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Updated: January 24, 2023
By Santorini Dave

Best beach resort in Ios.

The fantastic Calilo Hotel is the best beach resort on Ios. Stunning!

Ios Hotels – Best Places to Stay

  • Ios does not have the luxury hotels that Santorini or Mykonos have. But there are still some very nice places to stay here.
  • Where to Stay in Ios? Most visitors stay near the port (handy for the ferry but an uphill walk to the main town and a bus ride to the beach), the Chora (great for nightlife and restaurants, bus to beach), or Mylopotas Beach (one of the best beaches in Greece with a handful of good restaurants).
  • Best Hotel near the Ios ferry port: Yialos Ios Hotel – A 2-minute walk to the ferry port and 15 minute walk (uphill) to the restaurants and nightlife of the Chora.
  • Best Cheap Hotels in Ios: Avra Pension (close to ferry) • Sunrise Hotel (in the Chora, close to nightlife)
  • Ios has incredible beaches. Mylopotas and Manganari are the two best.
  • Ios is known for its nightlife (and it’s great) but if you want to avoid the parties and just have a relaxing visit that’s easy to do too.
  • If you visit Santorini but then feel you’ve missed out on the idyllic Greek beaches you’ve been dreaming about then a visit to Ios is a great choice. The 2 islands complement each other perfectly and are only 50 minutes apart by Greek ferry.
  • Ios has great local food and restaurants. Some of the best places I’ve eaten at on the Greek islands have been in Ios.
  • The 2 best restaurants on Ios are Ammos (Chora) and Salt (Mylopotas Beach). The best nightclub in Ios is Traffic (Chora) – it starts getting busy at 11pm.

The Best Hotels on Ios

Calilo Hotel

A private luxury resort with spacious suites cascading down the surrounding hillside, great for both romantic stays and families. The hotel has perhaps the largest pool of any hotel in the Cyclades, surrounded by sunken tables and a terrific bar and restaurant. A gorgeous, exclusive beach featuring giant platform sun beds is the highlight.

The Best Hotel on Mylopotas Beach

Best beach in Ios.

Beautiful Mylopotas is the best beach on Ios. The pool at the Ios Palace Hotel is visible in the middle of the photo, near the end of the beach.

Ios Palace – Mylopotas Beach

This is a great hotel set directly on Mylopotas Beach, one of Greece’s best beaches. The hotel has 3 pools, a very good restaurant, and pool bar that overlooks the beach. The main town on Ios (The Chora) is a short 5 minute bus ride or a steep 20 minute walk – and there you’ll find a beautiful traditional Greek village, with some great restaurants, and a very active nightlife. Hotel phone: + 30 22860 92000

Mylopotas Beach in Ios.

Mylopotas Beach. Ios Palace Hotel is off photo to the left.

Ios public bus to Chora and ferry port.

The bus runs regularly between Mylopotas Beach (pictured here), Chora, and the port. There is always lots of room for luggage. The Ios Palace Hotel is visible to right of the bus.

Best Hotels near Chora

Staying in the Ios Chora.

The charming hilltop Chora is filled with restaurants, nightlife, and local shops.

Yialos Ios Hotel

Very nice family-run hotel close to both the ferry port and the restaurants and nightlife of Chora. Triple and quadruple rooms are good for families. There’s a good beach nearby. It’s a 15-minute walk (or short bus ride) to the heart of Chora.

Agalia Luxury Suites – Chora

A luxurious hotel in a semi-secluded area. The port is 1 mile away and the Chora about 2.5 miles. Two very good (and quiet) beaches are within walking distance. 4 of the 14 suites have private pools. The two and three-bedroom villas are awesome for families and small groups.

Two More Good Hotels

If the above are sold out then these are both good choices.

Liostasi Hotel & Spa – Chora

Best Hotels in Ios Iliostasi Luxury Hotel Spa
Great hotel within an easy walk of the Chora’s nightlife and restaurants. Buses run regularly to Mylopotas beach. Rooms are simply decorated but large and relaxing.

Levantes Boutique Hotel – Mylopotas Beach

Best Hotels in Ios – Levantes Boutique Hotel
A very nice hotel with an elegant pool and great views from its perch on the hill. The only caveat here is that’s it’s a steep walk down to Mylopotas Beach or into the Chora (less steep but longer). If you stay here you’ll probably be taking the bus a fair bit.

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  1. Best Beach on Ios

    Hello Dave: Your info is so helpful. I will be returning to Santorini 3rd week in May. For a new adventure, interested in a day trip to IOS. Will be staying in Oia. Where does the ferry leave from on Santorini? Which beautiful, secluded or magical beach would you recommend on IOS? Thank you very much, Elizabeth

    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      Mylopotas is my favorite beach on Ios. Great sand and swimming and several good tavernas. It’s a 15 minute bus ride from the ferry port in Ios. Manganari is another one but it takes far longer to get to and with having to get your return ferry probably too much and too far to make work. As for getting to Ios, you’ll get the ferry from the main port which is about a 30 minute taxi ride (or two bus rides) from Oia.

  2. Ios and Santorini in July


    I really appreciate all the detailed info and images on your site. It has really helped with our trip planning and bookings this coming summer in July. We are starting in Athens for a few days, then a private two day trip to Delphi & Meteora, then Ios for two nights (Ios Palace), and ending in Santorini. We can fly out to Munich directly from there, as it worked out. Quick questions– I think there is a direct Blue Star Ferry from Pireus to Ios. Is that right?
    Is there a Blue Star Ferry line from Ios to Santorini? Or which ferry company do you recommend between the two islands? What are the expected times in mid-July? How windy is it at Mylopotas Beach in mid-July? Like Mykonos or more sheltered there?
    And I hear the Santorini Airport is chaotic and crowded. If we are flying out on a Saturday night, around 7:30 pm, how early should we get there, and do you have any suggestions to deal with the crowds in those disorganized line there?
    If we print out boarding passes in advance (for a Lufthansa Flight) can we skip the lines?
    Please advise if you have time. Appreciate it!
    Andrew Daniel

    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      The ferry schedule is not out yet, but there will be several ferries from Piraeus to Ios in July (one of which will be the slower but more stable Blue Star). There will also be several ferries from Ios to Santorini (though not every day has a Blue Star). No hurry to buy tickets – you’re even fine to buy them when you first arrive in Greece. Mylopotas is one of the most protected beaches in the Cyclades and should be fine for wind (but, of course, you never know for sure). Yes, the Santorini airport is a little crazy – print tickets in advance or have boarding pass on your phone. Check in online and you can skip the lines (as long as you don’t have to check bags).

  3. Naxos, Paros, or Ios this Summer

    Hi Dave, really enjoyed viewing your website, great information. We have booked flights to Santorini for end of August for 14 nights, and are planning to do maybe 4 nights in Santorini with caldera view, then going over to one of the other nearby islands, we are a family of 2 adults and 2 young adults (18 & 21) looking for fishing/watersports, good quality restaurants, and lively nightlife, not too far away but not in the middle of it, for the boys when needed. Considering Ios palace, but not sure if we should be looking at Naxos or Paros. How do the 3 compare price-wise for eating out etc, would really appreciate your comments.

    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      The costs on the islands are pretty similar. Naxos and Paros might have a few more local restaurants that are less expensive, but for the most part all of these islands are the same – and cheap when compared with Santorini or Mykonos. Naxos and Paros have far more to do than Ios, so 10 days on Ios would probably be too much. With 10 days you could easily do all 3 islands: 3 days on Paros, 4 days on Naxos, and 3 days on Ios. Or maybe just Naxos (my favorite of the 3) and Ios. Ios has the most nightlife by far. Paros has some places to go out too. Naxos has almost no nightlife – but a great evening dining scene. Both Paros and Naxos are great for windsurfing.

  4. Hotels in Crete, Santorini, and Ios

    Hi Dave!
    WOW! I’d be lost without your site, THANK YOU! My boyfriend are doing a spontaneous trip this August and have been very lucky getting rooms booked! We are flying straight to Crete and staying at Blue Palace (4th night free, couldn’t pass on that!) So Aug 15-19 Blue Palace in Elounda. I’m not one for resorts, but we got a great deal and after flying for a day, some luxury would be nice! However, I’m looking for the luxury boutique feel with view and private pool outside in Crete for a night or two. Going crazy on Booking.com and they don’t have a way to compare hotels on my lists (I haven’t found it if there is!)

    We plan to spend the 27th in Athens and fly out the 28th! We are beach bums that like unique, luxury, warm local feel kind of places, avoiding touristy areas, but access to good, local food and quiet, scenic beaches.Any recommendation on filling the 19-26th with the 100s of choices? Tentatively I have:
    Aug 15-19 Blue Palace-Crete
    Aug 19-21 Another area of Crete
    Aug 21-23/24? Santorini
    Aug 23/24-26 Ios/Kefalonia/Leykada?

    Also, is it necessary to splurge in Santorini? There are so many options with suites with pools for great prices, but I don’t want to compromise view/quality/overall feeling to save a little. Any recommendation between Imerovigli and Oia for Santorini?

    Please help me! My eyeballs and brain are killing me! Everything looks amazing!

    Thank you so much for your time and THANK YOU FOR DOING WHAT YOU DO! We travel a lot so I will be on your site often! Thank you!


    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      If you’re going to stay in Crete for two more days then make it Chania. In Santorini the caldera towns are best and Imerovigli is my favorite. Ios has great beaches so that’s good way to end your island time. Kefalonia and Lefkada are a long way from Crete and Santorini so should be left for a different trip.

  5. Ios with KIds

    Hi Santorini Dave,
    After three nights on Naxos, we are staying at Ios Palace for three nights in July with our two kids ( ages 9 and 11). Is Ios inappropriate for children? Do you think we will hear house music all night long? The beaches look amazing and we want to try it, but not if it is going to be like Mtv Spring break. Our option is Mykonos or Paros. Any guidance is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    Ann Adams

    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      Ios is wonderful and the Ios Palace is a great hotel. The partying occurs in town (the Chora) and doesn’t start until late (so even town is great to wander around until 10/11pm). The party scene is easy to avoid if you want to.

  6. Relux Hotel on Ios

    Could you tell me anything about Relux hotel? Is it in busy area because it’s by a port or the walk to town bad? Is Ios a good island to go if we are planning on Santorini after? We are in late 30’s and not planning on going for partying but because it looks beautiful and not as congested as Mykonos. Isis

    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      It’s back from the port a block so not busy or noisy (and the port is pretty calm in any case). The chora is a good climb up the steps (15 minutes) or take a bus (5 minutes). Ios is great if you want beaches and yes, it’s a good combo with Santorini (and they’re so close the ferry ride is very quick). Personally, I would stay at Mylopotas beach but Relux is still a fine choice.

      1. Isis

        Thank you for your response! We were able to get a suite at Liostasi hotel. The views and pool look amazing there. I’m hoping that we will be able to walk the Chora during the day and enjoy the town a little– going the first week in August though– everything I’ve read says that the town is calm during the day. Is that really the case in August? Certain beaches have the parties during day then Chora parties at night? We wouldn’t be in town past dinner time (or after a drink or 2) then we can just hang out at our hotel… We are only staying 3 nights. We plan to rent a jeep and explore the island– I have my camera ready! I’m hoping there is enough to do there– my husband isn’t one to just hang out at the beach or party all night. I’m hoping to enjoy the other, calmer and beautiful side of Ios — do you think that’s actually possible at that time of year?

        1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

          Yes, the Chora is quiet through the day and great to explore. The parties start pretty late – my kids and I wander through the town until 10pm without any issue at all. And the beach atmosphere is nothing like Mykonos. Ios is beautiful, I’m sure you’ll enjoy.

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