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Updated: February 23, 2024
By Santorini Dave

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Jet ski tour in Santorini.

A Jet Ski Tour is one of the highlights of a Santorini visit. The views are amazing!

Update: As of February 2024 there is only one jet ski tours offered along the south coast of Santorini. This tour is called the Jet Ski Safari from Perivolos Beach and should be booked as early as possible. For 2024 the port authority of Santorini has not approved jet ski tours to the volcano, so the south coast tour is the only one available. It is not quite as awe-inspiring as the old volcano tour but it’s still pretty great. (And it’s much cheaper too.)

Santorini Jet Ski Tours

  • Jet Ski Safari from Perivolos Beach – the best jet ski safari in Santorini. Absolutely awesome! (Book early, they sell out for many days from June to September.)
  • This isn’t one of those obnoxious jet ski tours where you’re buzzing past onlookers and being loud and annoying. Pretty much the opposite. You rarely go close to anywhere with lots of people and there are few others nearby as you’re driving up the coast and into the caldera (except the motorboat that is always with you). You’ll be stopping at quiet beaches and gazing up at incredible scenery that few others get very close to. The boat tours cover a similar area but you don’t get quite as close to cliffs and scenery.
  • Tours are small and exclusive, with three jet skis offered in total, so there’s a good chance it’s just your party on the tour. Price is per jet ski and each jet ski can be shared between two people.
  • A motorboat accompanies the tour the whole way just in case there’s some difficulty or if someone gets tired and needs a break in the boat (then one of the staff will ride the jet ski).
  • The main landmarks seen on the tour include Vlychada Beach, Red Beach, White Beach, Mesa Pigadia, and Black Mountain.
  • The duration of the tour is around 1 hour to 90 minutes, depending on the wishes of the participants; you can specify the speed you’re comfortable with, and more or less time for swimming. The guide is flexible and adjusts the tour to the needs of the group.
  • This is a super photo opportunity, and the guide can take pictures of you while on the tour (with his phone or your phone).
  • Getting There: Buses go directly from Fira to Perivolos, take about 25 or 30 minutes, and cost 1.20€. From the bus stop to the tour location is about a 5-minute walk. (If coming from Oia, Imerovigli, Firostefani, or Kamari you’ll need to switch buses in Fira.) Taxis can take you right to the shop door and cost about 20€ from Fira. If you have a rental car there’s lots of parking along the beach road, steps from the tour location.
  • This is one of the most insanely fun things I’ve done in my life. Really awesome. And the views looking up at the caldera cliffs are just utterly stunning.
  • Book jet ski tours early if you’re visiting between June and September.

Santorini Jet Ski Tour

Jet ski tour along Santorini's south coast.

The photos below are from a Volcano Jet Ski Tour, which is no longer offered. Even though there are only South Coast Jet Ski Tours in 2024, they still have some awesome and impressive scenery, and the experience will be similar.

Location of Santorini Jet Ski Tour.

All jet ski tours depart from Perivolos Beach in Santorini. There’s a direct bus from Fira and lots of nearby parking and restaurants.

Jet ski to the Santorini caldera.

I’ve done the tour twice. These are photos from our first tour (when my son was 14).

Santorini boat with jet ski tour.

A boat accompanies the tour and is always nearby should riders need any assistance or a break from jet skiing.

The Santorini Volcano Jet Ski Tour.

The water is relatively calm as you start the tour (along the south coast of the island). It makes for an easy and relaxed way to get comfortable on the jet ski.

Santorini Jet Ski Tour in the caldera.

As you enter the caldera the water gets a little rougher (and more fun). But if you want to keep it low-key you just slow down. There’s no pressure to ride fast.

Jet ski tour with stop for swimming and snorkel.

It’s easy to stop for breaks along the ride and go for a swim or relax. There’s snorkel gear on the boat if you’re inclined.

Santorini Jet Ski tour to volcano.

The guides pay a lot of attention to safety. Riders are instructed to ride in a well-spaced line behind the boat.

Our jet ski tour to the Santorini volcano and caldera.

Your guide can take photos of you and your group from your phone or theirs.

Jet ski tour in Santorini, Greece.

The scenery on the entire ride is incredible. Staring up at the huge cliffs is amazing.

Sharing jet ski between two people.

You can share a sea jet if that makes you feel more comfortable, or if you have more than 3 people in your group (there are 3 jet-skis on offer). Prices quoted are per jet ski.

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