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by Santorini Dave • Updated: November 25, 2018


Mykonos with Kids – Where To Stay

  • Most kids and families will want to stay on the beaches of Ornos or Platys Gialos – great sand, swimming, hotels, and beach restaurants.
  • Personally, I love staying in Mykonos Town (filled with shops, cafes, restaurants, and clubs). The nightlife starts late and is easy to avoid for families.

The 15 Best Hotels for Families in Mykonos

Good family-friendly hotel on Mykonos Beach.

The Petinos Beach Hotel: The best kid-friendly hotel on a beach in Mykonos.

  • Click the hotel name to check prices on – my favorite website for booking hotels. Book 6 to 9 months in advance to get the best rooms and rates.

Petinos Beach Hotel – Platys Gialos

Beautiful hotel with a nice pool located right on Platys Gialos beach. Family suites have 1 double bed and 2 sofa beds. Breakfast is served at their restaurant on the beach.
(Hotel phone: +30 2289 022913)

Semeli Hotel – Mykonos Town

Awesome location: a 2-minute walk from shops and restaurants of Mykonos Town. (Located within the pedestrian zone, so no busy streets to cross.) Pool is wonderful. Semeli and Executive suites are large, luxurious, and great for families.
(Hotel phone: +30 2289 027466)

Mykonos View Hotel – Mykonos Town

The apartments have small kitchens, 2 bedrooms, and comfortably sleep 4. Pool and deck have incredible views. Close to town but a good climb to get back to the hotel (hence the great view).
(Hotel phone: +30 2289 024045)

Hotel Carbonaki – Mykonos Town

Located in the heart of Mykonos Town (whether this is magical or chaotic will depend on your preferences, personally I love it). The quadruple rooms have 4 beds and are great value for a Mykonos hotel.
(Hotel phone: +30 2289 022461)

Cavo Tagoo – Mykonos Town

A boutique hotel with a trendy feel. (Not the place if your kids like doing canonballs into the swimming pool). The 1 and 2 bedroom villas with private pool are the most luxurious suites near Mykonos Town.
(Hotel phone: +30 2289 020100)

Porto Mykonos Hotel – Mykonos Town

The Windmill Suite is fun for kids – and pretty darn unique (yes, it’s an actual windmill). The suite is divided into 3 floors (with steep steps), the upper 2 floors are bedrooms. The hotel is across from the Old Port and great if you arrive or depart by SeaJet. But, I’d only stay here if it was to experience the Windmill Suite. The other rooms are fine but not great value.
(Hotel phone: +30 2289 022454)

Hotel Mykonos Beach – Mykonos Town

This is the best value hotel on Mykonos. Steps from a good (though not amazing) beach and a short walk to Mykonos Town (but along a busyish road with no sidewalk). There’s a good local tavern just out the door. Quadruple rooms have 1 double bed and 2 singles.
(Hotel phone: +30 2289 022572)

Petinos Hotel – Platys Gialos

The sister hotel of Petinos Beach (you can use their pool for free). Most rooms are located a short walk up the road away from the beach. The apartments and family suites are good value for the location. There’s also a 2-bedroom apartment with kitchen that they rent but this is located in Mykonos Town.
(Hotel phone: +30 2289 022127)

Palladium Hotel – Platys Gialos

Beautiful hotel with nice pool but not right on the beach. (It’s a 5 to 8 minute walk to Platys Gialos beach.) Family rooms and suites are a good size for families.
(Hotel phone: +30 2289 025926)

Nissaki Hotel – Platys Gialos

Beautiful hotel with stunning views of Psarou beach (even though you’re closer to Platys Gialos). The 2-bedroom villas sleep 4. The 3-bedroom villas sleep 6.
(Hotel phone: +30 2289 027666)

Hotel Kamari – Platys Gialos

Great pool and a 3 minute walk to the beach. Family rooms are large and inexpensive for being so close to the beach.
(Hotel phone: +30 2289 023424)

Santa Marina Resort & Villas – Ornos

The villas are some of the most luxurious on Mykonos (and they get fully booked months in advance). Villas come with 1, 2, or 3 bedrooms and some have private infinity pools. The cove here is as close to a private beach as you’ll find in Greece.
(Hotel phone: +30 2289 023220)

Filoxenia Apartments – Ornos

The 1-bedroom apartments have 4 small beds, and are clean and inexpensive for this great location: steps from beautiful Ornos beach.
(Hotel phone: +30 2289 026726)

Saint John Hotel Villas & Spa – Agios Ioannis

There are one-bedroom villas that sleep 6, six-bedroom villas that sleep 12, and everything in between. This is a 4 star resort with a beautiful pool. It doesn’t have a ton of character, but if you have a large group the huge villas are perfect.
(Hotel phone: +30 2289 028752)

Arte & Mare Elia Mykonos Suites – Elia

Located on quiet Elia Beach, this hotel is perfect if you want a relaxing beach location, but perhaps too quiet and far from Mykonos Town if you want to experience the Mykonos buzz. Family suites are beautiful and sleep 6.
(Hotel phone: +30 2289 072002)

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32 Questions and Comments

  1. Good Mykonos Town Hotel for Family of 4

    Hello Dave

    I am torn between Semeli Hotel and Theoxenia Hotel in Mykonos. Which would be better for a family of 2 adults and 2 young kids? We want to be in a central place with easy access to food and the sights like the windmills, Little Venice, and the church.

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      For a family of 4, Semeli offers a better choice of accommodation than Theoxenia. Though Theoxenia has a great location right at the windmills and access to a small beach area (small and rocky), the rooms are smaller and have an open plan; three guests max would be comfortable. Semeli is still super close to everything (a 6-minute walk to Little Venice, a 7-minute walk to the windmills, and an 8-minute walk to Paraportiani Orthodox Church), plus they offer spacious accommodation for families with 1 to 3 bedroom options, many of which have sea views or plunge pools. Onsite amenities include 2 pools (1 heated, 1 unheated with attached jacuzzi), a spa, a gym, 2 stellar restaurants (and walking distance to dozens more), and free valet parking. Both hotels are near the bus station, making it easy to reach the island’s best beaches.

  2. Greek Island Family Holidays

    Hi Dave,

    We are traveling with 4 adults and 2 kids (6 & 8). Looking for some island recommendations. We were thinking Ios, Naxos, Paros, Milos – as some options. We are in Athens for a few days then would like to hit a couple of islands. Can you recommend any islands? We would like somewhere with beautiful beaches.

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      Naxos is the best Greek island for a family vacation but Paros and Ios are also great. And Milos has wonderful boat tours of the coast and nearby islands. And even Mykonos (though known as a party island) is super family-friendly and has great beaches. You really can’t go wrong no matter where you pick.

  3. Mykonos, Santorini, Naxos for Family of 3

    Hi David,

    Great site!

    We’re travelling to Greece late September with our two year old for 10 nights. We were planning 5 in Oia, Santorini & 5 in Mykonos.

    Would you add in Naxos in between?

    Also for Myknonos, we’re planning to stay at Leonis Summer House in Ornos but I’m torn about staying in either Ornos or Platys Gialos in a hotel. What would you recommend?

    Thanks very much
    Gary Young

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      Naxos is wonderful but with the way you have your trip setup it seems great and I’m reluctant to change it. If you add Naxos it means a few less days in Mykonos and Santorini and more of a go-go pace. 5 and 5 is perfect. Between Ornos and Platys Gialos, stick with Ornos if you want laid-back and family-friendly, go with Platys Gialos if you want a few more bars to enjoy (which you probably don’t). P.G. also has the advantage of being connected by footpath with 4 or 5 other beaches. Fun, but once again, it might not be something you take advantage of with a 2 year old.

  4. Santorini, Naxos, and Mykonos with Kids

    Hi David,

    Husband, wife, and a 4 year old daughter travelling to the Greek islands in the first two weeks of September 2017. We fly into Athens and head straight to Santorini. We plan to stay at Chez Sophie in Kamari for a night or two, to enjoy a bit of the beach and sun while we get over jet lag. Then head to the Marizan Caves (Sunset Cave) in Oia for three nights. Here, the Caldera views, great food, and quiet evenings are important to us. Have we made a good choice?

    Thereafter, we will go to Naxos. And this is where we are having difficulty! We know you recommend staying in Naxos Town, but being close to the beach is important to us. We’d also really love to be close to great, lively restaurants. We will rent a car if we have to, but if we can avoid it, that would be lovely. We will spend four nights in Naxos.

    After Naxos, we are entertaining the idea of Milos or Mykonos or Ios. We really like nice sand, shallow water with as turquoise in colour as it can get! What do you recommend? And, same problem…if staying in a town is recommended because of close proximity to the best lively restaurants, we’d also like to be close to the beach!

    What do you suggest? And how many days would you spend on Naxos versus the other smaller island?

    Many thanks and blessings,

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      Your plan for Santorini sounds great. Well done. And yes, for Naxos I like staying in Naxos Town – nice beach right there and the best ones are still only a short bus ride or drive away. Then at night you have a great choice of restaurants and no worrying about driving if you have a few drinks. Ios has the wonderful Milopotas beach (though it’s not shallow – the sand and water are beautiful but there’s a pretty quick dropoff) and the Chora is a short bus ride up above (it’s close but not really walkable). In Mykonos, I’d go with Ornos beach which is wonderful for kids. A few nice restaurants there and Mykonos Town is a 10 minute bus ride away. One final note, if you do Ios then visit it in-between Santorini and Naxos.

  5. Best Island for Beaches/Restaurants/Walkability with Toddler

    Hi David,

    We are wanting to travel to the Greek Islands this August with our 2 year old boy. I guess we are wanting the best of both worlds in terms of nice beaches with clear waters, food and drink being easily accessible (on foot), and not having to spend a fortune on the accommodation.
    Can you please recommend the best islands if we are going to be there for 1.5 weeks?

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      Mykonos is great for all of your requirements except for inexpensive accommodations. Naxos has more families, no nightlife, but the beaches are just as good and it’s far cheaper.

  6. Snorkelling in Greek Islands with Kids

    Hi Dave,

    We are a party of 4 (2 adults 2 kids aged 11). Really want to introduce my boys to snorkelling/ diving. Could you recommend best beaches in Greece for this?


    Liz Peel

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      Greece is a great place for snorkelling as long as you’re not expecting Caribbean-like underwater scenery. Most beaches are sandy (good for swimming, less so for snorkeling). There are hundreds – if not thousands – of beaches where you can safely enter the water and start snorkeling. The waters of the Greek seas (the Ionian and the Aegean) are among the cleanest and clearest of the whole Mediterranean especially as you head on out to the islands.

      Assuming your 2 kids are novices, you’ll be wanting easy water entry (a sandy beach), calm waters (it can get very windy and choppy in Summer), and things to see under water (around rocks you’ll find the most sea life). The best kind of beach for snorkelling is one that is part of a bay – the smaller the better and one that is flanked by rocks. You’ll want to select a beach out of the wind (it tends to be northerly in Summer) and has an easy, gradually deepening incline of sand. Pebbles can be a pain to walk on and then try to fit flippers on your feet. With rocky sides to a bay you can can then easily swim/snorkel to the edge of the bay to find interesting things to look at – underwater rock formations that look like castles, fish that prefer to swim in and out of rocks – and you are close to land in case you are tired and need a rock to hold on to. Milopotas Beach/Bay in Ios is a good example of such a beach.

      Permutations of all the above can be found anywhere in Greece and the ‘best’ beach can be that one that leaves you with the fondest memories. On the whole the islands do generally have their disproportionate share of bay beaches and the waters of the Aegean tend to be warmer than those of the Ionian. The further south you go the warmer the water (in theory at least) so that would suggest the Cyclades and the Dodecanese islands are the ‘best’ spots for snorkelling. Some islands that jump off the map are Mykonos, Milos, Karpathos, Halki, Rhodes, Patmos, Lipsi, Paros, and Naxos – there are more, all islands have some snorkelling opportunities and none are world-renown.

      A lot of the wooden cruise boats that ply varying routes take passengers to off-the-radar snorkelling and swimming coves and usually carry a supply of snorkels, masks and flippers as well as the now popular makaronia – long thin floats made of styrene that look like spaghetti. These are absolutely great snorkelling opportunities and kids love it. One particular trip comes to mind and it operates out of Piso Livadi on the east side of Paros. Run by Captain Yiannis, this excellent tour/cruise takes in secret beaches off Naxos and the Koufonisia, lasts all day, and includes lunch and drinks. Ammoöpi Beach on the Dodecanese island of Karpathos is also good for snorkeling.

      Finally you mention diving, though it is not evident how serious you are as this involves training and a lot more expense and preparation. Diving is popular in Greece and you could start learning to dive in Greece. A dive school you might look at is the Water Hoppers outfit in Rhodes or search further afield.

  7. Family Hotels in Santorini and Naxos

    Hi David
    We are a family of 4 – 2 adults and 2 children (12 and 7).
    I was thinking of doing 5 nights in the Majestic Hotel in Santorini followed by 5 nights at Kavos Naxos.
    What do you think?
    Thanks for your help

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      Both are very nice 4 star hotels and great for kids with nice pools. The Kavos is a little isolated and a 10 minute walk to the beach and 10 minute drive to Naxos Town. The Majestic is a 10 minute walk from Fira (and the views from the hotel are not of the caldera).

  8. Mykonos, Paros, Naxos, Santorini for Family of 4

    Hi David,
    Amazing tips you have!
    Just wondering if you can help me, by suggesting the best beach for us to stay in Mykonos in July 2017. We have about 5 nights there and we are 2 adults and 2 kids 9 & 5. We like a lively sort of place that we can try different restaurants every night but still be close to the beach. Also, are there still some cheaper places to eat or is everything really expensive.

    This is what we are planning for:
    Mykonos 5 nights
    Paros 3 nights
    Naxos 4 nights
    Santorini 3 night
    We fly from Rome to Mykonos and then Satorini to Athens.
    We also would like to fit a trip to Anteparos.
    What beaches or towns would you suggest staying on each of this islands?
    Given that we like lively places were there are choices of restaurants and bars and shops.
    Many thanks in advance for you tips.

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      For your interests I would stay in Platys Gialos on Mykonos, Parikia on Paros (makes a day trip to Antiparos easy), Naxos Town on Naxos (with day trips to other beaches), and Fira or Firostefani on Santorini. If you want to save money find a good gyro place – delicious and cheap. Naxos, Mykonos, and Santorini all have good gyro places. In Paros the best gyro place is in Naoussa, not Parikia.

  9. Hotel Pools in Mykonos

    Hi David,

    This may seem like a bizarre question but are the pools in Greece/Mykonos in August quite warm? We are travelling with a child who has a rare sensitivity to cold water and can only swim in 30 degrees celsius water temp. Most hotels don’t seem to have heated pools and I was just wondering how warm the pools get in August. Many thanks, Kay.

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      You’re right, pools are not heated. They are at their warmest in August but they’re usually still coolish to mildly warm – though every one is different, of course.

  10. Mykonos and Rhodes with 12 Year Old

    Hello David,
    We had booked an all inclusive hotel in Rhodes for 5 days. However, my 12yrs old wants to go to Athens too. And I, after read your blog, I want to go to Naxos and Mikonos. We have 5 days free before Rhodes.
    We will leave from Luxembourg.
    Your views will be helpful

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      It’s very hard to combine Rhodes and Naxos (few connecting ferries) or Mykonos (no connecting ferries) with such a short amount of time. You’re better to add an island close to Rhodes such as Kos or Karpathos. Flying between Rhodes and Athens will be your best bet to save time.

  11. Santorini, Naxos, Mykonos with 12 Year Old in Late September and Early October

    Hi David I am taking my 12 year old granddaughter to Paris in September and then 8 days on the greek islands. She enjoys the beach but also sightseeing and bike riding. I was thinking 2 nights in Santorini and 4 nights in Naxos and 2 nights Mykonos. I was thinking of staying in Platys Gialos in Mykonos and Agios Prokopios in Naxos. Do you suggest staying in Fira or at the beach in Santorini. We will be there late September and early October will it be warm enough for swimming . Jill

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      Platys Gialos is a great choice for Mykonos. I generally recommend Naxos Town in Naxos (more to do and see, and more places to eat – especially in September/October when the beach towns can be getting slow). And yes, one of the caldera towns (Fira, Firostefani, Imerovigli, or Oia) is where you want to be on Santorini. You should still be swimming in late September for sure, some years you can be getting cooler weather by October 5th that makes swimming less enjoyable. Other years can be hot until the 20th or later. So obviously a lot of variability.

  12. Mykonos, Santorini, Naxos with 3 Year Old

    Hi David ! You seem to be so helpful. I am in the beginning g phases of planning a family trip in early June . We by then will have a 3.5year old . Would you recommend the following

    Santorini – 6 days
    Naxos – 4 days
    Mykonos – 3 days

    Also where should we look in to staying and any particular ferries you recommend for the island travel?

    Melissa Solano

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      That sounds great to me. Some might want less time in Santorini and more time in Naxos as it has some great kid-friendly beaches. If that were the case then 4, 6, and 3 would be perfect. That said, there’s more to see and do in Santorini and if you split your time (which I recommend) between 2 towns (say, Oia and Fira) then 6 days is not too much at all.

      The Blue Star ferry which will run from Santorini to Naxos and Naxos to Mykonos (but not Santorini to Mykonos) has the smoothest ride and is best for kids as you can walk around on the decks and enjoy the sea air.

  13. Is 2 Weeks on One Island Too Long?

    Hello! Many thanks for your blog. My wife, 2-year-old son and I are planning a 2-week holiday at the end of August/beginning of September, and having been to Paxos in the past, we’re thinking of going to Naxos for a change. (Fewer pebbles, more sandy beaches!) We’re looking for a simple, relaxing holiday, but my question is: will we become frustrated by 2 weeks just on Naxos (staying in Naxos town)? Or to put it another way, would it be more sensible to have, say, 1 week on Naxos and 1 week on Paros or Mykonos? I don’t want to overcomplicate things, but equally I wouldn’t want things to become monotonous in the course of a fortnight, if that makes sense…
    Russell Goulbourne

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      Is that too long? Will you get bored? No, I don’t think you’ll get bored or frustrated but I would still recommend splitting that time between 2 islands (or even 3). Naxos and Paros are both wonderful, so those are good choices. Mykonos has a bit of a party vibe but it’s still really family-friendly as long as you’re not out late into the night (most 2-year olds aren’t). Platys Gialos is a great beach on Mykonos that is an easy bus ride into the Chora and good combination between beach and town.

  14. Mykonos with Kids


    We are planning 2 week trip to Cyclades Greece in the middle of june . We are 2 families with children (1 to 12 years). First my idea was to visit definitely Mykonos for a week (we have flight tickets back home from Mykonos) and shorter stays in other islands – Syros, Santorini, Naxos?.
    We have found nice apartment in Agios Ioannis beach Mykonos, it should be quiet area. The idea was to be at beach, visit town/villages and drive around by car. But now readining that Mykonos is party place and very expensive we are not sure anymore. Is it also expensive to by food from supermarket and cook ourself? Maybe it is better to choose some other island for longer stay and 2-3 days only in mykonos? Or skip Mykonos at all, only for flight to Athens? We cant choose best island anymore for our 2 weeks trips, can you suggest some? 3 islands are maximum for our 2 week stay.


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      Mykonos does have a party vibe but it’s easy to avoid if you want to. The beaches are wonderful and the atmosphere is fun and (for the most part) family-friendly. You’re right, everything is a little more expensive on Mykonos and if you’re looking to save money it’s not the best island. In any case, Agios Ioannis is not the best beach on the island – both Elia and Platys Gialos are larger, better beaches for kids.

  15. Nissaki or Petinos Beach Hotel with Kids

    We are torn between the Nissaki and the Petinos Beach hotels in Platys Gialos. The deciding factor is the pool as our 2 boys (ages 6 and 7) love the pool. Which one is more kid-friendly? And I’m correct in thinking these hotel are both walking distance to beach restaurants and the bus to Mykonos Town?


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      The pool at Petinos Beach definitely has a bit more of a kid-friendly vibe. The pool at Nissaki is on the deck with views and lounge chairs so guests tend to sit out there and relax. The pool at Petinos Beach is semi enclosed (even though it’s steps from the beach) and thus people tend not to sit around there and relax. They come for a dip, then return to the beach or their room. They also have some play toys at the PB pool which is not something that you’d find at the trendy Nissaki. Not that the Nissaki isn’t kid-friendly, there are kids everywhere there – but it does have more of a boutique feel. And Yes, PB is very close to beach, restaurants, and bus. Nissaki is a few minutes walk up the hill from the beach and bus stop but still pretty easy.

  16. Walk Between the Beaches on Mykonos

    I’ve read that the walk along the beach from Platys Gialos to Paraga Beach is a nice walk but a little tricky in parts. We have a 6 year old, will he do ok on it?


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      There are a couple places where you have to watch your footing but for the most part pretty tame. I think he’ll do fine. There are even lights that come on at night and make it doable even in the dark.

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