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Updated: March 21, 2024
By Santorini Dave

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The best beach resort in Paros, Greece.

The Poseidon of Paros at Golden Beach (Chrissi Akti in Greek) is the best beach resort in Paros.

Paros Beaches: Tips & Advice

  • Paros has amazing beaches for all tastes: quiet, sandy beaches with sapphire water; breezy beaches with perfect windsurfing; picturesque beaches with dramatic landscapes; even a healing mud beach for a natural spa day. Several beaches in Paros are fully organized with beach clubs, water sports centers, and sunbeds and umbrellas for rent, while many more are left completely natural.
  • Staying in Parikia or Naoussa (for the restaurants, shopping, and nightlife) and visiting the nearby beaches through the day is easy to do. Parikia is the main bus hub for the island with routes running several times a day to Naoussa, Paroasporos Beach, Aliki Beaches, Piso Livadi Beaches, Chrissi Akti Beach, Drios Beach, and more. Buses from Naoussa connect to Kolymbithres, Chrissi Akti Beach, Piso Livadi Beaches, and Drios Beach. At Naoussa’s Old Port there is a water taxi to 3 of the most popular beaches: Kolymbithres, Monastiri, and Laggeri.
  • For the best rates, purchase bus tickets in advance at the bus terminals in Parikia and Naoussa or from one of the mini-marts in the beach towns. Tickets range from €1.80 to €4.00 depending on the distance. Tickets can also be bought on the bus from the driver for an additional fee. Find out more about Paros Buses.
Piperi Beach in Naoussa, Paros.

The fantastic Hotel Senia overlooking Piperi Beach in Naoussa, Paros.

The 13 Best Beaches on Paros

Map of the best beaches on Paros Island, Greece

1. Kolymbithres Beach

Kolymbithres Beach in Paros.

Kolymbithres is the must-see beach of Paros, beloved for its lunar-like granite rock formations that line the shore. The shape of the bay creates a natural division into two main beach areas, each served by its own beach club, with several, smaller patches of sandy beach in between the rocks (if you arrive early enough to snag one of these spots, it’s like having your very own private beach). Two water sports centers flank the beach, offering a variety of activities including windsurfing, mini sailboats, kayaks, and SUPs. Easy to reach by bus or water taxi from Naoussa. The closest hotels are in Livadia (midway between Naoussa and Kolymbithres), about a 15 to 25-minute walk away (many of these hotels offer free shuttles to the beach).

Recommended Kolymbithres Beach Hotels

2. Chrissi Akti Beach

Golden Beach in Paros.

Also called Golden Beach, Chrissi Akti is one of the most beautiful beaches in Paros – a long expanse of fine sand that sparkles in the sun due to its glass-like makeup. The beach is popular with families for its shallow, crystal-clear water and easy access to great restaurants, beach clubs, and hotels. Its sister beach to the north Nea Chrissi Akti (New Golden Beach) hosts the annual Professional Windsurfing World Cup. This beach is particularly windy in July and August, which has made it an international destination for windsurfing and kitesurfing; several water sports centers at both beaches offer equipment rentals and lessons.

Recommended Chrissi Akti Beach Hotels

Recommended Nea Chrissi Akti Beach Hotel

3. Santa Maria Beach

Santa Maria Beach Club in Paros.

Golden-white Santa Maria Beach is the overall best beach in Paros for swimming, dining, and beach clubs. This active beach is ideal for families with young children and teens, with lots of space to spread out, shallow water for beginning swimmers, and water sports centers for snorkeling, windsurfing, kitesurfing, and diving. The north end of the beach is the busiest, while the south end tends to be quieter. In July and August, when the east coast beaches are windy, head north to Mikri Santa Maria (Little Santa Maria), which sits in a south-facing cove shielded from the gusts. Mikri Santa Maria also has a dive center, a beach club, and (just off the beach) two authentic tavernas.

Recommended Santa Maria Beach Hotels

4. Kalogeros Beach

Kalogeros Beach in Paros.

A hidden gem of Paros, Kalogeros is known for its healing mud, which visitors slather on for an all-natural spa treatment. This sand and pebble beach sits in a south-facing cove at the base of a rocky cliff, protected from the winds on the island’s east coast. Most of the cliffs are red and yellow, so the clay cliffs are easy to spot in gray. Break off a chunk, mix the clay with seawater to make a mud mask, rub it all over, and let it dry. Jump in the sea and rinse off the mud for super smooth skin. Kalogeros is an unorganized beach without restaurants or bars, so plan to bring water and snacks. The closest bus stops are all about a 30-minute walk away in Marmara, Marpissa, and Piso Livadi villages, so a car rental is highly recommended. The best hotels near Kalogeros are in Piso Livadi.

5. Monastiri Beach

Monastiri Beach in Paros.

Monastiri Beach is a lively, sandy beach popular with families for its setting in a calm, sheltered bay and its crystalline, shallow water – only a meter deep for over 100 meters out to sea. The beach takes its name from the nearby monastery of Agios Ioannis, now a cartography museum. Monastiri is the main beach of Paros Park (free to enter), an awesome environmental park with 3 hiking trails, an open-air cinema, a café, a lighthouse, and much more. There is a beach café onsite with sunbeds and umbrellas for rent, and during summer, there are beach parties, free concerts, and water sports. This beach can get crowded during high season; for a quieter beach experience, check out Perikopetra or Turkou Ammos Beaches, just a short hike away and also in Paros Park. Monastiri Beach can be reached by water taxi from Naoussa or by taking the bus to Kolymbithres and hiking 30 minutes north. The closest hotels to Monastiri are in Livadia near Kolymbithres.

6. Faragas Beach

Faragas Beach in Paros, Greece

A lovely series of three small cove beaches on Paros’ southern coast with soft golden sand, dazzling blue water, and protection from the wind. The central beach has one beach bar with umbrellas and sunbeds for rent, while the rest of the coves are left natural. Faragas is popular for swimming and snorkeling near the rock formations that separate its beach areas. This is one of the prettiest beaches in Paros.

7. Parasporos Beach

Parasporos Beach in Paros.

Parasporos Beach is the best, though not the closest, beach to Parikia. This small beach is a hub of activity all summer long with two beach clubs featuring good simple food, all-day music, and beach parties running late into the night. Parasporos Beach is mostly sandy with some pebbles near the water’s edge and sand again as you wade into the sea. The water is incredibly calm and ideal for swimming. Visitors to Parasporos tend to be younger than at other nearby beaches, mostly in their 20s and early 30s.

Recommended Parasporos Beach Hotels

8. Piperi Beach

Piperi Beach is the best of the 3 beaches in Naoussa village (Piperaki and Agii Anargyri are the others), though in general beaches here are not the best on the island. These north-facing beaches catch the strongest of Paros’ winds and tend to be rocky. Piperi has a sandy heart with rocks at either end. This is a fine beach for sunbathing, and the water tends to be calm for swimming. The beach is unorganized with no restaurants or beach clubs, though there are several amazing hotels nearby and it is easy to reach by bus or on foot.

Recommended Piperi Beach Hotels

9. Molos Beach

Molos Beach in Paros, Greece

Secluded Molos Beach is located north of Kalogeros Beach, about a 5-minute walk away, making it easy to enjoy both beaches on the same day. Set into a deep bay, the beach tends to be less windy than other east coast beaches and offers a tranquil atmosphere even in the height of summer. This is an unorganized beach with no sunbed or umbrella rentals, though at its south end there is a traditional, seafood taverna.

10. Livadia Beach

Livadia Beach in Paros

The main beach in Parikia, Livadia offers a sandy, semi-circular beach with calm water as flat as a swimming pool. Despite its proximity to the island’s main port and village, Livadia is a clean beach with crystal waters. Lined with excellent beach clubs, casual tavernas, lively bars, and great hotels. Sunbeds and umbrellas are available to rent, though they are often free or incredibly cheap (between €3 to €5) if you order food or drinks from one of the beach clubs. There are a couple of water sports centers and sailboat rental shops here and beachfront campground, which makes this a popular spot for younger travelers.

Recommended Livadia Beach Hotels

11. Laggeri Beach

Laggeri Beach in Paros, Greece

Laggeri Beach is a remote, serene beach set in a natural bay and facing west toward the sunset and away from the wind. The beach is organically divided by several small rocky outcroppings interspersed with sand. Its seclusion has made it the most popular nude beach on Paros, though it is increasingly visited by beachgoers wearing bathing suits. The road to Laggeri is potholed and poorly maintained, making it hard to reach by land. However, the water taxi from Naoussa’s Old Port stops here several times a day in summer.

12. Aliki Beaches

Aliki Beach in Paros.

Aliki is the largest fishing village on Paros and is home to 3 fantastic beaches. The main Aliki Beach is the best, offering fine sand, great swimming, wonderful seafood tavernas, and sunbeds for rent. The smaller beaches, Piso Aliki and Agios Nikolaos, are quieter, sandy-pebbly beaches with glassy clear water and charming, authentic tavernas.

Recommended Aliki Beach Hotels

13. Agia Irini Beach

Agia Irini (Palm Beach) in Paros, Greece.

The very best beach to visit when the high winds are blowing in July and August. Agia Irini (also called Palm Beach) is a gorgeous (albeit narrow) sandy beach with excellent swimming in a cove on Paros’ west coast. There is a casual taverna at the north end of the beach and a fantastic beach club at the south end with sunbeds and umbrellas available, excellent food and cocktails, and great music. The beach can get crowded in the summer, so arrive early to secure the best spot.

Recommended Agia Irini Beach Hotels

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  1. Paros Beaches vs Mykonos Beaches

    Does Mykonos or Paros have better beaches?

    1. Santorini Dave

      Both islands have fantastic beaches. The Mykonos beaches are generally more accessible and often part of a beach town. The best Paros beaches are away from the two main towns (Parikia and Naoussa) and require a bus or rental car to get to.

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