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Updated: February 17, 2018

Paros Hotels – Tips and Recommendations

  • is the best website for booking hotels on Paros.
  • Paros is a beautiful island only 2 hours by ferry from both Santorini and Mykonos. Great beaches, a lively nightlife, wonderful white washed towns. Paros is one of my favorite islands in Greece.
  • Parikia (where the ferry arrives) and Naoussa are 2 charming towns with loads of restaurants, lots of nightlife, and several wonderful nearby beaches. Both are great for wandering, shopping, eating, and evening strolls. Parikia has more shopping. Naoussa has a trendier vibe and better restaurants.
  • The best restaurants on Paros are Franca Scala (Parikia) and Taverna Glafkos (Naoussa).
  • Hotel owners regularly greet arriving ferries in large numbers. If you haven’t booked in advance this is an easy way to find cheap accommodations. (Tip: If they say their hotel is “very close” then offer to walk there with them instead of hopping in their vehicle. That way you’re sure it really is close to the action around the port.)
  • The best beaches on Paros are Kolymbithres, Golden Beach, Santa Maria, and Faraga Beach. Most beaches are easy to get to by bus but renting a car does allow you to see more of the island in a short amount of time.
  • Antiparos is a great day trip from Paros. Wonderful beaches, food, and small family-owned hotels. Boats leave about every hour through the early morning and afternoon from the Parikia port. The last boat back to Paros is at 7pm. Statheros is the best restaurant on Antiparos and worth the trip over by itself – great traditional Greek food and located steps from where the boats from Paros arrive.

The 11 Best Hotels in Paros

1. Kallisti Rooms and Apartments – Naoussa

Best Romantic Hotel near Naoussa: Kallisti
Gorgeous hotel a 5 minute walk from Naoussa’s restaurants and bars. Large rooms and a wonderful pool. This is the best hotel in Naoussa. Hotel phone: +30 2284-052219

2. Kanale’s – Naoussa

Best mid-range hotel in Paros: Kanales
A superb luxury hotel in the funky and friendly Naoussa. The penthouse suites are truly awesome. There’s a beautiful pool and small beach nearby. Hotel phone: +30 22840-52044

3. Lilly Residence – Naoussa

Best Hotel with no kids in Paros: Lilly Residence
An adults-only boutique hotel that’s simple, clean, modern, and quiet. There’s a nice pool. 100m from a beautiful sandy beach and a short walk to restaurants, shops, and clubs of hip Naoussa. Hotel phone: +30 22840-51377

4. Paliomylos Spa Hotel – Naoussa

The best hotel in Naoussa: Paliomylos
Great location and a fun relaxing vibe. Staff and owners are super friendly. Many restaurants within a short walk. Hotel phone: +30 2284-051151

5. Hotel Senia – Naoussa

The best hotel in Naoussa: Senia
Great view and amazing breakfasts. Short walk into town. The Family Apartments are large and comfortably sleep 4 or 5. Hotel phone: +30 2284-051700

6. Astir of Paros – near Naoussa

Best Hotel Swimming Pool in Paros: Astir Resort
Nice suites, huge pool, located on a beautiful private beach (close to Naoussa but not walking distance). Amazing breakfasts. There’s a kids’ pool and the hotel is popular with families but it’s large enough to never seem busy. Hotel phone: +30 22840-51976

7. Akrotiri Hotel – near Parikia

Best Honeymoon Hotel in Paros: Akrotiri
Wonderful hotel with great views of port and bay. Not located right in Parikia so it’s a longish walk or short drive to shops and restaurants. Large family rooms are 2 interconnected rooms. Hotel phone: +30 2284-022261

8. Polos Hotel – Parikia

Best Hotel Pool in Parikia: Polos Hotel
Good mid-range hotel with a huge pool (and pool bar). Easy walk to beach, many restaurants, and central Parikia. Great value. Hotel phone: +30 2284-022173

9. Argonauta Hotel – Parikia

Best Boutique Hotel in Parikia, Paros: Argonauta
Family-run hotel in the heart of Parikia and walking distance to the ferry port. Good value rooms with small balconies. Nice breakfasts. Hotel phone: +30 2284 021440

10. Captain Manolis Hotel – Parikia

Best Budget Hotel in Paros: Captain Manolis
Triples and quadruples are great budget rooms for families. Nice garden courtyard, rooms have balconies or patios, very central location. This is a great cheap Paros hotel.
Hotel phone: +30 22840 21244

11. Yria Island Boutique Hotel & Spa – Parasporos Beach

Best Quiet and Secluded Resort in Paros: Yria
Huge pool with lots of sun loungers. 5 minute walk to a great beach with 2 friendly tavernas. The 2-floor Maisonettes sleep 4 and are great for families. The resort is a 5 minute drive from Parikia but if you don’t have a rental car you might feel a little isolated here. Hotel phone: +30 22840 24154

Villas and Apartments in Paros

Villa with kitchen in Paros near Beach.

The Ambassador Sea Side Villas near Santa Maria beach and Naousa.

Apartment rentals for families or groups in Paros. All units have kitchens or kitchenettes. Most have washer/dryer.

Paros Beaches

Paros Best Beaches near Hotel

Paros has many great beaches. Many are along the north coast of the island and a short bus ride from Parikia or Naoussa. But they can sometimes be quite windy. If you want a protected beach then go to Faraga Beach (pictured above) along the south coast of Paros. A fun day trip from Paros is to take a small ferry from Parikia or Pounta to Antiparos, which has a number of wonderful beaches.

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67 Questions and Comments

  1. Greek Islands in May

    Hi Dave, I love your website.

    I am planning to book a trip to Greece for 25May – 05June (Athens-Mykonos-Paros-Santorini).
    Will everything on the islands be open and busy enough for a good atmosphere during those dates?

    Thanks for your help,

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Hotels + Travel

      Will everything be open? Yes. Busy? Paros will still be quiet but far from dead. Santorini will have a busy feel and a nice atmosphere if you like a little buzz.

  2. Paros Holiday

    Hi Dave, My family of 5 is traveling to Paros on July 17-23. I would like to stay close to either Parikia or Naousa. I was looking at the Paros Palace in Parikia and wanted to get your opinion. I would like a nicer hotel with pool, close to beach and town. We are thinking about renting a car. What are your suggestions and thoughts?

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Hotels + Travel

      Of the two places Naousa is the more touristy resort and is probably favoured over Parikia. Parikia is the port and tends to be a busier, more commercially bustling place, but that said it is still a pleasant enough place to hang around in. Parikia has a longish waterfront full of cafés and restaurants that segues into the beach scene at the eastern end of the waterfront. That continues on round the bay until you are directly opposite Parikia itself. Other than when the boats are arriving or leaving, Parikia has a pleasant relaxed feel about it and is fine for a base. There is a very pleasant pedestrian street running parallel to the waterfront that makes for relaxing evening strolls while looking at the shops.

      Naousa is a former fishing village so it has a picturesque little fishing port and caïques plus hundreds of shops, cafés and restaurants. It can get asphyxiatingly busy in full Summer, but it is unquestionably atmospheric and bustling at all times. There is only a little beach on the west side (as you arrive from Parikia) so you have to drive, or bus it to a beach to have a swim. Fortunately, some very good beaches are within 10-15 minutes driving of Naousa.

      Which is better for a family of five? Seriously, either or the other. If you are going to hire a car – and that is a good idea and you are probably better off in Parikia for parking. Naousa’s public carpark can be hard to find a spot in when it is busy. You might consider basing yourselves in a hotel such as Blue Mare Villas just out of Naousa where you have not only a relaxing hotel with pool and shaded areas but easy parking and generally easy access to both Parikia and Naousa and the nearby beaches. Note that for a family of five you will need a larger car naturally, as the default cars tend to be pretty small. July is also busy so any bookings should be made well in advance especially if you plan to fly to/from Paros.

  3. Paros Vacation

    Hi Dave,

    Hoping to get your opinion. I’m Greek – have been to Paros before but hardly remember it (was young!). Now that I’m older and want to bring my family of five – 2 adults and kids 14, 13, and 9, I don’t know where to stay. Have been to Naxos (LOVE!), Santorini and Mykonos (awesome but a touch too touristy), I am looking for a Naxos-like experience in Paros. Also, we need walking distance since we won’t have a car. Ideally, we would love a nice hotel with beach in front walking distance to restaurants and nightlife, or at least an easy bus ride like in Naxos. also wanted to mention that we love an urban vibe and would love suggestions of a beach club (appropriate for families) if one exists. Thoughts?

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Hotels + Travel

      Let’s start from the principle that you want to walk (mainly). The first location that comes to mind is Parikia – the port and ‘capital’. The main reason is because you can have a better choice of beach life, combined with restaurants and nightlife. The urban vibe you refer to exists here too and you can probably find a decent hotel within striking distance of the beach: the Argonauta Hotel comes to mind – a friendly, family hotel in the middle of Parikia. The beach scene stretches eastwards then curves around the bay as far as Marcello beach that you can walk to, or take a shuttle boat across the bay. Along here you will find various beach bar/clubs where you can hang out all day with the family. You won’t need a car to do all of the above.

      Naousa is the other option, but to do yourselves justice you will need a car, or you might be able to get by with buses or taxis in order to get to the outlying beaches. Naousa itself has only one small beach (Piperi) while the better beaches are within a 10-20-minute taxi ride at Kolymvythres, Monastiri (north of Naousa) or Santa Maria and Mikri Santa Maria to the east. Being of Greek descent, you will probably enjoy Parikia better: Naousa is touristy and can get very busy and crowded. Parikia is just that bit more Greek.

      Finally, the round-island bus service is actually quite good so with a bit of planning you can get yourselves down to the south coast beach scene centred around Chrysi Ammos or, a little nearer, to the actually quite pleasant port with a beach at Piso Livadi from where you can take a highly-recommended day cruise to remote beaches on Naxos and the Koufonisia.

  4. Naoussa Hotel with Pool Bar

    Hi Dave –

    My fiancé and I are traveling to Paros next June for our honeymoon before moving on to Santorini. We wanted to stay in or near Naoussa at a hotel with a great pool and pool bar. Which hotel would you recommend? Thanks! Kathryn

  5. Should We Rent a Car for Paros?

    Hi Dave,

    I just booked a 2 night stay at the Kallisti on Paros. Thanks for the recommendation! Should we plan to reserve a rental car for this trip to Paros as well as our 2 nights on Santorini?

    Many thanks,

    Rebecca McLean

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Hotels + Travel

      With just two nights you could easily fill your time with walking around the main towns and doing short (bus-friendly) trips, so a rental car is far from mandatory. That said, you will be able to get out and see different parts of both islands with a car (that you otherwise wouldn’t).

  6. Best Town for Girls in 30s

    Hi Dave!
    I’m coming to Paros with some friends (we’re all early 30 females) and we’re trying to decide which town to stay in and which hotel. Really want a place with an amazing pool, infinity ideally, but want to be able to walk to restaurants/bars (not renting a car). We are not looking for the club scene but would love great local/dive bars with live music or a fun crowd. Between Naossa and Parikia what do you recommend? We’re only in Paros 3 nights. I was thinking Parikia originally since I thought that was where there was nightlife but Hotel Senia and Naossa kept popping up on my searches.
    Thank you!!

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Hotels + Travel

      I’d go with Parikia as it has more of the vibe you’re looking for. No dive bars in Paros but there are a few places in Parikia with live music.

  7. Katerina Mare or Kallisti in Paros for Family

    For a 3 days visit in Naoussa in July (adults and teens), would you choose Katerina Mare or Kallisti rooms and apartments?

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Hotels + Travel

      Both are great. Kallisti maybe a little more luxurious while Katerina has a nicer location (though both are still an easy walk to central Naoussa).

  8. Margarita Studios Ambelas

    Just realised that there are a few Margarita hotels. I have been looking at Margarita Studios Ambelas. Is it too far out of the main town?
    Sue Miller

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Hotels + Travel

      Great hotel in a sleepy little fishing village with beaches within walking distance. Naoussa is a 5 minute drive away and Parikia (the ferry port) about 15. There are just a handful of buses to Ambelas every day so renting a car is usually a good idea if you want to explore the island.

  9. Family Suite for Family of 5 and 6

    Firstly great website!
    We are planning to visit the Greek islands but are a little confused where to stay! We were thinking of Naoussa.
    We plan to travel in aug 2017 – two families comprising of family 1
    2 adults & 2 children (ages 18 & 14)
    Family 2
    2 adults & 4 children (ages 18, 16, 15 & 11)
    Features we are looking for are:
    At least two bathrooms for each family
    Preferably no sofa beds & 2 bedroom for family 1 & 3 bedrooms for family 2
    A great pool
    Close to shops/restaurants etc as we do not want to hire a car/scooter.
    but also walking distance to a good not windy sandy beach (no rocks) hehehe are we asking for too much!!
    Budget approx $2500-$3000 AUSD for 7 nights
    Appreciate your feedback as looking for accommodation can be a little overwhelming as there is so much to choose from! Looking forward to your response.

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Hotels + Travel

      Possible hotels: Hotel Senia in Naousa, Eri Hotel near Parikia, and To Kyma in Drios (beach). None have exactly what you’re looking for – but you’ll need to compromise on several things so just have to decide what.

  10. Good Family Hotels in Naxos and Paros

    We are coming to Santorini in June next year for a wedding. We are a family of 2 adults and 4 children. Our oldest child will be 18 (an adult I guess) and our other 3 children will be 3,6 and 8. We have 2 nights prior to Santorini and 3 nights after. I was thinking of spending the 2 nights prior in Paros and the 3 nights after in Naxos (as it looks more family friendly). I am quite keen on the Nissaki Beach Hotel or Naxos Royal. Our kids like space as they are very active boys so being on or close to the beach would be great. What would you suggest for kids?
    I am not so sure where to stay in Paros though. I was thinking as we are only there for 2 nights we should be close to the town and preferably on the beach again?
    Also do you know the ferry timetable for June next year? When I look at blue star ferries they haven’t got their summer timetable available yet? Do they have more than 1 scheduled ferry departure time between these islands in June?

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Hotels + Travel

      The Naxos (Royal) Resort is a better choice for a family with 4 kids. The pool is larger (though it’s not right on the beach like the Nissaki). In Paros (with only 2 nights) I would stay in Parikia. Do a day trip to Antiparos if your kids like boat rides and you’re looking for great beaches. There will be at least one ferry every day between Naxos and Paros in June but probably more.

  11. Paros or Naxos

    Hi Dave,
    Your sites are amazing and such a great resource, especially for places to stay. I had a quick itinerary question for you. My fiancé and I are planning our honeymoon to the Athens and the Greek Isles for August of next summer (2017). We are planning on flying into Athens on the 2nd and flying back out of Athens on the 15th. I have come across a number of different schedules but the one that I have found that I think I like the best so far starts in Santorini, then to Naxos, Paros, Mykonos and then back to Athens. Do you think that this trip is doable within that timeframe? If we had to nix one of the islands in the middle is there one that is preferable to the other (Naxos vs. Paros)? Any help would be more than greatly appreciated!!

    Matthew McMahon

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Hotels + Travel

      That sounds perfect. If possible fly directly to Santorini from Athens (without going into the city) and save your time in Athens for the end. Choose Paros if you want nightlife and trendy restaurants. Choose Naxos if you want beautiful beaches and low-key (and a little more traditional) dining. Paros has nice beaches too but not so many nor so idyllic.

  12. Itinerary for Greece in June

    Hi Dave,

    I am planning a trip to Greece in June 2017 (family of 5). Does this itinerary seem too much? Fly into Athens – Immediately fly to Crete (4 nights), Santorini (2 nights), Paros (3 nights) and then Athens 2 night?


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Hotels + Travel

      It’s busy but doable. Ferry connections for this route should be easy and a great decision to fly directly to Crete (the longest leg of your Greek travels) and, at the same time, save Athens for the end. Sounds like fun.

  13. Senia or Lilly on Paros

    Hi Dave,

    Great Website. I am ‘honeymooning’ next year and I am arranging it for my wife to be. I love the look of Senia and the suites look exceptional for the price. However the Lilly also looks great, but the suites are more expensive.

    Is the Senia very family orientated? Would you suggest going half board? What would your advice be out of the two for a honeymoon?

    Many thanks,


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Hotels + Travel

      There’s not a lot to choose between the two. Both are in ever-so-busy and trendy Naousa – one on the west side (Senia) and one on the east side (Lilly) and both within walking distance of the action. For a honeymoon destination a lot will depend on your individual preferences and, to a not unreasonable degree, your budget. Both score pretty high on consumer satisfaction stakes and with little difference between them and both show up as popular couples hotels.

      The infinity pool at Senia may be the clincher when it comes to the romance stakes, but if you really want a hotel with no kids around then Lilly might be your choice. Both hotels offer similar packages of breakfast and general amenities and – if it’s important on your honeymoon free wi-fi. You can be assured of high standards of comfort and Paros is undoubtedly a good choice for a honeymoon island as it does have a certain atmosphere and the winding backstreets of Naousa are what postcards are made of.

      You don’t mention, however, when you will travel to Paros and this can play a large role in the overall satisfaction stakes. You should be aware that the month of 20 July to 20 August is peak season in Paros and in Greece in general and travel and cost of things can be at their most testing. Naousa on a typical early August evening can be sardine city and may not be what you were hoping for. Your hotels prices will also be at a premium. Good times to honeymoon are mid-June to mid-July or September.

  14. Great Hotel on Paros

    Hi Dave, what a great website, thanks for all the help you give.

    Looking to stay at Hotel Grotta on Naxos, in April/May plans not finalized yet, Would you be able to recommend at place to stay on Paros that would be very similar in value and excellence to Hotel Grotta?

    Wendy Pickering

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Hotels + Travel

      Hotel Senia has a special feel.

  15. Parikia or Naoussa?

    Hi Santorini Dave,

    I am a 20 year old female travelling to Paros in early August with a friend, we’re looking to relax a little during the day, but also be around the nightlife as well and we are looking for a picturesque hotel with a rustic aesthetic, but still relatively clean/modern. Just wondering whether you would recommend Parika or Naoussa to stay, and if you have any suggestions as to where to actually stay.


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Hotels + Travel

      Both are great towns. Parikia has more budget/moderate hotels that are good value. Hotels in Naoussa are (generally) nicer, more charming, and more expensive. Both towns have good nightlife but Parikia has a younger crowd, if that matters.

  16. Paros/Antiparos in July

    First thank you for all the fantastic information. We are trying to book a small hotel (ideally with a pool) and near a nice beach and sea view in Paros. Ideally we don’t want to rent a car. Going for 6 nights in July. We are thinking of the Saint George near Golden Beach but being a windsurfer’s beach, it might not be ideal with a child (10 year old) or a hotel in Piso Livadi. Would it be easy to travel by bus to Naoussa and other places? Or do we definitely need a car? I also read good things about Aliki and Drios. Wondering if they would be good options for a nice quiet beach area to stay, but accessible bus to town for dinner or a visit. Otherwise I read some of your comments about Antiparos. It might actually fit the bill. Any accommodation recommendations. It’s our first visit in Greece, and we will be spending a week in Andros…. then 6 nights in Paros, or Antiparos.


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Hotels + Travel

      The good news is that there is an island bus service on Paros and you can find all details at the KTEL website, but don’t get too enthused: the buses are designed for the Parians’ commercial and personal needs, not for ferrying travellers to and from dinner from Naousa back to distant beaches. While you express a reluctance not to have a car, you will be better served if you have one – especially if you stay outside of the main centres of Parikia and Naousa. Distances are not huge, so having a little four-wheeled runaround is a sound investment.

      Chrysi Akti or Golden Beach is an everyone’s beach. Windsurfers do their stuff off-shore and bathers swim and wallow onshore. The two keep their distances. It is a truly magnificent beach. The Saint George Hotel you mention is a fine enough choice for a good quality hotel. It wears four stars and is close enough to what is arguably Paros’ finest beach – Golden Beach – it is not on Golden Beach itself – that is an 800 metres (15 minutes) walk to the beginning of the actual Golden Beach. While the hotel does have a small beach adjacent and to the left of the hotel, it is essentially a subsidiary windsurfer’s beach and really has no facilities other than shade and windsurfing equipment for hire. It is a shadow in comparison to the better-serviced Golden Beach itself.

      Petres Hotel near Naousa may not jump off the page of the major glossy travel mags, but may just fit your bill, it has a pool and exceptionally relaxing shaded pool patio area and you are close enough to some of the finest beaches in the North (Kolymvithres, Monastiri, Santa Anna) and if you can get a room – very well appointed – you will get excellent value for money. Talk to owners Sotiris and Klea to see if they can fit you in and make your stay in Paros memorable.

      Antiparos, the sister satellite of Paros off the west coast and reachable by a short ferry ride from Pounta (and Parikia) does offer its own attractions and gathers a crowd of clubby enthusiasts each year. It has some very good beaches – Fanari is the nearest to the port worth considering – but it is a rather introspective holiday community that is happy to look over its shoulder at big sister Paros. If you stay here, you probably won’t be tripping to and from to Parikia or Naousa for dinner as there are plenty of places to dine on Antiparos. It’s worth considering if you want a little more secluded holiday.

      As for Piso Livadi it is a pleasant little fishing port that lives off the sea rather than the tourist, though that is changing. It is the starting point for a great boat excursion to the aquamarine waters of the Koufonisia and the hidden bays of Naxos. Do this irrespective of whether you stay here or not.

      Alyki and Drios are developing scattered communities, but don’t have the beach scene of Golden Beach or the Northern beaches. They have their own ambiance, but may not be quite what you are after.

      Finally most hotels listed on here have pools. Not all are located right on the sea, so a little bit of give and take is probably in order to find the right match. Paros is one of my favorite Greek islands, I’m sure you’ll have a great time.

  17. Paros Hotel for Family of 4

    Hi Dave

    We are a family of 4 and have booked at Saint George Hotel on Chrys Akti – we have a family suite.It looks like it is right on the beach and I see “Golden beach’ is one of the best beaches.However, it seems a bit isolated from main towns and little to do unless one rents a car and drives everyday.Are there boat trips nearby? Would you recommend this hotel or rather Maryo Village in Naoussa which is closer to a bit of action. We like beaches and enjoy walking too. Children are 14 and 11. Require good quality hotel.
    Thanks for the useful website!


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Hotels + Travel

      The Saint George Hotel is a fine enough choice for a “good quality hotel”. It wears four stars and is close to what is arguably Paros’ finest beach. Note that it is not on Golden Beach itself – that is an 800 metres (15 minutes) walk to the beginning of the actual Golden Beach where the Poseidon Resort and Spa is located. While the hotel does have a small beach adjacent and to the left of the hotel, it is essentially a subsidiary windsurfer’s beach and really has no facilities other than shade and windsurfing equipment for hire. It is a shadow in comparison to the better-serviced Golden Beach itself. Yes, St George’s is a little out of the way for street night action and there’s not much happening out there in the immediate vicinity of the hotel so Saint George will provide most of your action.

      To get around you will need a car. The good thing is that the distances are not vast so you can easily drive to and from Naousas, which is about 16kms or 22 minutes distant. Between Naoussa and Golden Beach you have the somewhat more downsized port of Piso Livadi for sundowner ouzos and a relaxed dinner if you prefer to avoid driving to Naoussa and parking in the often limited and busy spots just outside the main area.

      The best boat trip actually runs out of Piso Livadi. This a day-long beach and on-board BBQ across to Naxos and the Koufonisia islands where you get to swim at otherwise unreachable beaches and coves, are fed and watered on board all while enjoying an invigorating sail through some unimaginable turquoise blue waters. Other boat trips are offered out of Naoussa. Just shop around.

      As for staying at the Maryo Village Resort near Naoussa, it will once more involve a bit of a compromise. Maryo is not within walking distance of a beach comparable with Golden Beach – the stretch of coastline in front of the hotel is not a beach zone. You can, though, jump in your car and drive northwest around the bay to the excellent beaches at Kolymvithres (3km), or a little further on to Monastiri (5km). You can however walk to Naoussa in about 30 minutes and have your nightlife within easy reach. Other excellent beaches nearby are at Filitzi and Santa Maria, between 6 and 7km east from Naoussa.

      So, north or south? Well one factor you may want to consider is the northern summer wind that in July and August can make beach life a little uncomfortable. Golden Beach on the contrary is sheltered and doesn’t get affected the same way. It might just tip your choice. Enjoy your holidays!

  18. Where To Stay on Paros

    Stumbled along your web site while looking for best hotels on west side of Paros. My husband and are coming to Paros after attending a wedding on Mykonos where we will be partying for 4 nights. Looking for a nice hotel that has some beach access/pool. We love enjoying a glass of wine and watching the sunset. Can you recommend any hotels that are close to beach? Top three perhaps. Could head over to Golden Beach.

    Dana Scarp

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Hotels + Travel

      You didn’t mention when you are going to Paros, but let’s assume it is sometime in Summer. The hotels listed above are all good, but not all are really beachside hotels – with the exception perhaps of the Astir of Paros which sits on its own private beach on a protected bay not far from Naoussa and which would have to be the pick of the lot. The next one would be the Yria Hotel Resort which, while it doesn’t have its own beach is a three minute walk from Parasporos Beach and has a rather enticing infinity pool and romantic Selini Bar (selini means ‘moon’ in Greek) that segues into the water. For a third choice the Lilly Residence in Naoussa is an adults-only complex that will allow you to relax in grown-ups only quiet. It’s about 100 metres from Kontaratos Beach and is an easy walk into Naoussa town while the two previous hotels involve a little more effort to get to Naousa and Paroikia respectively. All three hotels are in the upper price range and are definitely “nice”.

      You mention Golden Beach and this is another good and cheaper option. The beach itself is arguably Paros’ best beach for one prime reason. Shelter. In Summer a north wind can whistle down from the Macedonian mainland cooling the Aegean on the one hand, but causing occasional havoc with shipping and beach goers, on the other. Golden Beach (Chrysi Akti in Greek) faces south and doesn’t get affected as much when that north wind – the meltemi – blows hard. There are trio of places to consider here. At the end of the westerly access road is the Hotel Golden Beach the restaurant of which is no more than 20 metres from the beach. A little further back is the Amaryllis Beach and is an equally enticing choice, while set back from the beach strip, yet slap bang in the middle is the larger complex of Louridis Studios.

  19. Paros in Mid September

    Hi – this site is great.

    I am travelling in mid September and was going to stay a week on Paros. I’m happy to rent a car and would be looking for peaceful accommodation, ideally within walking distance of restaurants and a nice beach.

    Does anything fit the bill? We’re not the partying type and want some tranquility, but enjoy food and gentle hustle and bustle around restaurants etc.

    Thank you!

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Hotels + Travel

      Great idea for a vacation. Lots of Paros fits your bill, so let’s look at the options. The keys to your requirements seem to be ‘food and gentle hustle and bustle’ and ‘nice beach’. A few places come to mind and it’s probably worth looking at each one. Naoussa is the island’s ‘hip party’ town – but it’s not like Mykonos and one would describe its level of hustle and bustle in September especially as being comfortably conservative. Narrow streets, shops and tavernas on every corner and a pretty, bustling little harbour that comes alive nicely at night. It’s not big on beaches, just a little one on the west side of the town and a larger one on the east side, but with your car you are no more than 15 minutes from a brace of beautiful sands.

      Parikia is the island’s port and while the harbour front bustles when the ferries come in and out, it’s quiet enough in between with a very pleasant level of activity, replete, like Naoussa with shops and restaurants and waterfront cafés to sit in indolence and make those relaxed coffees or iced beers last a whole afternoon. The nearest beach is a 10 minute walk around the bay though if you keep going around the curve of the bay the sand and options are a little better – and you will have a car, if you don’t want to walk. And from the port there are hourly boats to the beautiful beaches of Martselo & Krios (well worth the short boat ride across the bay).

      Piso Livadi is the quietest option of this trio and it’s on the east side of the island opposite Naxos. It’s cosy, cute, quiet-ish and has two beaches: one abutting the little port and one on the outside. Greece’s perhaps most famous folk violinist Nikos Chatzopoulos has chosen to live here and run a family taverna – so he must have a good reason. You can take excursions from here to the magical Koufonisia islands where you can swim on beaches unapproachable other than by a wooden caique.

      Here’s a fourth option that might not jump off the page – and it’s on another island: Antiparos to be precise, Paros’ sister island off the west coast and reachable by a short ferry ride from Pounta. Now this might just be what suits you best. It’s beautiful, quiet, secluded yet quite accessible and attracts a ‘scene’ in Summer – fans who come back yearly for the sense of the clubby seclusion it affords. The nearby beach of Fanari is within walking distance.

      There are of course many other options but they tend to be away from the gentle hustle and bustle that you desire and you can always get there by car – especially as they have top notch beaches – Chrysi Akti comes to mind for a great morning, lunchtime and afternoon excursion.

  20. Kallisti Apartments and Kalypso Hotel on Paros?

    Hi Santorini Dave,

    Thanks for responding to all the questions below. Fantastic information. Quick question, my girlfriend and I (27 years old) are deciding between Kallisti Apartments and Kalypso Hotel. We understand both are walking distance to the shops/restaurants/bars however what would be your recommendation?

    Thanks so much for your time!


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Hotels + Travel

      Kallisti is definitely the nicer hotel. Kalypso is closer to a decent swimming beach (but doesn’t have soft sand so not great for sun bathing). For a great beach you’ll need to drive or bus from either hotel.

  21. St Andrea or Lilly Residences

    Hey Dave,

    Thanks for the website, some really useful info.

    I’ll be travelling to Greece June 20-29 with my girlfriend. We’re both 27 years old and going to Mykonos for 4 nights then Paros for 5 nights. We looking for a both a party and a some relxing time exploring beaches and so on.. We were looking at places to stay in Paros and came across both St Andrea and Lilly Resort, could you give us your recommendation between the 2 considering we’d like to walk to town at night and during the day we should have a scooter or a car to take us to the beaches. Also happy to hear any other recommendations which you may have. Do you know if St Andrea is more of a family hotel, ie: will there be loads of children playing round the hotel?

    Could you also please recommend us a hotel in Mykonos also walking distance to town.

    Thanks a lot in advance.

    Julian Husseini

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Hotels + Travel

      Lilly is probably more what you’re after. Small boutique hotel (no young kids allowed), a short walk to Naoussa clubs and restaurants. St Andrea is more of a resort with a large pool and on the water (though the beach here isn’t great, for that you’ll have to walk a little). You can walk from St Andrea to Naoussa but most people take a taxi.

  22. Best Beaches on Paros

    Hi Dave,

    Thanks for setting up and maintaining such a great resource! Congrats!

    I was wondering if you could give me a few pointers with regards to best beaches in Paros please? We go as a young couple in mid July staying 4 nights at Hotel Senia and the last night at either Yria Resort, Saint Andrea Resort, or Paros Agnati (before we ferry back to Santorini – any view on which is best choice of the three btw?). I was wondering if you could recommend a few beaches to try around these areas. Ideally ones that mix natural beauty/seclusion and good swimming and others with more amenities and a party atmosphere as we like to mix up the days a bit between relaxing and partying.

    Many thanks and best regards
    Aidan Healey

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Hotels + Travel

      Paros is blessed with some of the most beautiful beaches in the Cyclades so your choice of this islands is a sensible one when you have so many islands to choose from. I’ll start with the hotel locations that you mention then throw in a few beaches of my own choice that may not be close to your hotels. But nothing is too far in Paros anyway so getting to the other locations would be no major hassle.

      Of the four hotels you list Paros Agnanti is the closest to a decent beach. That beach is Krios Beach and is an easy 10 minutes stroll down the hill from the hotel. It is a ‘party’ beach in the loose sense inasmuch as it has a well established club the “Paradiso” with restaurant, bar, and lounger facilities. The sand is very pleasant and the water is very clean and generally protected from the northern winds. So this is the number 1 choice from your hotel list (as far as location).

      Hotel Senia on the approach road into Naoussa is actually closer to a beach, but it is a rather undistinguished, small beach called Piperi which other than a few beach umbrellas and loungers is really a quiet, swimming beach. Senia is walking distance to the lively up-market party town of Naoussa, which is busy by day, but comes into its own at night. So, staying here gives you the best of two worlds: party town and at least one nearby beach to dip your toes into the water.

      Saint Andrea Seaside Resort is a mere 1.4km from the Senia, but it doesn’t sit on a beach as such: more like an exposed rocky shoreline. While the resort is just fine, you will have to either walk back into Naousa for your nightlife or walk – or scooter – a further 2.1km to the rather excellent Kolymbithres Beach on the opposite side of the bay. Here you’ll find a rather low-key, protected spot with the usual umbrellas and water toys to hire and a couple of tavernas up on the road for lunch. A further 2.2km walk/ride will bring you to the more ‘scene’ beach at Monastiri where its café/bar is a super spot to chill in a chair over beer or iced coffees. The water is quite shallow here so is good for kids.

      Finally the plush Yria Resort over on the west side of Paroikia has no beach scene to speak of other than access to Parasporos Beach a couple of minutes walk down the roadway outside the hotel. There’s a beach bar and beach club here, but still pretty quiet.

      Now if you’re looking for some cool, music-accompanied beach life during the day, head over to the funky day scene at Alyki Beach (6.2km from the Hotel Senia and not to be confused with the village of Alyki on the south coast). As long as the north Meltemi wind is not blowing this is the place to spend an indolent day on the beach with a good book and cold drink. A little further around the bay is the quieter, but still excellent waters and sand of Santa Maria beach.

      I mentioned the wind a couple of times – and this can get problematic in the Cyclades in Summer – but when it does blow, it blows from the north. Beach-goers move south and there is only really one place I would recommend and that is Chrysi Akti (Golden Shore). This is a 15km ride/drive south of Naousa. It is in fact a couple of beaches sewn together, but best approached from where the road sign says ‘Chrysi Akti’. Shallow, warm waters lap a gold-coloured beach and there’s the usual spread of beach bars, umbrellas for rental, and a couple or more tavernas for sit-down lunches. It’s a nice spot and when the wind blows hard up north it can be like a mill pond down here.

      While there are more spots further along the south coast as far as the village of Alyki I have limited my observations to the beaches that are favoured by visitors based in the Parikia-Naoussa belt and that are easy to get to. I have missed one place that you may consider, however and that is the little port of Piso Livadi. It has a port beach and sea beach and it is an up and coming little corner of Paros that may be worth a look on your way round. You can also take an excursion trip from here to the Caribbean-like islands of Koufonisia where the waters are unbelievably turquoise.

  23. Zefi Hotel in Naoussa

    Hi! Planning a trip with key tours and hey have us staying at the Zefi Hotel so I wanted to see what you think about that in terms of location and accommodation! Just traveling with 2!

    Traveling early October, is everything closed and quiet by then? Not sure that’s what we would want!


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Hotels + Travel

      Nice place within an easy walk of central Naoussa. Walking distance to two decent beaches but for better ones you’ll need to drive, taxi, or bus. Weather in early October should still be nice and warm. Most years beach weather lasts until the 2nd or 3rd week of October.

  24. Ferry Tickets for Paros to Naxos and Naxos to Mykonos

    Hello Dave. I wonder if you can advise me. I’m off to Mykonos, Paros and Naxos for 2 weeks in July/August. I did book the initial ferry trip in advance from Mykonos to Paros with Blue Star ferries, however I haven’t bothered with the other two trips, Paros to Naxos, Naxos back to Mykonos. Is it necessary for me to book these beforehand, or can I sort them out when I am there? I am getting mixed information.

    Many thanks,
    Brigitte Kidd

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Hotels + Travel

      There are Blue Star ferries on all of those routes (and some other faster ferries too) so you’ll have no problem getting tickets after you arrive. Do book them the first chance you get (don’t wait until the day before) but you’ll be fine not purchasing before your arrival in Greece.

  25. Astir of Paros, Stelia Mare, Hotel Senia

    My family of 14 people including kids ranging in ages from 1-18years are planning a 3 night stay in Paros this July. We are looking at Astir of Paros. Is it on a nice beach? How close to town is it? Any other hotels that you would recommend? We also are looking at Stelia Mare. Since we have some young kids with us, do these hotels have room service or hotel restaurants on site?

    Is Hotel Senia on a nice beach?

    Lea Mandarino

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Hotels + Travel

      Astir of Paros is great. Beautiful pool and nice (but narrow) beach. Close to Kolimbithres Beach. It’s close to Naoussa but not walking distance. Stelia Mare is in Naoussa and a short walk from shops and restaurants. There’s a good (but not great beach) just down the road. Hotel Senia is also in Naoussa but the opposite side of town and 5 minute walk to the main area. Close to a decent beach (once again, not the best on Paros, but fine for swimming). All 3 hotels have their own restaurant (Astir has two).

  26. Kanale's in Paros

    LOVE your blog! For a trip in early April.
    1) Will Paros be “open” enough to enjoy? Or still pretty empty/closed down.
    2) Thinking about booking Kanale’s – good location to easily make a day trip to Antiparos? Many restaurants/shops within walking distance? Safe area?

    1. DaveDave Hotels + Travel

      1) It will be quiet but plenty open to enjoy yourself.
      2) Kanale’s has a great location that’s an easy walk to the restaurants of Naoussa. Very safe. To get to Antiparos you’ll need to bus (20 minutes) to Parikia and then boat (so not as convenient as staying in Parikia but not bad).

      1. Kanale's in Paros

        Thank you!! What about Margaritas House? I dont see any info about it, but it is well reviewed on TripAdvisor, Expedia, etc…
        Any insight regarding accommodation? Location, etc?

        1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Hotels + Travel

          Margaritas House is good but not as nice as Kanale’s. Locations are similar yet the walk to Naoussa is a little shorter and more convenient from Kanale’s. Margaritas is on a busy road, Kanale’s on a quiet side street.

  27. Stelia Mare in Paros

    Hi there! Can you tell me if Stelia Mare would be recommended for two families with one child each (8 years)? Looks beautiful on web, reviews are amazing. How close to Naoussa and is it walking distance from the beach? Leah

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Hotels + Travel

      Very nice hotel a 5 minute walk from downtown Naoussa. There is a good beach for kids (shallow water) a short walk from the hotel but it’s not one of the best on Paros. Santa Maria Beach (to the east) is beautiful and worth the 5 minute drive.

  28. Sea House in Paros

    Hello Dave !

    We are shopping for a hotel in Paros for 2 days (September 8 & 9). I saw the Sea House which looks OK and seems to have an incredible view, quiet premises, and OK feel to the place. I don’t really like the open shower that wets the whole bathroom, but several hotels in Paros seem to have that feature as well. Is the view & location of that hotel worth lowering our comfort standards?


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Hotels + Travel

      It has good views and a great setting. A nice beach is right there and it’s an easy 10 minute walk to central Naoussa. It’s not luxurious but for the price it’s great value.

      1. Pascale

        Thank you Dave: in terms of location, would I be closer to town if I went with Katerina Mare or Romantica Hotel & Mini Suites ? Would those be a better choice ? They are all in the same price range.

  29. Saint Andrea Resort on Paros

    Have you ever stayed at the Saint Andrea Seaside Resort?
    Looks like a great location. I am looking to fall out of bed and be on a great beach, any other suggestions?

    David Fried

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Hotels + Travel

      Very nice hotel with a good pool but not really a great location. There is not a good beach within walking distance. Kolymbithres Beach is very nice but you still need to drive or taxi. Naoussa is a good 20 minute walk, part of that along a busy road.

  30. Paros Hotel near Good Beach

    First of all, thank you for the great job you do by writing this guide and answering the comments. Hats off to you !

    For next May, I’m looking for an upscale hotel (the price doesn’t really matter) in Paros, which should be pretty close (5 minutes walk max) to a sandy beach (with sand, not small pepple/stones). The size and facilities of the beach are not an important factor. What’s more important is that the beach should not be hit by the north wind. NB: maybe I’m wrong about the wind’s name and direction, but I’ve heard there may be a wind which can be pretty annoying on some beaches.
    And ideally, the hotel should have a swimming pool.

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Hotels + Travel

      The beaches along the north side of the Parikia bay face south and are protected from the wind. Good hotels in the area include Akrotiri and Petalides Apartments. There is also a boat to Krios and Martselo Beaches from Parikia so you can stay at a hotel in Parikia near the port and hop on a boat to take you to the beaches on the north side of the bay. The boat takes less than 10 minutes and they leave every 30 minutes.

  31. Paros for Honeymoon

    Hi Dave! I am getting married in Santorini in June and plan on honeymooning in Paros. We are looking for a relaxing, upscale hotel on the beach. Not crazy about the idea of having lots of kids and families nearby, but not the end of the world. A few questions: which part of the island would you recommend for us? And which hotels are our best bet for a honeymoon? Thanks so much!

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Hotels + Travel

      I would stay in Naoussa (several great hotels listed above). It’s more boutiquish and romantic than Parikia. There are some good beaches nearby. To be right on the beach you need to stay outside of the main towns and I would recommend staying in town – more to do, more suitable for a honeymoon (at least that’s what I think).

  32. Parikia or Naousa?

    Hi Dave, I’m going to Paros next year in August with my family (at that time my kids will be 10 & 7). Which part of Paros – Parikia or Naousa is a better stay with kids? We like to stay in a place with a good vibe and not too quiet, we like it buzzing and a place where kids can interact with other kids. I would love a family friendly accomodation with a pool which do you recommend?


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Hotels + Travel

      Both are great towns with lots of restaurants, cafes, bars. Naousa is hipper and trendier – but still friendly. Hotels have more of a boutique feel. Parikia has more shopping. Also, better bus connections to the rest of the island and boats to Antiparos (worth a visit). I guess Parikia has a more typical kid-friendly vibe but both are great for families. If you have more than 4 nights on Paros I would split between the two towns with a slight bias towards Parikia (e.g. if you have 10 nights do 6 in Parikia and 4 in Naousa).

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