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Updated: October 8, 2020

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Fokos Beach is a quiet and beautiful, non-commercial alternative to the sun bed covered, DJed beaches popular on the southern coast of Mykonos. Here, the public area is the entire beach, not small sections on each end.

Located 13 km northeast of Mykonos Town, Fokos Beach is in a quiet and secluded bay. The sand is clean and soft with natural surroundings. There are no umbrella, sunbed or water sport rentals, crowds, DJs, or vendors that you’ll find on the more well known beaches of Mykonos. This also means there are no tourist facilities. There is the wonderful little Fokos Tavern on the beach, serving excellent food and selling handmade pottery made by the owner. No public buses come to Fokos – so you’ll need to get here by private transportation.

Fokos Beach in Mykonos – Video

Fokos Beach Information

  • Location: Fokos Beach
  • Parking: Free on site
  • Bus: Accessible by rental vehicle or pre-arranged private transportation.

Fokos Beach

path to the beach

The approach to the beach through sand and natural grasses.

clear calm waters

Tucked into a protected bay, surrounded by largely undeveloped hillsides.

approach to the beach

The final part of the drive to the beach is on an unpaved road.

quiet mellow beach

Great choice for families. Bring a picnic and enjoy the absence of sunbeds and jet skis.

wide beautiful sand

The sandy part of the beach is both long and wide.

tavern in the distance

The Fokos Tavern at the back edge of the sand, with wonderful food and a terrific view. The Fokos Tavern doesn’t serve any fried foods.

salad at the tavern

Fresh, healthy salad.

ceviche at the tavern

Excellent ceviche.

mussels at the tavern

Delicious mussels.

the focus tavern

The tavern tucked away just off the beach.

approach to the beach

The area surrounding the beach.

gorgeous bay

Calm, clear waters.

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