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Updated: July 20, 2017

The best boat tours to beaches and day trip islands from Mykonos.

Best Free Thing To Do in Mykonos: Walk from Platys Gialos Beach to Paradise Beach making stops at beach bars and restaurants along the way. You’ll pass Agia Anna and Paraga beaches and several other small swimming coves. Super fun and free! (Besides what you spend on food and drinks, of course.) If you’re staying in Mykonos Town take the bus to Platys Gialos then start walking along the beach towards the east (if you’re facing the water walk to your left). There are several great places to eat along the walk. If you hike straight to Paradise Beach it will take about an hour (without stops). Then bus back from Paradise to Mykonos Town. Or take the water taxi back to Platys Gialos.

The 7 Best Tours in Mykonos

Best activity in Mykonos: Cooking Class with lots of wine, conversation, and traditional Greek food.

Mykonos Cooking Class (Traditional Greek Food) – This is an absolutely wonderful cooking class: fun, informative, easy going, great food – and the wine flows freely. Also, super family friendly. It lasts a little less than 6 hours and starts at 10am or 4pm with free transfer from hotel or cruise port. Highly recommended – if you only do one tour in Mykonos make it this one.

Delos 4-Hour Tour – It’s a 45 minute boat ride to Delos and then explore the ancient island with a fully accredited guide. Delos is one of the best preserved and most important historical sites in Greece and the most popular day trip from Mykonos.

Small Yacht Cruise to Delos & Rhenia Islands – Swim, snorkel, and sunbathe from the yacht and along the uninhabited island of Rhenia. Light lunch (on the yacht) and a couple drinks are included. Then have a guided tour of the ancient island of Delos. This is a semi-private tour and there is a maximum of 10 guests on the boat.

Mykonos Full-Day Jeep Safari – An 8 hour exploration of the quieter and less-visited parts of Mykonos. Very fun and the best day trip around the island.

Full-Day Mykonos South Coast Cruise Tour – Awesome boat cruise with lots of beaches, swimming, snorkeling and a full lunch.

Explore the Island of Mykonos: Half-Day Tour – Starts in Mykonos Town and visits the best beaches, small villages (like Ano Mera), and small hidden chapels all over the island.

3-Hour Sunset Cruise to Delos Island – A late-evening boat tour to Delos with sightseeing along the way (but you don’t get off the boat in Delos) and a few glasses of wine as the sun goes down. Simple but fun.

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22 Questions and Comments

  1. Family Activities in Mykonos

    My family together with my sister’s have booked a 10 day trip to Mykonos mid August. I’m slightly annoyed at my sloppy planning and regret not booking a few days first in santorini. There do not appear to be any day trips there from Mykonos unless the ferry companies have different schedules during the summer months? Do you have any fun suggestions during our stay? Our kids ages range from 22-13. Helen Pope

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      The cooking course (see above) and boat tours to Delos or Rhenia islands are at the top of the list. I would consider taking an overnight trip to Santorini. Keep your hotel in Mykonos and just take a small backpack or two. Stay at a cheap hotel in Fira and you’ll get 30 hours to explore Santorini. You are wasting the one night hotel in Mykonos but a lot cheaper than the plane tickets to get back to Santorini on a different trip.

  2. Athens Airport to Hotel

    Can you recommend the best transportation to get from Athens airport to Athens Diamond homtel at 9:00pm and returning to the airport to catch a flight at 7:00 am.

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      The easiest is a taxi. The cheapest is the metro (you’ll want the Monastiraki station which is about a 5 to 8 minute walk from your hotel). But for your morning flight you’ll need to take a taxi (or the airport bus from Syntagma Square) as the metro won’t be running in time to make your flight.

  3. Mykonos Restaurants Recommendations

    Your restaurant recommendations for Santorini were very helpful. I went to several of your recommended restaurants and they were great. I am going to Mykonos in 2 days. Any restaurant recommendations for Mykonos? Thank you!!
    Karl Smith

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      I have a list of the best Mykonos restaurants on my Mykonos hotel page.

  4. Best Mykonos Tour

    Hi Dave,

    We would be spending about 3.5 days in Mykonos late May. We are considering the Jeep tour and South Coast cruise. Is it worth it to go for 2 full day tours or choose one? Which and what would you recommend?

    Thank you!

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      They are very different (one on a boat, one in a jeep) and have little or no overlap. Doing both is reasonable. If I could only do one, it would the south coast boat cruise.

  5. Ferry & Flight Connection from Mykonos to Athens

    Hi Dave~ your site is a wealth of information! My husband and I are flying into Athens 6/25-7/2. Per your suggestion we will spend the first few nights at the Hotel Grande Bretagne. Need to ferry over to Mykonos for a work meeting for a few days. After researching, I was thinking of ferrying over from Piraeus and back into Rafina since it is closer to the airport. I’m a little nervous that the earliest ferry back on 7/2 is at 11:40. We have a 5:30 flight the same day. Is that cutting it close? Weather/strikes etc.. I would hate to miss our departure home. We could come back the eve of 7/1 and spend one additional night in Athens (shortening MYK by a little bit) to give us wiggle room. If so, should we stay somewhere closer to the airport to get a different vibe? Or would you go back into Athens and head to the airport the next day. Or do you think we are OK on that 11:40- 14:15 ferry? Would love to know how you wold handle getting back to mainland, your input.
    Shaun Hammons

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      That connection time would be too tight for my tastes. Could you make? Yes, certainly. But it doesn’t take much for a SeaJet ferry to be late by 90 minutes and that’s all it would take for you to miss your flight. I would ferry to Piraeus the night before and stay somewhere in the Plaka for a final night (lots of great places to eat in the area). There is nothing out by the airport so definitely do not stay there as you’ll almost have an evening and a good half-day to see and do stuff in Athens. (Or you can fly from Mykonos to Athens and have an extra night in Mykonos – there are afternoon flights that get to Athens at 12:25pm or 3:10pm.)

  6. Mykonos Best Things To Do

    What is the best tour of Mykonos Town? Is it worth taking a tour or can we explore Mykonos Town on our own?


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      It’s easy to walk around Mykonos Town on your own and see the sights – but a tour always offer a different level of understanding and history. People almost never regret taking a tour and I highly recommended them. The Mykonos Town and Island Tour goes through Mykonos Town and Ano Mera (the second largest village on Mykonos) as well as a few other stops. It’s well worth the 4 hours.

  7. Best Day Trip from Mykonos

    Hey Dave,
    I am going to be visiting in mid may. We have kept 4 days in Mykonos. Any suggestions on a day trip to islands nearby?


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Delos (greek history) and Rhenia (beaches and swimming) are the two best day trips from Mykonos. The bigger islands (Naxos, Paros, Santorini) are difficult to make work for a day trip – especially in May when ferries are not as frequent as summer.

  8. Mykonos Boat Tour to Rhenia Island

    Hi Dave, I have found your website so helpful for planning our upcoming trip. It seems that the link for the “Full day small yacht cruise to Rhenia Island” on the Mykonos day tours page is not working. Could you direct me to that tour?

    Thanks so much!
    Megan Reese

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      I fixed the link. Thanks!

  9. Booking Boat Tours for Mykonos

    Hi Dave, Do you recommend booking at boat tour in Mykonos ahead of time? We will be in Mykonos for four days during the middle of May 2017. Thank you! Alex

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      If you’re on the fence then wait and see if that’s how you want to spend your time once you’re on the island. If you’re certain there’s something you want to do (e.g. Delos) then book as early as possible.

  10. Mykonos, Crete, or Zakynthos for 2 Days in Late October

    Hi Dave,

    Your sharing have indeed been so helpful towards my planning to Greece. I will be travelling at the end of October. Due to my limited travelling time, I would like to catch the best of all in Greece.

    Between Mykonos, Crete, & Zakynthos, which is best?
    Which will be a better choice? I intend to stay 2 nights in either one of the above.

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Mykonos and Crete are the best choices. Mykonos is small and thus the best choice for a quick 2 night trip. But, it will be very quiet by the end of October. Not quite “completely dead” but not lively by any stretch. Chania on Crete will still have plenty going on and has a great array of restaurants that should all still be open. It doesn’t quite give the idyllic greek-island feel as it’s a medium-sized town on a large island – but it’s great nonetheless.

  11. Tour to Best Mykonos Beaches

    Do you need to do a tour to get to the best Mykonos Beaches (quiet and secluded beaches) or just rent a car and do a self-tour?

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      To get to the quiet and remote ones, yes, a tour is good – and a boat tour better. But for the most popular ones close to Mykonos Town a rental car is fine for getting around. In fact, bus is the best as you can take it to Psarou or Platys Gialos then walk to Paranga and Paradise beaches along a coastal path that is both beautiful and dotted with little swimming spots. The tours are fun though.

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