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Updated: October 30, 2023
By Santorini Dave

My Favorite Mykonos Hotels

• Mykonos Town: SemeliCavo Tagoo
• Ornos: Santa MarinaKivotos
• Platis Gialos: BrancoPetasos
• Agios Ioannis: Katikies
• Psarou: Mykonos Blu
• Ferry Port: Mykonos Riviera
• For Families: Santa Marina
• For Couples: Bill & Coo

Best Mykonos Beach Hotel on Ornos

One of my favorite beach hotels in Greece: Mykonos Blanc on beautiful Ornos Beach.

Mykonos Beaches: Tips & Advice

  • Mykonos is loaded with great beaches. It’s a beach paradise whether you’re looking for swimming, sunbathing, beach resorts, beach parties, or water sports.
  • Paradise, Super Paradise, and Paraga Beaches are the main party beaches. Ornos and Platis Gialos are great for families and couples. Kalafatis is the only Blue Flag beach in Mykonos, best loved for windsurfing and never crowded.
  • Staying in Mykonos Town (for the restaurants, shopping, and nightlife) and visiting the nearby beaches through the day is easy to do. Buses run often until late evening in summer.
  • Walking along the coast between Psarou Beach and Paradise Beach is a highlight of a visit to Mykonos.
  • Best off-the-beaten-path beaches in Mykonos: Lia and Fokos.
  • The best luxury hotels in Mykonos should be booked 4 to 6 months in advance. The best cheap hotels in Mykonos should be booked 3 to 5 months in advance.

Where are the best beaches on Mykonos?

View from above Psarou Beach with Platis Gialos and Agia Anna Beaches in Mykonos

Here you can see Psarou Beach in the foreground, next on the left is Platis Gialos Beach, then near the top of the picture you can see Agia Anna Beach, and on the far top side of that little peninsula is Paraga Beach (not visible). A little farther around the corner (just off the top of the photo) is Paradise Beach. All of these beaches are connected by a footpath along the coast. A highlight of a trip to Mykonos is to walk between these five beaches – swimming, drinking, and eating along the way. You can take the Mykonos water taxi back if you’re out of energy. The water taxi also visits Ornos Beach.

The best beaches on Mykonos are along the south coast of the island where they are protected from the sometimes brisk winds that blow from the north. The beaches along the north can look great in pictures but will often be quite windy – especially in July and August. That said, they are much quieter and if you catch them on a peaceful day you’ll have a beautiful beach nearly all to yourself.

Map of Mykonos Beaches

Map of the best beaches on Mykonos Island, Greece
Hotels on Map: Mykonos GrandSaint John Hotel & SpaMykonos AmmosMykonos BlancMykonos BluNissaki BoutiqueAcrogialiMykonos Kosmoplaz Beach ResortMykonos PalaceBranco MykonosSunrise Hotel and SuitesMyconian Imperial Resort & Villas

The 19 Best Beaches on Mykonos

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1. Platis Gialos Beach

Plagis Gialos is the best beach in Mykonos
The best beach on Mykonos. Lively, wide, and beautiful with many restaurants, several hotels, a mini-market, and direct buses to the Fabrika bus station in Mykonos Town. Located about 5 km southeast of Mykonos Town and on the water taxi route that goes west to Ornos and east past the party beaches (Paraga, Paradise, and Super Paradise) all the way to Elia Beach.

Recommended Platis Gialos Beach Hotels

2. Ornos Beach

Sunbeds on Ornos Beach at Pasaji beach club and restaurant in Mykonos
The busiest beach on the island, yet quite beautiful with lovely surroundings, many tavernas, and high-end beach clubs. Ornos is the most family-friendly beach on Mykonos (followed closely by Platis Gialos and Psarou). This is the westernmost beach along the water-taxi route. Located 3 km south of Mykonos Town with frequent bus connections to the Fabrika bus station there – no need for a car.

Recommended Ornos Beach Hotels

3. Psarou Beach

View of Psarou Beach from Mykonos Blu Resort
A magical beach set in a cove and protected from the wind, Psarou offers calm waters ideal for beginning swimmers and soft golden sand. A few luxe resorts sit near the water, though the area is best known as the home of the Nammos Village luxury mall and Nammos Restaurant, an upscale beach club. The bus to Mykonos Town stops here regularly, though you’ll need to walk to Platis Gialos to reach the water taxi.

Recommended Psarou Beach Hotels

4. Paraga Beach

Beachgoers in front of the beach clubs on Paraga in Mykonos
One of the three main party beaches in Mykonos, Paraga is home to the chic Scorpios beach club and lively SantAnna Mykonos, where you’ll find the largest saltwater pool in Europe. A short walk takes you to relaxed Agia Anna Beach (the first of three beaches in Mykonos called Agia Anna), with a more casual atmosphere and dining. Buses to Mykonos Town’s Fabrika station (but not the water taxi) run regularly from Paraga.

Recommended Paraga Beach Hotels

5. Elia Beach

People swimming at Elia Beach in Mykonos
The longest beach on Mykonos and home to some of the island’s very best resorts. Plenty of space on the sand to spread out a blanket if you prefer not skip renting a sunbed, but only one restaurant here. In high season there are six or seven buses a day from Mykonos Town (Old Port bus station) to Elia. Elia is the easternmost stop along the water taxi route that connects to many southern beaches. Lots of parking here if you have a rental car. Located 11 km southeast of Mykonos Town.

Recommended Elia Beach Hotels

6. Paradise Beach

Beach clubs line Paradise Beach in Mykonos
A young, lively party-beach with many bars spilling out onto the sand, namely Cavo Paradiso, Tropicana, and Paradise Club. Parties begin in the afternoon and carry on until late into the night. Buses go directly from the Fabrika bus station in Mykonos Town to Paradise Beach, and the beach is located along the water-taxi route. Paradise Beach was once the most popular gay beach but leans more straight these days, especially in the low and shoulder seasons, when families tend to take over. Located 6 km south of Mykonos Town.

Recommended Paradise Beach Hotels

7. Super Paradise Beach

Sunbathers, swimmers, and boats on Super Paradise Beach in Mykonos
A small beach with plenty of activity and four beach bars with parties starting in the late afternoons. Probably the most gay-friendly beach on Mykonos; a sunset drag show is held nightly at Jackie O’ Beach Club, overlooking the sea. A private shuttle service runs between the Fabrika station in Mykonos Town and Super Paradise every couple of hours. There are small boats from Platis Gialos and Paradise Beach to Super Paradise Beach, and Super Paradise is located along the water-taxi route. Located 7 km southeast of Mykonos Town.

Recommended Super Paradise Beach Hotels

8. Agios Ioannis Beach

Sunbathers on the public side of Agios Ioannis Beach in Mykonos
A beautiful, quiet (but narrow) sandy beach, with some rock shelves near the shore in some parts. Sunset views face the archaeological site of Delos Island. Two tavernas and beach clubs serve directly to the beach with sunbed/umbrella sets to rent. Direct buses in high season to Mykonos Town’s Fabrika bus station. Located 5 km south of Mykonos Town.

Recommended Agios Ioannis Beach Hotels

9. Agrari Beach

Lifeguard stand on Agrari Beach in Mykonos
The quietest, most secluded of the south coast beaches, plus great sand. There is only one restaurant onsite, belonging to a cute little boutique hotel there. The water taxi stops here, but there is no bus service. The nearest bus stop is at Elia Beach, about a 15-minute walk away. You’ll want a rental car if you stay here. Located 10 km southeast of Mykonos Town.

Recommended Agrari Beach Hotels

10. Megali Ammos Beach

Surf breaking on the rocks at Megali Ammos Beach near Mykonos Town
Nice sand and swimming but can be windy. It’s an easy walk from the Chora. Located 500m south of Mykonos Town.

Recommended Megali Ammos Beach Hotels

11. Lia Beach

Sunbeds and a boat at Lia Beach in Mykonos
Beautiful beach that’s quiet and has great swimming. Also a good snorkeling beach. No public transit. Located 14 km east of Mykonos Town.

Recommended Lia Beach Hotels

12. Fokos Beach

Calm sea view of Fokos Beach in Mykonos
A quiet and secluded beach, rarely busy even in the summer months. Refreshing water with great clarity. There are no tourist facilities here, but there is an amazing taverna just off the beach. The taverna is worth a trip in itself. The few buildings scattered on the hills near the beach are private villas. No public buses come to Fokos – you’ll need to get here by private transportation. Located 13 km northeast of Mykonos Town.

Recommended Fokos Beach Hotels

13. Kalafatis Beach

Tree-lined Kalafatis Beach with sunbeds and umbrellas in Mykonos
Mykonos’ only Blue Flag beach. Kalafatis Beach is located on the coast of a tiny village of the same name. Long enough, wide enough, and remote enough to never get very crowded, even in the peak season. This tree-shaded beach is best known for windsurfing and can get a little wavy. There is a water sport center and scuba diving on the north end of the beach, while the south end is use mostly by swimmers and snorkelers. Travelers with disabilities can make use of the SEATRAC access ramp into the water. Sunbeds and umbrellas are available to rent, thought there’s plenty of open space to spread out your own blanket instead. Restaurants sit at either end of the beach (the best are on the south side).

Recommended Kalafatis Beach Hotels

14. Kalo Livadi Beach

View from above Kalo Livadi Beach in Mykonos
Rapidly developing Kalo Livadi Beach on Mykonos’ south coast has seen several brand new luxury hotels and a couple of beach clubs (namely, Lohan Beach House and Sentu) pop up on its shore and surrounding hills in the past few years. But this broad swathe of sand still offers plenty of space for visitors to spread a blanket and claim. Bus service runs regularly in the high season from the Old Port of Mykonos Town via Ano Mera, but the beach sits just a tad too far east for the water taxi, which helps reduce some of the crowds. Angled slightly to the southeast, Kalo Livadi does see a bit more wind than most other south coast beaches.

Recommended Kalo Livadi Beach Hotels

15. Agios Sostis Beach

View of the sea and Agios Sostis Beach in Mykonos
Remote, uncrowded beach set back in a small cove with golden sand. The water is shallow for a good distance out from shore with calm waters, though its north coast location means it gets windy, especially in the height of summer. Aside from the beach itself, the biggest draw here is Kiki’s Tavern, with a rustic menu and free wine while you wait for a table (they don’t take reservations). There is a second, smaller beach right below the tavern. No bus service this far north; you’ll need a rental car to stay here.

Recommended Agios Sostis Beach Hotels

16. Kapari Beach

Kapari Beach set in a small bay in Mykonos
Once a “secret” beach, word has gotten out about its crisp, sapphire waters, relative seclusion, and sunset views. This is one of only a very few number of totally undeveloped beaches on the island; you’ll find no restaurants, sunbed rentals, or hotels in the immediate vicinity. No bus routes serve Kapari directly, but the Agios Ioannis bus stop is only a 15-minute walk away.

Recommended Kapari Beach Hotels

17. Agios Stefanos Beach

View from above Agios Stefanos Beach and a cruise ship at the New Port in Mykonos
Agios Stefanos is the beach closest to the ferry port at Tourlos, north of Mykonos Town. Angled toward the southwest and set in a natural bay, this sandy beach with shallow water is shielded from the winds. Popular with both couples and families, travelers will find sunbed rentals, casual tavernas, a mini market, fantastic sunsets, and views of the ferries and cruise ships arriving and departing. Frequent bus connections to the Old Port of Mykonos Town and the ferry port (New Port).

Recommended Agios Stefanos Beach Hotels

18. Panormos Beach

Panormos Village Resort overlooks Principote Beach Club on Panormos Beach in Mykonos
Soft golden sand with no rocks make this northern beach a popular spot for swimming, especially when the wind is coming from the south. Two upscale boutique hotels, an excellent restaurant, and a swanky beach club sit at the north end of the beach, but there is still a lot of space on the southern half for setting up on your own patch of sand. At the farthest south end, there is sometimes nude swimming and sunbathing. Currently, there is no bus service connecting to Panormos (there used to be a bus here) and it remains to be seen if it will return. As of now, plan on having your own car to get here.

Recommended Panormos Beach Hotels

19. Old Port Beach

The little beach at the Old Port in Mykonos Town, also called Agia Anna Beach
Also called Agia Anna Beach, the Old Port Beach sits at the north end of Mykonos Town. Not the most tranquil beach on the island, but it is the closest swimming spot for travelers staying in town. The beach has a lifeguard as well as a SEATRAC access ramp for swimmers with disabilities. Restaurants, tavernas, shops, and hotels abound, though there are none directly on the beach and no sunbed/umbrella sets to rent. Close to the bus station at the Old Port and just a 10-minute walk to the Fabrika bus station.

Recommended Old Port Beach Hotels

Mykonos Beach Clubs

Mykonos Water Taxi

The Mykonos Water Taxi runs along the island’s south coast, stopping to pick up and drop off passengers at 7 different beaches along the way from late morning to early evening. The main departure beach for the water taxi is Platis Gialos, easily accessible by bus or taxi. Mykonos Water Taxi fare is 20€ for an all-day, all-beach pass.

Beaches on the Mykonos Water Taxi Route:

OrnosPlatis GialosParagaParadiseSuper ParadiseAgrariElia

Water taxi between the beaches of Mykonos

The water taxi at Ornos Beach. The walk from Platis Gialos Beach to Paradise Beach is great. Use the water taxi to fill in the gaps.

Schedule and prices for water taxi in Mykonos

The schedule can and will change but this should give you a general idea: the water taxi leaves Ornos and travels east to Platis Gialos, Paraga, Paradise, Super Paradise, Argari, and Elia Beaches. It then returns in the opposite direction.

Beach resort with private beach in Mykonos.

The private beach at Petasos Beach Resort & Spa in Platis Gialos, Mykonos.

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  1. Stay in Mykonos late May

    Hello Dave, thanks a lot for all this info! With a friend, we are preparing our stay in Mykonos from May 26th to June 1st. Is it warm enough to swim at this time of year? Which beach do you recommend for this season? And any recommendations for accommodations nearby for below $150 per night?
    Thanks a lot!

    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      Yes, swimming is likely in late May. Air is generally warm by then with water still being a little chilly – but doable. Ornos is a great beach and one of the most protected on the island keeping water just a little warmer than other beaches. Erato Hotel Mykonos is close to the beach and great value for the area (otherwise populated with luxury boutique hotels).

  2. Kensho Psarou in Mykonos

    Hey Dave,

    Awesome guide you are running, really impressive!

    I am staying at Kensho Psarou. What is your recommended shortest walk to Platis Gialos, should be possible in 10 min if you have the right path?

    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      If you walk along the beach it’s less than 10 minutes to Platys Gialos. If you walk inland along the road it’s closer to 20.

  3. Package Holiday to Greece and Italy

    We would like to spend 3 weeks in Greece & Italy. Do you have any suggestions as to how to get a package that provides this, including airfare from the USA.

    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      I recommend buying flights and hotels separately. Package deals can have attractive-looking rates but you get better quality and a more unique experience by booking outside of the package-holiday system. But, in answer to your question, I don’t have any insight on booking package holidays to Italy and Greece.

  4. Kapari Beach

    Hi, your site is extremely helpful! Wanted to just ask about Kapari beach (you’ve only written about nearby Agios Ioannis). Worth the shot? We are looking for a non-commercial option with some seclusion.


    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      If you want quiet and seclusion Kapari is a good choice. It’s a narrow stretch of sand with no amenities but good for swimming and sunsets.

  5. Itinerary for Mykonos

    Hi Dave,

    I am going to Greece with my mom in a couple of weeks (end of September). We have 2 full days in Mykonos and we’re staying pretty close to the Fabrika bus station.

    The first day we fly in, I was thinking we would explore the town (Little Venice, windmills, etc), eat lunch, and then head to a couple of beaches that are a bit farther away but just 1 or 2. What beach do you recommend from Mykonos town that’s special to visit to but easy to get to? Elia?

    We’ll probably do a big beach day with the walking path you suggested to Psarou, Platys Gialos, Paraga, and Paradise the next day. (Maybe Agia Anna too?)

    Let me know what you think when you can. Thanks!

    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      That all sounds like a good plan. Eat at Espuma if you go to Elia Beach.

  6. Mykonos Princess Hotel

    My friend and I are going to Mykonos on Sunday, we are staying at Mykonos princess hotel, we’ve only just realized it’s not close to all the popular attractions. Is it easy getting buses/taxis or is renting a car best to get around?

    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      To get to Mykonos Town you’ll need to walk 5 or 10 minutes to Agios Stefanos Beach (for the local bus) or to the ferry port (for the water taxi). Both are less than 2€. There is also a hotel shuttle bus. But yes, to really see the island renting a car is best.

  7. Mykonos Excursion from Cruise

    Hi Dave, love your website! We are coming to Mykonos in July on a cruise so have a day to look around. Would like to go to the beach for the morning and lunch, then head back to the town to look around and have a drink around the Little Venice area. Concerned about the crowds taking buses, so considering hiring a car and heading out to Lia or Fokos beach. Is that feasible to do in a morning? Are the beaches worth the cost of the rental? Or would we be better just getting the bus to one of the beaches served by public transport? Appreciate your advice, so looking forward to Mykonos and just want to make the most of our (sadly) limited time there. Thanks

    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      You’re right: popular beaches such as Platis Gialos, Paraga, Paradise, Super Paradise and Elia will be crowded. To avoid the crowds, I think it’s a good idea to head out to Lia (30-minute drive); getting out to Fokos (40-minute drive) is trickier to get to by car because the road is rough and more suitable for quad bikes which can carry up to two people, so it depends on how many of you there are. And yes, to head out to the less crowded beaches you’ll need your own wheels. I can also suggest Panormos and Agios Sostis beaches – less crowded than the south coast, and around a 20-minute drive from Mykonos Town.

      Frequent buses and beach shuttles run from the bus station in the heart of Mykonos Town to Platis Gialos, Paraga, Paraga, Super Paradise and Elia beaches, and it’s entirely possible to catch a bus out there, spend the morning and have lunch, and then spend the afternoon in the Little Venice area. Platis Gialos, in particular, has lots of restaurant options (the other beaches have 1-2 dining options apiece. There are also several car rental companies in Mykonos Town, including Asimomitis Mykonos Rent a Car and Autorad Car Rental; if you do decide to rent a car, get in touch with them in advance, since it’ll be peak season and demand will be high. They can arrange to bring your rental car over to the New Port, which is where the cruise ships pull up. However, since you want to spend time in Mykonos Town itself, I have to warn you that parking around there will be a nightmare (unless you drop the car off at the rental place first).

      Basically, both options are doable: either getting a frequent bus to one of the more popular beaches and dealing with crowds, or renting a car (prices start from around 50 Euros a day), going to a less crowded beach, but then dealing with the hassle of parking around Mykonos Town. I hope this helps!

  8. Agios Ioannis or Ornos?

    Hi Dave,

    My husband and I are doing a two week trip of Italy and Greece. We are ending our trip in Mykonos at the beginning of June and have been looking at two different hotels: Bellissimo Resort (Agios Ioannis) and Yanna Luxury Suites (Ornos). We were wondering if you had any comments about the areas?


    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      Agios Ioannis is much quieter with a small beach and a handful of distinct hotels on the hills around the beach area. Ornos is a beach town with a large swimming area and great sand. Many hotels and restaurants on or near the beach. Much more activity.

  9. Mykonos Path Between Beaches

    Hi Dave,

    Your blog is very helpful, thank you! I will be going to mykonos in July and im looking forward to it. There is one day I am concerned about that i have planned out. I want to beach hop and i have mapped out the below beaches in this order:

    -Psarou Beach
    -Platis Gialos Beach
    -Paraga Beach
    -Paradise Beach

    I will be coming from Mykonos Town which is where my hotel is so I figured I would take a bus from the town to Psarou but then when I looked at google maps to walk from beach to beach it looks like the roads there is no direct route and could take an hour to walk from 1 beach to the next. I saw on your blog there is a walking path? Once I saw google maps I thought I would have to rent an ATV to get from beach to beach (which I don’t want to do) but is this path, true? Is it a direct path from Psarou to Paradise? and allows me to stop at all the beaches on the way? If that’s the case I figured I would take the bus to Psarou, walk from beach to beach along the coast on the path, then take the bus paradise back to the town? Please give me a bit more information and let me know the best suggestion for this schedule. I prefer to walk but I dont want it to take an hour to walk from 1 beach to the next. This path could be a life savor so please let me know!

    Thank you!

    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      Yes, there’s a nice path along the beach from Psarou to Paradise (you can also walk to Super Paradise). Take the Platys Gialos bus and get off one stop before the end for Psarou. From Psarou to Platys Gialos is about a 15 minute walk. Platys Gialos to Paraga is about 20 minutes. And from Paraga to Paradise is about 25 minutes. Lots of bars and restaurants along the way. It’s great. Take the bus from Paradise Beach back to Mykonos Town.

  10. Kalafatis Beach / Best Beach for Restaurants and Shopping

    Hello Dave
    We arrive in Mykonos the third week of August on an NCL Cruise. Their beach excursion goes to Kalafatis beach. I’m sure it a nice beach but we really want to see one of the most recommended beaches. We are a family but everyone is over 18. Were not looking for a secluded beach but rather a beach where there’s enough to do and see (restaurants, some shopping).

    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      Kalafatis Beach is beautiful and has nice sand but there’s not much there and it can get very windy (good for wind surfing which is popular there, not so good for relaxing on a sun bed). The most developed beaches are Platys Gialos and Ornos. Both have lots of good places to eat but neither have much shopping. For shopping you need to go to Mykonos Town.

  11. Walking Between Mykonos Beaches

    I have a group of 10 Millennials going to Mykonos in September, and they are pretty fit, and enjoy a good hike. They’ll be staying at Myconian Villa Collection in Elia Beach.
    Can you please tell me about the walking path between the five beaches mentioned in this post? What would be the distance between the first to the fifth, if they walked to all? How long would it take to walk if they didn’t stop and spend time at any of the beaches? I know they will, but I’m just wondering how much time to allow for the walking. Also, where would they get the boat mentioned, if they want to return that way? Thank you in advance. btw, your blog is awesome and very helpful! I am forwarding it to them for their information. Diane Fudge

    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      Walking from Psarou Beach to Paradise Beach (for example) would take less than 90 minutes and is pretty easy with good path. Getting to the next beach (Super Paradise) is trickier and probably not worth the effort unless really into hiking the coast. A boat runs between all these beaches and you can take it in either direction though it can be cancelled due to rough seas (in which case you’d take the bus).

  12. Location of Bill Coo Suites on Mykonos

    Hi Dave,

    My husband and I are visiting Mykonos at the end of May and are staying at the Bill & Coo Suites and Lounge near Mykonos Town. After booking, we noticed that most of the popular beaches aren’t on our side of Mykonos. We will be there for 4 nights/5 days. Do you think we should rent a car to get to these places for convenience sake? Or will the taxi/bus system in Mykonos suffice? Or should we rent a car just for a couple days? We would love to know your thoughts and expertise on the subject. Also, if you do suggest that we rent a car, will that be easy to do once we get there or should we book in advance? Are all places reputable or should we be looking for a specific company? Sorry for the spit-fire of questions! Christine

    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      The beaches are not within walking distance of Bill & Coo but not far either (I wouldn’t say they’re on the opposite side). The bus from Mykonos Town to the best beaches goes very close to the hotel so you wouldn’t need (or want) a car for beach access. The hotel also has a free shuttle to town, beaches, airport, and ferry port. I never like to depend on these (regardless of the hotel) because they can easily have scheduled pickups from the port and then the airport that can block off 90 minutes in the middle of the day. Best to form your own plan to get around and if the shuttle bus is waiting outside the hotel for you then all the better. Renting a car for one day to explore the farther coasts and the interior is a good plan but a car isn’t necessary for beaches or Mykonos Town. If you do rent it will be fine to find something after you arrive (no need to book in advance). All rental companies are semi-reputable and feel questionable until the moment you return the car and everything has turned out fine.

  13. Stay in Mykonos Town or at the Beach

    Hi Dave,

    I’m glad I ran across your site. I’m looking to stay in Mykonos this July with a couple girlfriends. We are interested in the beaches and the nightlife. Should we be staying in Mykonos Town or somewhere more beach front? I’ve contacted a few sites for Greece vacations and the hotels they offer are all over the island of Mykonos.

    Need some guidance.

    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      There are big dance/dj parties at the beach but most of the nightlife in bars/clubs is in Mykonos Town. I personally like staying in town, going to the beach through the day, then back to town and go out. Mykonos Town is magical at night.

  14. Mykonos Princess, Rocabella Mykonos, or Tharroe of Mykonos

    Dear Dave

    Thank you for the wonderful website – I have been scribbling down all of your recommendations which are so useful! Could I trouble you for your views on hotels? My fiancé and I are attending a wedding the first week of September at Alemagou on Ftelia Beach. We will be staying for 6 nights on the island. We were looking at the following hotels:

    1. Mykonos Princess Hotel
    2. Rocabella Mykonos
    3. Tharroe of Mykonos

    We would be most grateful for your comments on the above. I am unsure if we would rent a car, but would of course want to visit beaches and Mykonos Town.

    Many thanks for your assistance


    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      Rocabella is the most luxurious of those 3 hotels but it (along with the Mykonos Princess) are a long way from anything and very isolated. Tharroe has a better location closer to Mykonos Town (walking distance for the active) and the beaches. On the map the Princess and Rocabella might look closer to Ftelia Beach but you’d need a rental car staying out there and there’s little difference in drive time from all the hotels.

  15. Beach or Town

    Hi Dave,

    My husband and I are debating on staying in Mykonos by Platis Gialos or in the town. Is it easy to find beach access if you are not staying at one of the beach resorts? Are all beaches in Mykonos public? Is transportation to town frequent and easy to get if we stay at the beach?

    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      Yes, all beaches are public and thus accessing the beach is never a problem regardless of where you stay. Buses into town are frequent.

  16. Which Islands in Early May

    Hi Dave, thanks for this great article!
    My girlfriend and I are planning to visit Mykonos and Santorini next May. How many days do you think we should stay each place? We are probably arriving between 1-10 May, and I heard that is a bit early for Mykonos (talking about hotels, services, restaurants, etc)…is that true?

    Would you recommend any other island to visit? We are looking for nice views and relax.
    Thanks a lot!!

    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      Mykonos will still be quietish in early May but so will every island except Santorini. Naxos has more to do when it’s not beach weather. Both islands will have plenty open in terms of restaurants and hotels. Mykonos will have some bars revving up but no huge parties.

  17. Mykonos and Santorini in November

    Hi Dave!
    Very helpful website! Great job!
    My husband and I are flying to Greece tomorrow to spend 3 nights in Athens and then 6 nights in Santorini (staying in Fira). We are also considering Mykonos November 20-24. We are concerned the weather will really limit the activites on the island. Because this will definitely be into the low season, do you think it is worth it to stay in Mykonos or should we save this island for another trip with warmer weather?


    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      Mykonos will be very quiet so I’d stick to Santorini and Athens (and do a night or two in Naxos if you want another island). Mykonos will be too quiet and it’s not connected by ferry to Santorini in the off season.

  18. Location of Mykonos Blu Hotel

    Is Mykonos Blu directly on the beach? How far is it to walk to Platys Gialos beach? Are there many restaurants near Blu?

    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      Mykonos Blu is just up from Psarou beach. So, yes, it’s basically on the beach but you do have to go up a path and some stairs to get to the pool and then up a little more to get to most of the rooms. Psarou beach and the pool are on the backside of the hotel. If you go out the front to the main road and turn left you’ll get to Platys Gialos beach in about 5 minutes – it’s a very short walk. Here you’ll find a market and many more restaurants.

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