead view of the Tinos coastline, showing three sandy beaches

A string of beaches along Tinos’ south coast. Agios Ioannis to the left of the peninsula, and past the peninsula from left to right: the adjacent beaches of Agios Kiriaki, Laouti, and Agios Sostis.

  • Tinos’ best beach is Agios Ioannis Beach, pictured above on the far left, with shallow clear waters, several beach bars, and some small hotels, summer homes, and apartments nearby. This beach is very close to three additional beaches pictured to the right. The long turquoise stretch of water is actually a series of three beaches in one bay: Agios Kiriaki Beach (left), Laouti Beach (middle), and Agios Sostis Beach (right).
  • Tinos’ most famous beach is Kolympithra Beach, a horseshoe-shaped bay with two side-by-side emerald-water beaches. The larger beach is a surfing beach; the adjacent beach, tucked into a cove, is better for swimming. If you like to snorkel, there are rocky coves here to explore. This beach is on the north coast (across the island from Tinos Town) so the north winds can churn up huge waves here and can sometimes make it look like a giant wave pool.
  • Tinos’ Agios Romanos Beach features a Seatrac system that provides unassisted sea access for beach-goers with disabilities. A chair moves along a track through the sand and into the water using a remote control.

9 Best Beaches on Tinos

1. Agios Ioannis – south coast

Wide sandy beach on a sunny day with a beach bar that's closed for the season
The best beach on Tinos. Busy but beautiful, this lively, golden sanded beach is set in a picturesque cove with shallow, crystal-clear water. Two beach bars are on site — LaLa Louza and Beach Bar Fyki — providing sun beds and music. Agios Ioannis can be crowded (especially in July and August), and occasionally windy. Several restaurants and tavernas are located nearby (2-min walk from the beach), such as Breeze Restaurant. Steps from this beach is Porto Apergis, clean and comfortable self-catered apartments. Located 6 km from Tinos Town, with buses running frequently during the day and evening (8 am to 10 pm) in the summer. Car parking is available near the beach.

  • Recommended Agios Ioannis Beach Hotels
    Porto Apergis • Hotel phone: +30 2283 024542
A traditional white Cycladic hotel with stone terrace

Porto Apergis is a charming complex of self-catered apartments (all with kitchenettes), just steps to Agios Ioannis Beach.

2. Kolympithra (or Kolimvithra) – north coast

Steps leading down to a rocky beach with waves crashing against the shore
One long stretch of sand is home to two extraordinary beaches in a U-shaped bay — the larger beach has great surfing, the smaller has good swimming. As you approach Kolympithra, the first beach you come to is the surfing beach: long and wide with deep waters and some underwater currents. This location is exposed to the north winds and is often very windy, especially in July and August, so expect big waves. It’s a top location in Greece for beginning surfers and offers a surfing school. Additionally, onsite rentals are available for surfboards, bodyboards, water cycles, kayaks, and canoes. Unique mushroom-shaped umbrellas and sun loungers are available to rent, and its hip beach bar is in a converted van that’s parked directly on the sand.

The adjacent, smaller, beach is tucked into a cove and organized with sun loungers and umbrellas. It is less affected by the winds, with calmer water that’s good for swimming (a lifeguard is on duty during peak summer season). A small taverna, Drakonisi, overlooks the beach and has modern washrooms.

To get to Kolympithra Beach, drive to the village of Komi, then watch for signs. There is a car parking lot at the end of the beach road beside the taverna. Located 15 km (25 min drive) from Tinos Town, with direct bus service available three to four times a day in high season.

  • Recommended Kolympithra Beach Hotel
    Ursa Major Suites (in Komi, 7 min drive to beach) • Hotel phone: +30 2283 051889

3. Agios Fokas – south coast

Two people wade in shallow water on a golden sand beach lined with sun beds
Agios Fokas is Tinos’ largest and most organized beach, and the closest beach to Tinos Town. There’s lots of variety here to suit every taste with a half-dozen or so beach bars that spill onto the sand: the Elia, Golden Beach, Portokali, Summer Drops (which offers fruit smoothies), and Sundara. There are a few tavernas beachside, with several others nearby.

A clean and generally fine-sanded beach, there are some areas at Agios Fokas beach that have small pebbles. Double sun beds are a great option here and are available to rent, but there are also quiet sections of beach with plenty of room to stretch out on your own towel on the sand. Showers, restrooms, and changing rooms are available. Located a 20 to 25-minute walk from Tinos Town/Chora, with car parking areas at the end of the beach or along the road next to the beach. Frequent bus service runs to and from Chora (2 km away), from approximately 10am to 8pm in peak season, with a bus stop directly at the beach.

  • Recommended Agios Fokas Beach Hotels
    Golden Beach Hotel • Hotel phone: +30 2283 024579
People lounge at a thatched roof beach bar on the sand

The bar at Golden Beach Hotel is located just across the street from the hotel on Agios Fokas Beach.

4. Pachia Ammos – south coast

Wide sandy beach with turquoise waters on a sunny day
Tinos’ most unusual beach, and one of the most secluded beaches that’s relatively close to Tinos Town, Pachia Ammos is nestled between two hills in a cozy cove with a lone sand dune. The beach is unorganized; no beach bar or sun loungers are available. The sand is fine with a slight greenish hue that’s striking next to its clear turquoise waters.

The road to Pachia Ammos is in good shape, but quite narrow. There is no designated beach parking; a small dirt footpath of about 100 meters leads from the parking lot of the Pachia Ammos Country Club to the beach. Located 10 km east of Tinos Town, with no bus service available.

  • There are no hotels at Pachia Ammos Beach.

5. Livada – north coast

View from the beach of waves crashing onto a boulder, making sea spray
Secluded and remote, beautiful Livada Beach is a wild beauty with large boulders, crystal clear water, dark sand, and often big waves. The beach is made up of a mix of fine pebbles and dark sand, and its waters deepen quickly and unexpectedly. (Note that there can be strong undercurrents here, so Livada may not be suitable for young swimmers.) Adjacent to the beach, a charming taverna is nestled beside a pond and oak trees. For an adventure, take the hiking path (mostly loose rock) from the beach along a narrow steep path to Livada Lighthouse.

There is no bus service to Livada Beach. Accessed by car, Livada is a 40-minute drive north from Tinos Town, along a road that is at times narrow and along mountainous terrain; there is some car parking space at the beach.

  • There are no hotels at Livada Beach.

6. Agios Romanos – west coast

Wide, golden-sandy beach with a seatrack ramp system for wheelchair access to the water
Azure and shallow waters with good sand, popular with families. This beach faces the southwest, so it’s more protected from the wind. There are some trees for shade and a beach bar, Lefko Beach Bar. Travelers with disabilities can access the water at this beach using the Seatrac ramp system. There is no bus service to this beach, which is a 20-minute drive from Chora along a road that is narrow but in fair condition.

  • There are no hotels at this Agios Romanos Beach.

7. Agios Sostis – south coast

View from a grassy dune of a crescent-shaped beach in a shallow cove
Often referred to as Sostis Beach, this long stretch of sand, narrow in spots, is actually a series of three adjacent beaches along one long bay. The westerly beach is Agios Sostis, the easterly beach – next to the Kiriaki peninsula – is Agios Kiriaki, and the middle beach is Laouti Beach.

The beaches are partially organized, with a few beach bars that dot the bay, as well as areas that are quiet with no amenities where you can stretch out on a beach towel in the sand. At the western edge of Sostis Beach, there is a small pier with a ladder into the water. Though the beach is quite long and is fairly scenic, there are surprisingly few tavernas and beach bars. Frequent bus service runs throughout the day and early evening to and from Tinos Town in the summer.

Sun beds next to a swimming pool overlooking the sea

The pool terrace at Cavos Hotel & Suites overlooks Agios Sostis Beach and the chapel of Agios Sostis.

8. Rochari – north coast

Sandy cove with emerald green water on a sunny day
Located around the headland from the quaint fishing village of Panormos, long and wide Rochari beach faces north where it catches the Meltemi (strong, north, summer wind), so it’s a great location for windsurfing and kitesurfing. The beach comprises a mix of sand and small pebbles, with some trees on site to offer shade. There’s a rustic beach bar — Rochari Beach Bar — that has a volleyball net, straw umbrellas, and deck chairs. Visitors can enjoy the views of Planet Island. Located 28 km northwest of Chora, a 40-minute drive away. No bus service is available.

  • There are no hotels at this Rochari Beach.

9. Lichnaftia – south coast

Pebbly beach with a shady pine tree
Lichnaftia is a rocky, unorganized beach in a secluded area, with no beach bars or umbrella rentals. It’s quiet and peaceful, with a smattering of summer homes on the hillside. The beach is entirely large pebbles and rocks, with a few large trees for shade. Located 10km east of Tinos Town, accessed via a pleasant 5-minute walk from its small parking lot. There is no bus service to this beach.

  • There are no hotels at Lichnaftia Beach.

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