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Updated: August 10, 2022
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Mykonos Water Taxi

Passengers climb a ladder to board a water taxi from a beach

The Mykonos Water Taxi at Elia Beach.

The Mykonos Water Taxi service runs along the island’s south coast, stopping to pick up and drop off passengers at 7 popular Mykonos beaches along the way from late morning to early evening. It’s a really fun way to get around; the boats are recommissioned fishing boats, and the company that runs them has been in service since 1968.

The main departure beach for the water taxi is Platis Gialos, easily accessible by bus or taxi. Platis Gialos is the only departure point with a cement dock; at the other beaches, the water taxi uses a floating dock or it just pulls up onto the sand and you have to wade through the water to board. The walk from Platis Gialos Beach to Paradise Beach is great – you can spend a super fun day eating, drinking, swimming, and partying your way from one to the other, using the water taxi to fill in the gaps. The Mykonos Water Taxi fleet is also available to rent to private parties for sunset cruises, fishing tours, and cruises to nearby islands.

Mykonos Water Taxi: The Basics

  • Website:
  • Phone: +30 694 081 0308
  • Email:
  • Season: Late May to mid-October
  • Hours: Earliest departure from Ornos Beach at 10am, latest departure back from Elia Beach around 5:45pm.
  • Route: Ornos › Platis Gialos › Paraga › Paradise › Super Paradise › Agrari › Elia
  • Fare: 20€ for an all-day, all-beach pass. Cash only, pay as you board.

Mykonos Water Taxi Map

Map of the Mykonos water taxi routes in Greece

Mykonos Water Taxi Schedule

The water taxi schedule can and will vary a bit from day to day, but this will give you a good general idea of departure times and the time it takes to travel between beaches.

Mykonos Water Taxi Schedule – Eastbound

Departure from Ornos: 10:00am • 11:00am • 12:00pm • 1:00pm • 2:00pm • 3:00pm • 4:00pm
Platis Gialos to Paraga: 10:20am • 11:20am • 12:20pm • 1:20pm • 2:20pm • 3:20pm • 4:20pm
Paraga to Paradise: 10:30am • 11:30am • 12:30pm • 1:30pm • 2:30pm • 3:30pm • 4:30pm
Paradise to Super Paradise: 10:45am • 11:45am • 12:4pm • 1:45pm • 2:45pm • 3:45pm • 4:45pm
Super Paradise to Agrari: 11:00am • 12:00pm • 1:00pm • 2:00pm • 3:00pm • 4:00pm • 5:00pm
Agrari to Elia: 11:15am • 12:15pm • 1:15pm • 2:15 • 3:15pm • 4:15pm • 5:15pm

Mykonos Water Taxi Schedule – Westbound

Departure from Elia: 11:45am • 12:45pm • 1:45pm • 2:45pm • 3:45pm • 4:45pm • 5:45pm
Agrari to Super Paradise: 11:50am • 12:50pm • 1:50pm • 2:50pm • 3:50pm • 4:50pm • 5:50pm
Super Paradise to Paradise: 12:00pm • 1:00pm • 2:00pm • 3:00pm • 4:00pm • 5:00pm • 6:00pm
Paradise to Paraga: 12:15pm • 1:15pm • 2:15pm • 3:15pm • 4:15pm • 5:15pm • 6:15pm
Paraga to Platis Gialos: 12:25pm • 1:25pm • 2:25pm • 3:25pm • 4:25pm • 5:25pm • 6:25pm
Platis Gialos to Ornos: 12:30pm • 1:30pm • 2:30pm • 3:30pm • 4:30 pm • 5:30pm

Mykonos Water Taxi Photos

Mykonos Water Taxi to Beaches

The Mykonos Water Taxi is an easy, cheap, and fun way to get around the island’s popular southern beaches.

Mykonos Water Taxi on Beach

Water taxis waiting at Ornos Beach.

Mykonos Water Taxi with Kids

Most boats have an interior with a bit of shade.

Mykonos Water Taxi Schedule and Prices

Schedules change throughout the season but most beaches will have a posted list of departure and arrival times.

Mykonos Water Taxi to Beaches

The main departure point for the Mykonos Water Taxi is at Platis Gialos Beach. Platis Gialos is the only beach on the water taxi route with a permanent concrete dock.

A boat at a floating dock in the Aegean Sea

Some other beaches use a floating dock, like this one at Paradise Beach.

Mykonos Water Taxi

But not always. Here passengers are boarding from the beach at Paradise Beach.

Passengers climb a ladder to board a water taxi boat on a sandy beach

At other beaches, like Super Paradise Beach, the water taxi will always pull right up on the sand, and passengers wade through the water to board.

Hike between Mykonos beaches.

There’s also a great walking path along the coast from Platis Gialos beach to Paraga and then Paradise beach. There are many beach clubs and restaurants along the way. You can boat one way and walk the other.

Passengers aboard a water taxi boat in Greece

It’s all good fun, family-friendly, and highly recommended.

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