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by Santorini Dave • Updated: November 21, 2018

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Sunset and caldera view from Belvedere Hotel in Firostefani, Santorini, Greece.

The view from Belvedere Suites in Firostefani, looking northwest towards Imerovigli, Oia, and the sunset.

What is the best hotel in Firostefani?

The best hotel in Firostefani is Tsitouras Collection which is a small intimate hotel with a beautiful pool, great caldera and sunset views, and lots of charm. Unlike most hotels in Santorini the hotel can be accessed without climbing many stairs. It’s located a 15 minute walk from central Fira’s shops, restaurants, and nightlife. There’s a bus stop, a few markets, and several restaurants within steps of the hotel (and the hotels listed below).

Video of Firostefani Hotels

Hotels Shown (in order):
Anteliz Suites
Vallas Villas
Homeric Poems
Belvedere Hotel
Ikastikies Suites
Hotel Galini
Hotel Sofia
Hotel Mylos
Reverie Traditional Apartments
Tsitouras Collection
Sun Rocks
Efterpi Villas
Smaro Studios
Mill Houses Elegant Suites
Dana Villas
Sun Rocks (again)
Villa Ilias
Villa Maria Damigou
Blue Dolphin Apartments
Ira Hotel & Spa

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6 Questions and Comments

  1. Good Hotels in Firostefani

    We are deciding between Homeric Poems and Anteliz Suites. We are a 62 year old couple, looking for a luxurious stay with a great pool and view, but not at the prices of Grace or Cavo Tagoo. Willing to go up to about $600 per night tops. Open to other suggestions in Firostefani.

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      Between the two you’ve chosen, Homeric Poems has the better views, especially from its cliffside pool. But because it is located partway down the side of the caldera, Homeric Poems also has a whole lot more stairs to climb getting from your room to the hotel facilities and from the hotel to the path into town. Anteliz Suites sits at the top of the caldera and offers fantastic views and a great pool, with fewer stairs in the hotel itself and to the main walking path into the village.

  2. Best Firostefani Hotels for Honeymoon

    Hello Dave,
    Just read a lot of your post and your a HUGE help!!
    Firostefani is where we need your help with.
    Any 2-3 HOTEL choices and recommendations for newlyweds. Great views Romantic not that many children

    Thank you,

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      Belvedere, Homeric Poems, and Tsitouras would all be great for a honeymoon hotel in Firostefani.

  3. Where To Stay in Firostefani

    Hi Dave,
    Married couple looking for budget hotel (less than $200) in Firostefani with caldera view and private balcony, breakfast included, for 3-5 nights beginning of October. Pool would be bonus, but not necessary. Smaro Studios, Santorini View, Villa Fegari your thoughts – we are leaning towards Smaro.
    Any other suggestions?
    Love your site!
    Kim Smith

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      Those are all great places with wonderful views. Smaro has a small plunge pool. Fegari has a lot of steps (could be a problem for travelers that have mobility issues). Another place to look at is Villa Ilias which has great views and a small pool. (It also has the fewest steps as it’s on the main path not down the side stairways.)

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