Is There A Travel Agency in Athens Airport?

The Aktina travel agency is located on the arrivals floor of the Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos”.

Travel Agency for Ferry and Flight bookings in Athens Airport

You can book all greek ferry tickets here including high speed Hellenic Seaways, SeaJet, and Blue Star ferries. You can book ferries from island to island as well (not only ferries that originate in Piraeus or Rafina – the two ferry ports near Athens). You can also book flights on Olympic and Aegean airlines to all Greek islands.

I believe the agency is open 24 hours a day but I would not be surprised if it had reduced hours during low season.

The Aktina website is here – and like many Greek websites it is completely useless.

Aktina phone: +30 210 35 30 160
Aktina email: [email protected]

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42 Questions and Comments

  1. Cash or Credit Card for Ferry Tickets

    Do you know if we can pay for the ferry ticket by credit card or is cash only?
    Thank you !

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Greece, Italy, and Everywhere

      Credit card and cash are both accepted.

  2. Best Island for Good Base for Day Trips

    Dave – we’re planning to visit the islands next summer and our thought was to use a single island as a home base and take day trips from there or possibly overnight stays before returning. But it looks like the ferries don’t run as often as I thought they would. For example, a ferry from Thira to Heraklio only leaves in the evening and only returns in the morning.

    Is there a particular island that makes the most sense if this how we’re planning the trip? Or is this just a bad strategy because we’ll always be scheduling around ferry times?
    Alex Fax

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Greece, Italy, and Everywhere

      Naxos and Paros are the best for base-islands to see other islands. That said, I recommend trying to stay on an island rather than a short day visit as you just get more of the full experience.

  3. Picking Up Ferry Tickets

    Dear Dave,

    We have made reservations for island-hopping in Greece this summer with Blue star ferries. We arrive at Athens the evening before early departure (7.25 am) to Santorini from Pireaus. Should we pick up our tickets that evening or is it possible to pick them up in the morning at the port? Will the office be open?

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Greece, Italy, and Everywhere

      Yes, pick up at Piraeus ferry port. There’s a large Blue Star ticket kiosk to the left as you enter the port – very easy to find. Get there by 6:45 (to get tickets) for you 7:25 ferry. Kiosk is always open before ferries.

  4. Booking Blue Star Ferry for Summer

    Hi Dave

    We are travelling in July 2017. When do the Blue Star Ferries open up those dates for booking? We want to book the ferry to Santorini.

    Awesome site 🙂

    Mark Linehan

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Greece, Italy, and Everywhere

      Schedules have been very slow to come out lately so it’s anyones guess – but I would expect them by January.

  5. Picking Up Ferry Tickets in Athens

    Your website is so helpful…thank you!

    We booked our ferry tickets from Athens to Mykonos directly through Blue Star, as you suggest. When we finished they offer different agencies where you can pick up your tickets.

    We arrive in Athens at 2pm, and are on the 7:30am Ferry. I don’t like the idea of having to rush to an agency before they close…what if we are delayed, etc? Is there a place in the airport that is associated with Blue Star? Do we have other options? Are there any agencies in Athens that are open later where we could pick-up?



    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Greece, Italy, and Everywhere

      I recommend picking up the tickets at the Blue Star ticket booth in Piraeus (the ferry port). It’s right beside the Blue Star ferries (to the left as you’re looking from the metro station towards the water). You can’t miss it. Arrive at the port 45 to 60 minutes before departure and you won’t have any trouble.

  6. Where To Pickup SeaJet Tickets

    Hi Dave,

    We purchase our SeaJet ferry tickets online. Can we pick them up at the travel agency at the airport or do we have to pick them up at the SeaJet kiosk at the port?


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Greece, Italy, and Everywhere

      Only at the port.

  7. Buying Ferry Tickets in Advance for Santorini to Athens

    Hi Dave,
    First of all, thank you very much for all the information provided by you on web for Santorini travel. it really helped us a lot in planning our Santorini trip this May. We are traveling to Athens on 11th May afternoon and we will catch the flight to Santorini. We are planning returning to Athens by Blue Star ferry in Business Class on 14th May 2016 (afternoon ferry at 15:30 from Thira to Piraeus) .

    My question is do we need to buy the ferry ticket online in advance (on 8 or 9 May) before reaching to Athens or we can buy the ticket from Athens airport (from Aktina travel agency) on 11th May? If this ferry tickets are easily available at Aktina travel agency on Athens airport, is there any price difference online tickets on Blue Star website?


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Greece, Italy, and Everywhere

      No need to buy in advance for travel in May. You can easily wait until getting to Santorini to buy them. Buying at Aktina will be slightly more expensive than buying from Blue Star (small service fee).

  8. Buying Ferry Tickets for Same Day Travel

    Hi Dave,
    We are arriving at Athens airport around midday on 13th July and want to catch the Blue Star ferry the same day at 1730hrs.
    Should we buy tickets online or can we wait and get them at Atkina at the airport.
    Fiona Mahony
    P.S. Fantastic website- thank you!!

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Greece, Italy, and Everywhere

      You could buy in advance, at Aktina, or at the port. It’s very unlikely (but not absolutely impossible) that that Blue Star ferry will be sold out so any option is reasonable. I would probably book in advance and pick up at the port.

  9. Athens Airport to Mykonos in the Evening

    Hi Dave!

    I’m trying to travel from Athens to Mykonos on Wednesday, March 30. My flight to Athens airport doesn’t get in until 20:25. Is there any way I could still get to Mykonos that night, either by ferry, water taxi, or the like? Thanks.


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Greece, Italy, and Everywhere

      In late March the last ferry leaves Rafina port at 5:30pm and the last flight is at 6:30pm so there’s not way to get to Mykonos that night. You’ll have to catch an early morning ferry (7:00am) or late morning flight (10:45am) the following morning.

  10. Buying Ferry Tickets in Downtown Athens

    Hi Dave

    I am planning on taking a ferry from Athen to Santorini on Wednesday 17 February , are there any booking offices near Syntagma Square and will it be too late to buy the tickets on Tuesday.

    I arrive on Monday.


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Greece, Italy, and Everywhere

      There are many places to buy ferry tickets around Syntagma. Just look for ferry ticket sandwich boards on the sidewalk. All the businesses that sell them are regulated and ticket prices are the same at all. Tuesday is fine for buying tickets for Wednesday (since it’s February).

  11. Able to get ferry tickets at 1am in Athens airport?

    Hi Dave,

    I’ll be flying into Athens on 2 May, 12.45am and I was wondering if I’ll be in time to get ferry tickets to santorini at Athens airport? I’m hoping to get tickets for the 2 May, 7am ferry.

    Thanks in advance for your help!

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Greece, Italy, and Everywhere

      Yes, they have assured me that they’re open 24/7. So, in theory, should be fine.

  12. Ferry from Athens to Santorini in November

    Hi Dave.

    Thank you for your cool postings. It really helps me.
    I’m going to Athens on Nov.17th and plan to go to Santorini on 19th but I can’t find the ferry schedule.
    All the latest schedules show until November 1st only.

    Are there any ferries to Santorini in November…?


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Greece, Italy, and Everywhere

      There will be an early morning Blue Star ferry from Santorini to Athens in November. It’s easy to book after you arrive in Greece.

  13. When to Arrive at the Port to Pickup Tickets?

    Hi Dave,

    Your website is really cool. Thanks for all the information you provided!

    Our flight will arrive the Athens airport on 17 September around 1pm. We are going to spend a day in Athens (staying in the Athens Centre Square Hotel), and ask the hotel to arrange a taxi for us to go to the Piraeus port to take the 7:25am Blue Star ferry on the next day. So, if I buy my tickets online and pick them up at the port, what time should I arrive at the port? I am just wondering will there be a long queue. Or should I just buy the tickets from Aktina when I arrive the airport? Is it too late to buy tickets for the next day ferry?

    Many thanks,

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Greece, Italy, and Everywhere

      I’d plan to arrive at 6:30. There can be long lines but they move quickly. There are good bakeries/sandwich shops just across the street from the Blue Star kiosk that serve better food than on the ferry so if you have a little extra time then pop over there and buy some food for the trip. Yes, you can buy ferry tickets the day before and/or at Aktina.

      1. Buying Tickets Online

        Hi Dave,

        It’s me again…thanks a lot for your advise earlier!
        I am trying to buy the Blue Star ferry tickets online, however when I input the passenger’s name, I am not allowed to have a space in my name. Does the name I input have to be exactly the same as my name on my passport or credit card?

        Thanks again,

        1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Greece, Italy, and Everywhere

          No, ferry tickets are hardly looked at besides date and seat number. They usually just do last name and first initial, but put whatever works for the booking site.

  14. When To Book Ferry Tickets?

    Hi Dave,

    We will be travelling from Rafina to Mykonos on the morning of Monday September 7 and then from Mykonos to Santorini on a fast ferry mid afternoon on Wednesday September 9, 2015. We currently do not have ferry tickets yet and are wondering what would be the best way to get the ferry tickets? Do you recommend prepurchasing the tickets at the airport from the travel agency when we arrive on Sunday evening September 6? Could we wait until the morning to get the tickets on the day at the Rafina port because it would be very early – 6 AM ish? Can we wait until we get to Mykonos to purchase the ferry tickets to Santorini? Or should we try to prebook the tickets and pick up at a travel agency in Athens? I really want to talk to someone before we randomly prebook as I have heard that it can be confusing and difficult. We will actually be in Athens on September 2 and departing again by plane on September 3 for a wedding on Kythira (we are flying to and from Kythira) and then returning to Athens airport on September 6 and staying over in Rafina. We will be flying back from Santorini so we just need the ferry tickets to Mykonos and then to Santorini.
    Thank you so much for all your help!! I love how comprehensive that your website is for novice travellers.

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Greece, Italy, and Everywhere

      Book your ferry tickets when you’re in Athens on September 2. There are many places in Athens to book ferry tickets – or use Aktina at the airport.

  15. Current Situation in Greece for Tourists

    Hi Dave,

    With the recent economic crisis that affected Greece, is it safe to travel to Athens and Santorini? And will business hours be affected as well? ie, Shorter business hours, etc.


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Greece, Italy, and Everywhere

      For tourists everything is running as normal in Greece. No change in business hours.

  16. Athens to Mykonos to Santorini

    Hi Santorini Dave,

    This is Dublin Dave!

    Your website is excellent and very helpful.

    I am flying with my girlfriend from Dublin to Athens on Thursday 9th of July 2015. We arrive around lunchtime.
    The next day Friday 10th of July we will take a ferry to Mykonos and stay there for 5 nights.
    We will then take a ferry from Mykonos to Santorini on Wednesday 15th July and stay there for 3 nights.
    We will take a ferry from Santorini to Athens on Saturday 18th July and fly home to Dublin that night.
    My questions are:
    1. On the day we arrive in Athens should we stay overnight in the city or Piraeus?
    2. How much extra does Aktina charge for booking ferries with them?
    3. Can we book our ferry from Mykonos to Santorini and back to Athens with them?
    4. If we do not book through Aktina can I buy the tickets on the day we arrive in Athens or Piraeus?

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Greece, Italy, and Everywhere

      1. Definitely stay in Athens. It’s fun dining out in Athens at night and easy to get to Piraeus with an early metro train.
      2. A few euros, not much.
      3. Yes.
      4. Yes, but seeing as you’re on a tight schedule I would pre-book your Athens to Mykonos ticket in advance and pickup at the port the morning o departure. The other tickets can be booked on arriving in Greece.

  17. Good Travel Agent in Santorini

    Hai Dave,

    Do you have any recommendation for a reliable Travel Agent in Santorini to pick up and private transfer from and to Hotel. As well as a Local guide service in Santorini?
    Many thanks,

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Greece, Italy, and Everywhere

      Anytime I’ve dealt with Pelican Travel I’ve been impressed but not sure exactly what services they offer. They’re located right on the main street/square in Fira.

  18. Buying Ferry Tickets in Advance

    Is it Possible to buy the ferry ticket for next day, at Aktina of airport? I will be landed at 6PM, 20th March and planned to visit Santorini on the next day (21st). Would it be OK to book budget hotel room along with ferry tickets, at Atkina?

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Greece, Italy, and Everywhere

      Yes, you can buy ferry tickets at Aktina. I would book hotel before arrival though.

  19. Buying Ferry Tickets in Advance

    Is there a price difference between booking tickets for ferries online versus buying them at the airport? I am flying to Athens on 28th April and would be looking to book ferry tickets which will start my journey on 30th april onwards from Athens to Santorini, Santorini to Mykonos, Mykonos to Athens on 7th of May back.

    Can I buy all these legs from the Athens airport? I reach Athens at 20:30. would the kiosk be open at this time?
    Would love to hear your suggestion on this. Your blog has been extremely helpful.

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Greece, Italy, and Everywhere

      There should not be any difference in ticket price as long as you don’t prebook through a travel agency. If it’s pre-booked from the actual ferry companies there won’t be an added charge. You can prebook through Aktina and then pickup from there (but that will have a charge). I’m 98% certain the Aktina kiosk will be open when you arrive (in October they told me the agency was open 24 hours) – but it’s still possible with this being so early in the tourist season that they’re not open. But even if that were the case the Blue Star from Athens to Santorini will not be sold out in late April – just show up at Piraeus before 7am and you’ll be fine. Then the other ferries you could buy as soon as you arrive in Santorini and they will (almost certainly) not be sold out either.

  20. Mykonos to Santorini in January

    Do you know how to get from Mykonos to Santorini in beginning of January?
    Seems like no ferries are available in this time of year…

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Greece, Italy, and Everywhere

      You’re right. There are no ferries between Mykonos and Santorini in January. You’ll have to go via Athens – either by ferry or flight.

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