The Best Imerovigli Hotels

Updated December 10, 2016

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What is the best hotel in Imerovigli?

The best hotel in Imerovigli is Grace Santorini which has amazing views of the caldera, stunning suites, and the largest infinity pool on Santorini. Astra Suites is the best family-friendly hotel in Imerovigli. Tholos Resort is less expensive but still has great views and Sophia Suites is the best new hotel in Imerovigli.

  • Astra Suites – A cliffside perch offers incredible views. Great pool, friendly staff, kitchenettes in all rooms. (Hotel phone: +30 2286 023641)Reviews
  • Grace Santorini – The best swimming pool and deck along the caldera. Each suite is unique and very charming (many have private plunge pools). The villa is utterly fantastic, has a private pool, and allows kids – the rest of the hotel is adults only. (Hotel phone: +30 2286 021300)Reviews
  • Chromata Hotel – Fantastic in every way. Stunning pool and wonderful service. (Hotel phone: +30 2286 024850)Reviews
  • Tholos Resort – Wonderful hotel with great views and a small pool. (Hotel phone: +30 2286 022618)Reviews
  • Absolute Bliss – Incredible caldera views looking north towards Oia and the sunset. Nice pool. (Hotel phone: +30 2286 021310)Reviews
  • Sophia Suites – A brand new hotel with great views, beautiful suites, and a magical vibe. Most rooms have their own private outdoor jacuzzi. (Hotel phone: +30 22860 21181)Reviews
  • Dreams Luxury Suites – These are drop-dead gorgeous suites. Romantic, picturesque, and quiet (located just outside of Imerovigli). Incredible views of the caldera. All rooms have private balconies and jacuzzis. Breakfast delivered to your room every morning. (Hotel phone: +30 2286 028787)Reviews
  • Aqua Luxury Suites – Large suites, some with plunge pool or hot tub, and all with above average privacy for Santorini. Located right on the caldera with great views. (Hotel phone: +30 2286 023107)Reviews

Video of Imerovigli Hotels

Hotels Shown (in order):
Pegasus Suites (formerly Angels and Stars)
Aeolos Studios and Suites
Chromata Hotel
Iconic Santorini
Sun Rocks Hotel
Santorini Mansion
Irinis Villa Resort
Nefeli Homes
Senses Boutique Hotel
Veranda View
Kallisto Hotel
Caldera’s Apartments
Gorgona Villas
Altana Traditional Houses and Suites
Arc Houses
Sunny Villas
Spilotica Villas on the Cliff
Grace Santorini
Annio Furnished Flats
Tholos Resort
Astra Suites
Kapari Natural Resort
Thea Apartments
Gold Suites
White Hotel
Dreaming View Suites
Abyssanto Suites
Langas Villas
Villa Lukas
Above Blue
Absolute Bliss
Kasimatis Studios
Ampelonas Apartments
Galaxy Suites
Remezzo Villas
Afroessa Hotel
Avaton Resort and Spa

119 Questions and Comments

  1. Gold Suites in Santorini - Location and View

    Hi Dave…thanks for all of the information you’ve provided here – huge help! We’re travelling to Santorini next July 2018…staying 6 nights. Looking for good options to stay. We’ve heard good things regarding the Gold Suites view and service. Could you provide your thoughts on Gold Suites, such as location/vicinity to restaurants, how old/new and any other info you may have.
    Christie Johnson

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Greece, Italy, and Everywhere

      Great hotel with straight-on sunset views towards Oia. Excellent restaurants are minutes away (Avocado just up the stairs and Mezzo and Athenian House a short walk in the opposite direction along the caldera path).

  2. Vasilicos in Santorini

    Dave, do you have any feedback on the Vasilicos? Thank you.

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Greece, Italy, and Everywhere

      Great place. Small hotel (only 6 or 7 units) with great caldera views. It’s got a heated pool (one of the few on the island). It’s a converted home and has that feel.

  3. On The Cliff Hotel

    Santorini Dave,

    My Wife and I are going to Santorini for our Honeymoon next month and are considering staying at the On The Cliff Hotel in Oia. Is this hotel recommended? Looks like a very nice hotel with amazing views along with rooms with private Jacuzzi tubs which is always nice.

    Chris Dumesnil

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Greece, Italy, and Everywhere

      Sorry, I’m not familiar with this hotel.

  4. Mythique Villas in Santorini

    Hi Dave
    Do you have any idea about Mythique Villas? Do you think it would be a good property to stay in for a honeymoon couple?
    Eitika Munot

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Greece, Italy, and Everywhere

      Very nice place with wonderful views but a little isolated with few shops and restaurants close by (about a 15 minute walk to section of Oia with places to eat, 25 minutes to where you watch the sunset). There are some closer restaurants in Finikia but they’re not along the caldera. You’re right on the Fira-Oia footpath and it’s about a one hour walk to Imerovigli if you headed in the opposite direction of Oia.

  5. Above Blue Suites or Tholos

    Hey Dave

    Which hotel will be your pick between Above Blue Suites and Tholos Resort? I will be coming from a long flight so this first day need a very pretty looking white interior romantic hotel to relax with Caldera view followed by breakfast in private balcony. I won’t get jacuzzi in this price range but will compromise on that, unless you suggest any other option in the area in same price range. Thanks. I’m booked for May 10th arrival this year.

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Greece, Italy, and Everywhere

      Both are nice with great views but Above Blue is a bit more luxurious.

  6. Astra Suites or Honeymoon Petra Villas

    Hello, Dave!

    I am wondering what your opinion is on Honeymoon Petra Villas vs Astra Suites?

    Or do you have a better recommendation?

    This will be for our honeymoon, so we are looking for a place where we can sit on our patio and enjoy good views with good drinks with a relative amount of privacy (considering it is santorini).

    Thanks so much!


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Greece, Italy, and Everywhere

      Both are great but you do need to be careful with what suite you book at Honeymoon Petra Villas as rooms are spread out in different areas and some are tiny. Better to book at Astra if you’re going with the cheaper rooms. Both have great views of caldera but Honeymoon Petra doesn’t really have sunset views (sort of from a few spots but not from the rooms for the most part).

  7. Gold Suites?

    Hi Dave. Great information!
    What are your thoughts on Gold Suites vs. other hotels in that price range? We are planning on visiting next September and noticed some of the pools and Jacuzzis are not heated. Do we need to look for something heated at that time of year?
    Also – if we wanted to spend another 3 nights on an island with more of a beach feel, what island and hotel would you recommend? We were thinking maybe Crete?
    Thank you!

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Greece, Italy, and Everywhere

      I’m pretty sure the main pool at Gold Suites is unheated but the private jacuzzis for the suites are heated. (This is similar to almost all hotels on Santorini.) For a great hotel on a beautiful beach try Ios Palace Hotel – on Ios about a 50 minute ferry ride from Santorini.

  8. Hotel with Private Balcony on Santorini

    Hi Dave,

    Thanks for all the info on your site. It’s very useful.

    What I’ve noticed about the hotels in Santorini is that unless you’re located in a room on the highest level/at the top, others can always look down onto you when you’re on your balcony. But even at the top, people can see into your balcony when they’re walking up the staircases.

    Is there any hotel that you can recommend that offers the most privacy, in terms of no one being able to look onto your balcony? I’m looking into booking Astra Suites, possibly a Superior Suite. I’m mainly interested in sunset views and I like the central location of Imerovigli.


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Greece, Italy, and Everywhere

      The patios at Absolute Bliss have more privacy than Astra (and most other hotels in Imerovigli). That said, I prefer Astra.

  9. Andrew

    Hi Dave,

    Just wondering if you could help me choose between these 2 hotels on Santorini: Hotel Galini in Firostefani and Vinsanto Villas in Imerovigli. We’re traveling in mid-June and will only be staying for 3 nights; obviously we want to make the most of our short stay.

    Thanks for any insight you can give.

  10. Honeymoon Petra Villas on Santorini

    Dave, really appreciate the insights.

    We are going to Santorini in July for our honeymoon. What do you think of the Honeymoon Petra Villas, did not see this mentioned above. Looking for clean and relaxing hotel with super views, but also walking to eat and explore the island. For the money, would you recommend anywhere else as better value?

    – Aaron Parola

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Greece, Italy, and Everywhere

      Honeymoon Petra Villas have a wonderful location with incredible views. There are many restaurants within an 8 minute walk. Fira (nightlife and more restaurants) is about 15 minutes by foot. The less expensive rooms are very small here so either get one of the suites or villas, or come with the expectation that it’s all about the views and not the room.

  11. Pegasus or Astra Suites for Honeymoon

    Good morning Dave,
    Thank you for sharing all this about the different hotels in Santorini. However, we are going for our honeymoon in June and I am wondering which hotel to choose: Pegasus Suites or Astra Suites (better view and location).

    Kind regards,

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Greece, Italy, and Everywhere

      Astra is the better hotel but both are wonderful. Pegasus is 5 to 8 minutes closer by foot to Fira, which can make a difference for convenience. Astra is set within the winding paths of Imerovigli and has a more magical setting (though there is more walk-by traffic). The view from both is spectacular – but different.

  12. San Antonio Resort in Santorini

    Hi Dave
    Great site and wished I’d discovered it before booking our holiday. We are staying at the San Antonio in Imerovigli in June for 10 nights and now I am worried it is going to be too isolated. I knew it was outside of the village but reading some reviews on trip advisor, they say we will need a car. Whilst we are quite fit for our age (both in 60’s) and don’t mind walking, we don’t want to drive everywhere either. Can we walk to decent restaurants from our hotel and is there a decent taxi and bus service to other areas?

    Kind regards

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Greece, Italy, and Everywhere

      The good news is that the San Antonio is a beautiful hotel with incredible views. You’ll love the hotel itself. But yes, it can feel a little isolated and there is not much within a short walk. Imerovigli is the closest town and has several wonderful restaurants but it’s a good walk (perhaps 20 to 30 minutes). It’s a beautiful walk and fine one-way, say, walking in for dinner, but the return walk (especially in the dark) will likely feel like more of a hassle. Finding taxis on the island is notoriously difficult. They’re around but there are not a lot of them and finding them when you need them (or when a ferry is arriving or departing, which is often) can feel impossible. The bus is a better bet. There’s a bus stop just outside the hotel with buses going in both directions (north towards Oia, and south towards Imerovigli and Fira). The buses run regularly, but often by the time they get to the San Antonio (in either direction) they are packed. You’ll still get on but be prepared to be smushed in. The hotel should really have a shuttle bus, not sure why a luxury hotel located out here doesn’t. Of course, if you rent a car that takes care of most of these issues but then it makes it hard to enjoy a bottle of wine with dinner (which seems like a necessity when you’re on Santorini).

  13. Junior Suite with Jacuzzi vs Honeymoon Suite at Pegasus

    Hi Dave
    I have booked our 2 week honeymoon at the Pegasus Suites in Santorini in a Junior Room with jacuzzi. Is it worth paying extra c £700 to upgrade to the Honeymoon Suite? I cannot see much difference to justify the price, except that the room is slightly bigger?

    Any advice is appreciated

    Kind Regards

    Charles Wong

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Greece, Italy, and Everywhere

      The room size is bigger (377 ft square vs 323) and the positioning of the jacuzzi. In the Honeymoon Suite it’s right up against the edge so you can view the caldera. In the Junior Suite it’s towards the back of the patio with chairs in front. Personally, I’d upgrade, but I agree it’s not a huge difference.

  14. Aelia by Eltheon

    Hi Dave we have booked our flights for June and don’t want to spend a fortune on accommodation. If I’m honest I’m split between where to stay as we love our days round the pool, a spot of sightseeing but more so enjoy eating out every night and that’s where we choose to spend our money.

    I have found a hotel that’s really cheap called Aelia by Eltheon. For its price the review seem really strong however I was wondering your thoughts on it?

    Is it close to good food places or would you recommend against it?

    Otherwise we have a budget of around £2000 and want a hotel that is decent and clean with a nice pool close to good restaurants.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    Thanks James

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Greece, Italy, and Everywhere

      Nice hotel but no caldera view. Lots of good restaurants within a very short walk.

  15. Avista Suites or Dome Santorini

    Hi Dave! Great site 🙂 it’s been very helpful.

    I’m planning my honeymoon for the month of June in Santorini and can’t decide between Avista Suites or Dome Santorini resort; they are both within the same price range. What would you recommend?


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Greece, Italy, and Everywhere

      Avista is the much better choice. Great views and located in central Imerovigli with many good restaurants just out the door. Dome does not have caldera views (it looks east, not west) and does not have much nearby.

  16. Senses Boutique Hotel

    Hi Dave,

    Great site. Planning a first time trip to Santorini at end of April for 4 nights with husband and two teenagers. Came across Senses Boutique hotel on as the Master Cave suite can accommodate all of us for what seems a very reasonable price. What are your thoughts on this hotel? Or would you recommend anything else? It wouldn’t be a problem for us to take two rooms somewhere as long as it didn’t work out more expensive. Also, just wondering about the weather at this time of year, would we need a jacket if walking around at night? Many thanks, Julie Darling

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Greece, Italy, and Everywhere

      Senses is very nice. Good pool too. It’s slightly back from the caldera – it’s not one of the hotels that is down the cliff, it’s back just a little. Still great views. (No sunset view though.)

  17. Nefeli Homes in Imerovigli

    Hi Dave,

    We are looking at Nefeli Homes standard room for a 4 night stay in the middle of July ($325 euro for 4 nights which seems amazing value). Do you have an opinion on that hotel?? Are there better options around for similar $$ Basically we are after a decent pool with views of the Caldera. We wan’t to be out and about or simply lounging by the pool during the day so the room isn’t a high priority. Tim

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Greece, Italy, and Everywhere

      Nefeli Homes has a great location in Imerovigli. Love the view from here looking south and at Fira and the volcano (though you can’t see the sunset from Nefeli). And the pool is very small, more like a plunge pool, but good for a dip to cool off.

  18. Remezzo Villas, Vallais Villa, Irida Studios in Imerovigli

    Hi Dave
    Thanks for this great site. After spending a week on Crete with the family, we are looking for a reasonably priced hotel with a great view in Imerovigli in August for our first trip to Santorini. We like Remezzo Villas, but were wandering if you know anything about Vallais Villa and Irida Studios? Please could you comment about their relative locations. Thanks

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Greece, Italy, and Everywhere

      These are all wonderful places with great views – can’t really say which one is best. Remezzo is on the north side of Imerovigli (and thus the longest walk to Fira, if that was of interest). The view from here looks towards Oia and the sunset. Vallais is right within Imerovigli and looks out on Skaros Rock. Also has a good sunset view but the least amount of privacy of the 3 hotels. Irida is slightly to the south of Imerovigli and looks more southerly with less of a direct sunset view. It’s the closest of the 3 to Fira.

  19. Remezzo or Abyssanto


    We are recent retirees in 60’s from Australia and trying to decide between these 2 to book for next June. We saw you excellent walking tour video just now and they seem to be close. Remezzo is more expensive, but can’t work out exactly why so what is the point of difference and which would you recommend. We love walking and don’t mind steps Love your website, so much information.
    Frank McDonald

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Greece, Italy, and Everywhere

      Both have a great location and views. Remezzo a little more luxurious.

      1. Frank McDonald

        Thanks Dave, as the location and views are about the same, we will probably go with the cheaper option and spend our savings on dining out for our 3 nights on Santorini. We are also spending 3 nights each on Mykonos and Naxos. We are looking at Portobello Hotel on Mykonos and Grotta Hotel on Naxos. What do you think of those ?

        1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Greece, Italy, and Everywhere

          Both are nice hotels. The location of Grotta is a little out of the way for walking to the town beach (but great for catching a bus to the other beaches on the island and an easy walk to restaurants along the port).

  20. Boutique 28 or Pantheon Villas

    Hi Dave

    Please help we’re going round in circles! Cannot decide between staying in kamari at Boutique 28 hotel or Pantheon Villas. It says Pantheon Villas is off the beaten track. I just wondered if you knew of this hotel and how far from any nightlife etc it is?

    Thank you

    David Bareham

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Greece, Italy, and Everywhere

      Pantheon Villas is a 10 minute walk north of Imerovigli along the beautiful caldera foot path. I would much prefer to stay here than in Kamari. 28 Hotel is a 5 minute walk from the beach front and restaurants. Nice hotel and beach but you’re not on the caldera which is why you come to Santorini.

  21. Absolute Bliss or Sophia Suites

    Hello Dave, Your website has been an incredibly help, my husband and I are heading to Santorini next August for our 25th
    anniversary. I have booked Absolute Bliss (Honeymoon Suite) but I also like the look of Sophia Suites. I can cancel Absolute Bliss, what are your thoughts on a junior suite at Sophia?
    Angela Hartley

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Greece, Italy, and Everywhere

      I like the suites and the feel of Sophia Suites better and they have more character. Absolute Bliss does have more privacy though.

  22. Aris Caves, Avianto Suites, or Aliko Suites

    Hello SantoriniDave,

    Love the site! been doing our research for next summer 2016..

    We are tossing up between Aris Caves, Avianto Suites, and Aliko Suites as they had similar price points.

    We were looking for a suite with 1. cliff top view, 2. authentic feel (yet with modern amenities), and private outdoor hot tub. Which hotel would you recommend?

    Did you have any other recommendations that fit this? Happy with either Oia, Fira, or Imerovigli.


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Greece, Italy, and Everywhere

      Of those 3 great hotels I would go with Aris Caves. A charming wonderful place that is in the heart of Oia yet away from the main strip so you’re not bothered by people peering into your space. But 2 caveats: there are a lot of steps to get down to Aris (100+) and Aris doesn’t have sunset views (it’s less than a 10 minute walk to get to the most popular sunset viewing spot).

  23. Above Blue on Santorini

    Hi Dave,

    We are going to Santorini next June for 5 days and thanks to your invaluable website we’ve decided to stay in Imerovigli. We wanted to stay somewhere quiet with a great view and a spacious terrace, without being terribly overlooked. We are going to celebrate our Wedding Anniversary and these apartments have everything we want in budget. Do you know the Above Blue Suites and do you think they will suit us? Any other apartments/small villa recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks and keep up the good work!
    Kay Sellick

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Greece, Italy, and Everywhere

      Above Blue is a great hotel. Central with good restaurants a short walk away. But the way the paths are laid out in Imerovigli you don’t get the walk-by traffic that other hotels get. Great view looking north towards the sunset.

  24. Santorini Princess in Imerovigli or Akrotiri

    Hi Dave
    I booked Santorini Princess Spa apartments for 3 nights in October for our honeymoon – we were then offered an upgraded to Santorini Princess Presidential Suites in Akrotiri which I jumped at but am now wondering if we were too hasty. It sounds like Akrotiri is very isolated and we’d need a car (which we weren’t planning for our stay) and would miss out on some features like the in-house spa at the spa apartments, the restaurant, some nice walks and the ‘best views on the island’. Should we have stayed with our first booking rather than being seduced by the upgrade? We’ll also be spending 2 nights in Oia and 3 nights in Mykonos.

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Greece, Italy, and Everywhere

      I imagine the Presidential Suite is more luxurious but you’re right, not a great location. If you were only interested in sitting by the pool then Akrotiri is a good choice (though still not necessarily the best) but if you want to get out and do stuff and enjoy the villages along the caldera then Akrotiri is not a good location. I would try to revert back to the original booking but it might be hard, as I imagine their “upgrade” was because they’re fully booked in Imerovigli. (Sorry for being the bearer of bad news.)

  25. Astra / Architect's House

    Great site!. My wife and children were in Santorini 8 years ago and stayed at the Astra Suites. It was one of the most incredible experiences we’ve had traveling. My kids still talk about the “cave” hotel and how much they loved it.
    We’re now empty nesters and want to come back in September 2016 with 4 friends who have never been to Santorini. We’re looking for luxury and view. Would you continue to recommend Astra or do you have another recommendation? I’m also interested in the Architect’s House that is associated with Astra. I don’t believe it’s in the same area of the hotel but it looks perfect for 3 couples. I’d appreciate any suggestions you may have. We loved Imerovigli but would be willing to look elsewhere if you think the experience would be better.

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Greece, Italy, and Everywhere

      As much as I love Astra I would stay somewhere else and have a different experience – there are so many great places to stay on Santorini. The Architect’s House is wonderful and would be perfect for 3 couples as long as you’re ok with not having any nearby restaurants – everything is a bus, taxi, or car ride away.

  26. Imerovigli - Caldera's Majesty

    Hi Dave – awesome site, love it. Going to Santorini in mid-October for a 3-night stay and looking to stay in Imerovigli for the tranquility and views. Trying to decide between a few places to stay: Caldera’s Majesty, Afroessa and Veranda View. Didnt see any mention here about the first place, and im trying to find out more. Any thoughts about it, and about the differences between the three of them (location within Imerovigli, views, accessibility, etc)? Basically looking for a simple place with nice accomodations and awesome views. All 3 seem to have pretty good reviews. Thanks!

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Greece, Italy, and Everywhere

      All nice places with Afroessa being the most luxurious. They do have different views. Veranda View is in south Imerovigli and looks south towards Fira and the volcano (and does not have sunset views). Caldera’s Majesty is in central Imerovigli and looks out onto Skaros Rock and Thirassia. Afroessa is in north Imerovigli and looks primarily towards Oia and the sunset.

  27. Santorini in Late November

    Hi Dave,

    Love your website. We are coming to Santorini in late November and staying in Imeroviglia. We know it will be really quiet as it’s off season, but honestly that’s what we like. We are there for a week and plan to simply wander around. I was wondering though — does the public bus service run year round (hoping so, even if it’s a less frequent schedule)? We never like to get a car if we can avoid it — we much prefer to walk where possible, and do the bus when we get worn out. Also, do you think there will still be bike or scooter rentals available at that time of year should we opt for that?

    Thanks for the advice — I have a hard time finding info about this type of thing for the off-season.

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Greece, Italy, and Everywhere

      Yes, the bus will still be running in November (reduced schedule) and you can still rent a bike or scooter (probably in Fira).

  28. Dreams Luxury Suites

    hi Dave,

    I’m currently working with Fantasy Travel right now to plan my honeymoon in Santorini next June. They’ve recommended Dream Luxury Suites. The photos look wonderful, but I don’t seem to see it on your list of hotels anywhere. What are your thoughts on it? I’m also looking into Hotel White in Imerovigli… Any thoughts on that one? We’d like to have one with a volcano view and a private pool outside. I believe both those hotels offer that?

    Thank you!!

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Greece, Italy, and Everywhere

      Dreams is wonderful (I’ve been updating my picks for 2016 and just added it to my list of favorites). It’s on the path between Imerovigli and Firostefani. Views are breathtaking. Villa Ariadne is one of the best suites on Santorini. Stunning. There are no sunset views from Dreams though. White is also nice but not nearly as luxurious. It sits on the north side of Imerovigli, looks towards Oia, and does have sunset views.

  29. Adore Hotel in Santorini

    Hi Dave..Thank you for the useful information you have provided on the website. I’m going with my husband for a 4-night stay
    in Imerovigli. We already booked in Adore Santorini Hotel, but after I booked I realized that it’s far from everything. Since there is no going back now can you please tell me the best way to spend these 5 days so that we can see Oia and Fira and probably Kamari. Shall we rent a car? What long does it take to reach Fira and Oia from the hotel? and the center of Imerovigli?

    Thank you so much.


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Greece, Italy, and Everywhere

      Adore Hotel is a 10 minute walk from Imerovigli. There is a bus stop a few minutes from the hotel with buses heading in both directions (Oia and Fira). To walk to Fira would take about an hour from Adore (longer coming back as it’s all uphill). Renting a car would be a good idea but doesn’t need to be fore the entire 5 days – explore on foot and bus for 3 days and rent a car for 2 days when you can go to the beaches, wineries, Pyrgos, and Akrotiri.

  30. Sophia Suites in Imerovigl

    Dave…What can you tell us about Sophia Suites? Is Sophia Suites within walking distance of restaurants? Is it clean? Etc?

    Thank you!!

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Greece, Italy, and Everywhere

      Sophia Suites is wonderful. And yes, clean, for sure. There are 6 to 8 restaurants within a 5 minute walk (with some stairs, of course).

  31. Caldera View vs Volcano View

    Hi Dave,

    I am confused. What is the difference between a caldera view and a volcano view?


    Irene Martin

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Greece, Italy, and Everywhere

      The terms “caldera view” and “volcano view” are usually used interchangeably but if there was a distinction a view of the volcano would look southwards towards the newer volcano on Nea Kameni. A caldera view might look more northerly (towards Oia) and not include a direct view of the volcano island – but most caldera views will include a view of the volcano.

  32. Aqua Luxury Suites, San Antonio, or Heliotopos

    Hi Dave,

    What an amazing site, with such a wealth of information in one place!!

    Had a question for you.

    Not much available right now in Oia and Imerovigli for August. We just booked a loft suite at the Aqua Luxury Suites in Imerovigli. I was disappointed to read that they have a *partial* view. Was wondering if I should instead switch to San Antonio or to Heliotopos instead?

    Would prefer to have a private plunge pool or hot tub. Please advise, your insight would be much appreciated.


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Greece, Italy, and Everywhere

      San Antonio is wonderful if you don’t mind the isolation. The views from Heliotopos are great and it’s right in Imerovigli. Hope that helps.

  33. Ilioperato, Ampelonas, or Kasimatis in Imerovigli

    Hi Dave,
    The website is very helpful. We particularly like the video showing the hotels and its locations. We are looking at Santorini for next summer. We have temporarily booked Ampelonas, but are a little concerned about the privacy at the pool as it is right where the footpath is. Between Ilioperato, Ampelonas, and Kasimatis, which one would you recommend?

    p.s. is great. It is the only website that we book hotels far out in advance.

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Greece, Italy, and Everywhere

      Out of those 3 I like Kasimatis the best (Full disclosure: I am writing this from the cave apartment at Kasimatis). The rooms have the most character and the swimming pool has the most privacy. The pool at Ilioperato is the smallest of the 3 and is on the lower footpath with just as little privacy as Ampelonas. Perhaps owing to the limited privacy, you always seem to have the pool at Ampelonas to yourself.

  34. Sunny Villas or Andromeda Villas

    Hi Dave, Just found your awesome website. We are a family of 4, I was told its best to stay in Imerovigli. Hotels for 4 at this time are limited. Sunny Villas and Andromeda Villas seem to have availability. Do you suggest one over the other or have any suggestions. Your help is greatly appreciated. Tnanks


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Greece, Italy, and Everywhere

      I just walked by both hotels this morning and snapped these photos.

      View of caldera from Andromeda hotel in Imerovigli.

      Sunny Villas
      View of caldera and Skaros Rock from Sunny Villas in Imerovigli.

      Both are nice places. Andromeda is easier to access from the main square/parking area, Sunny Villas requires more steps. Andromeda (generally) has more privacy whereas Sunny Villas feels more in the thick of the village with stairwells leading in and around it. That said, they’re just a 5 minute walk from each other so there are not night and day differences with location. Sunny Villas looks straight out on Skaros Rock, Andromeda has a more direct view of Oia perched out on the tip of the island.

  35. Santorini Princess in Imerovigli

    Hello dave! this website is so, so helpful!

    We have recently planned a trip this September and finding places that have the view we want with the price we want is a bit tough since many of the hotels seem to be booked.

    We are currently looking at the Santorini Princess in Imerovigli if they have availability. what are your thoughts?

    Thanks much,

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Greece, Italy, and Everywhere

      The Santorini Princess is a beautiful hotel with wonderful views (sunset and caldera). The only caveat is that it’s a 15 to 20 minute walk from Imerovigli (which is quiet itself) and there isn’t much nearby. There is a bus stop and renting a car is easy to get around the island but you won’t be walking out your door and choosing from a variety of restaurants like you would be in the other caldera towns (Oia, Imerovigli, Firostefani, or Fira).

  36. Anastasis Hotel in Santorini

    We’re planning a trip to Santorini for September 2016. I’ve been there before but it is my friend’s first time there. I want him to have the same amazing experience I had when I first visited. So, I’m searching for a very nice hotel that is cliff side. The last time I stayed at Astra Suites and it was fantastic. The suite had a private infinity pool. This time I’m considering Anastasis Apartments but want to feel comfortable of the selection. The room we are considering is on the second level and it is called the Anastasis Suite accommodations. I’m surprised it does not appear anywhere on your site. What is your suggestion? Is it comparable relative to quality, cleanliness, service, location, view, food, etc. Is it cliff side? How would you rate it compared to others in this side of town? If not comparable, what other hotels would you suggest? I do love the idea of a private terrace with a private Jacuzzi.

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Greece, Italy, and Everywhere

      Wonderful hotel. Great if you want privacy and semi-seclusion but not close to much else so you can feel a little isolated. It’s a 15 to 20 minute walk to Imerovigli along the footpath. There is a bus stop nearby with buses to both Oia and Fira but most people rent a car when they stay here. This has a very different feel than Astra – you don’t have any neighbors and there aren’t the village stairs leading this way and that way all around the hotel.

  37. Rooms on Airbnb

    Hi Dave,

    Great great web site and info. I am going to spend 4 nights in Santorini with my boyfriend and we are looking for something less than 80 Euro a night with a nice view and can’t seem to find anything good on Airbnb. Any recommendations?

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Greece, Italy, and Everywhere

      Airbnb is good for long term stays (over a week or two) and typically does not have a lot of view rentals. Rooms on Airbnb usually need to be booked well in advance too. For finding hotels is the best for Santorini.

  38. 5 Days in Greece

    Hi Dave ,

    Just came across your website and think it’s fabulous for novice like me. I’m an Australian doing my 1st trip (solo) to Europe next month. I decided to finish by trip by spending 5 DAYS IN Greece (saving the best to the last)
    I will be flying to Santorini from Barcelona on 9th June afternoon and then flying out of Athens back home on 13th noon.
    I was hoping if you can advise me on how to make most of my Greece experience. I’m 30 year young  love meeting new people making friends , doing adventure activities in nature, experiencing culture , cuisines, and some solitude time .I’m not into too much history or beach. I was thinking
    Option A – Stay in Santorini till 12th morning (3 nights), & then fly to Athens and spend 12th whole day & Night there and fly to Sydney on 13th Noon
    Option B – Stay in Santorini till 11th morning (2 nights), & then fly to Athens and spend 11TH – 12th 2 days & Nights there and fly to Sydney on 13th Noon
    Option B – Stay in Santorini till 11th noon (2 nights), take a ferry to Mykonos ,stay there for a night (11th night) & then fly to Athens next day 12th , see bit of Athens and spend 12th Night in Athens and fly to Sydney on 13th Noon.
    I would prefer to spend more time in Santorini but fear what if I get bored. I don’t know if Athens is worth 2nights?Being the last leg of my tour I want to make it the best.
    Can you recommend a good budget accommodation close to views and happening areas.
    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
    Many Thanks

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Greece, Italy, and Everywhere

      I would do the 2 nights in Santorini, 1 night in Mykonos, and 1 night in Athens option. Mykonos Town is great fun and one of the best places to meet people (in a night) in Greece.

  39. Remezzo Villas or Pegasus Suites

    Hey Dave,

    I am going to be in Santorini August 7-11 for my honeymoon. I am deciding between Remezzo Villas and Pegasus Suites. I know you have previously indicted that both are good hotels, but do you have a preference?

    Also, would that time of the year likely be too hot to take advantage of a private jacuzzi? Thanks for the help!

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Greece, Italy, and Everywhere

      The views are different. Remezzo looks north towards Oia and has a more direct view of the sunset. Pegasus looks into the southern part of the caldera – still pretty great. It’s about 10 minutes quicker to get from Pegasus to Fira than from Remezzo to Fira.

      Jacuzzis are not hot tubs (though even I sometimes use the words interchangeably). Most “jacuzzis” are more like a cool plunge pool.

      1. How about Tholos?

        Thank you so much for the recommendation! I really don’t know how people would be able to plan Santorini trips without your site.

        Another hotel I was considering was Tholos Resort. What would your thoughts be regarding Tholos v. Remezzo? I would be in a junior suite at each place.

        Thanks for the help!

        1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Greece, Italy, and Everywhere

          Tholos is lower down the cliff than Remezzo and has a straight-on view of Skaros Rock. It neighbors 2 of the best hotels in Imerovigli: Astra and Grace. Both hotels have great sunset views.

  40. Dome Santorini Resort in Imerovigli

    Hi Dave,
    Great site!

    Struggling to decide between a couple of hotels for my honeymoon is early September.
    I currently have bookings in the Dreaming View Suites (yellow suite) and Dome Santorini Resort.

    Dreaming View looks great, has the caldera view and is amongst the hustle and bustle of all the other hotels.
    However, I stumbled across the Dome Santorini Resort on and it seems to have just opened up. It looks stunning, but is a little further from Imerovigli town and also a little more expensive.

    Was wondering if you’d heard anything about Dome Santorini Resort as there are literally no online reviews and their website is pretty vague. Priority is to have an unobstructed caldera view and to be able to sit back and enjoy the sunset, so just want to make sure I pick the right hotel.

    Would love to hear your thoughts on this!

    Thanks and best regards,
    Fahad M

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Greece, Italy, and Everywhere

      The Dome Santorini website says it’s “on the east side, facing the amazing sunrise” – meaning it looks towards the east and will not have caldera views.

  41. Nur Asri

    Dave. Your website is so wonderful, so so wonderful that i just couldn’t thank you enough. I know it has been months since my honeymoon but i’d rather be later than never!

    My wife and i had our honeymoon at Aqua Luxury Suites in Imerovigli from 25th November to 29th November 2014. We were deciding either Aqua Luxury or Absolute Bliss, and we end up with the former! Aqua Luxury pampered us until we just couldn’t thank them enough! OMG. Oh, and thanks to your great advice, which we kept referring to while we are at Santorini, we visited most of the places you advised us to visit in Santorini! And…

    We’re heading back to Santorini in November 2015 for our 1st anniversary, this time….. with our cute little joy! There’s 3 of us! ;D Hehehe Thank you for all the info Dave, keep up with all your excellent continuous updates and I’m pretty sure people from ALL OVER THE WORLD will come to this website for the latest infos on Santorini! You’re like our online tour guide!

    Take care, and hope to see you in Santorini on 2nd November! =D

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Greece, Italy, and Everywhere

      Thanks Nur. I’m glad I could be a help.

  42. Porto Fira or Andromeda Villas

    Hi Dave, we are heading to Santorini in Oct this year for our honeymoon.
    We are torn between Porto Fira Suites and Andromeda Villas.
    We are looking for places with great views and new rooms.
    Any suggestion?

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Greece, Italy, and Everywhere

      Both are very nice with quite different locations. Porto Fira is in Fira and down the steps below the center of the town. Good views. Andromeda is in the much quieter town of Imerovigli (about 25 to 30 minute walk from Fira). Also great views and a clearer look at the sunset.

  43. Ambassador Aegean Luxury Hotel and Suites


    Great site ! I was just wondering what your thoughts are on Akrotiri? I haven’t seen it mentioned on your page and am a bit skeptical. I’m looking at a hotel there ‘Ambassador Aegean Luxury Hotel and Suites’.

    Thank you ! 🙂


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Greece, Italy, and Everywhere

      Akrotiri is a good distance from the main towns of Santorini. You’ll likely want to rent a car if you stay out here. The Ambassador is a nice hotel but has little within walking distance.

  44. Iliovasilema Hotel & Suites in Imerovigli

    Thoughts on Iliovasilema Suites?

    Thanks Dave!


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Greece, Italy, and Everywhere

      Great location and great views in Imerovigli. Looks out into the caldera and north towards Oia. Perfect sunset views. Not a luxury hotel like Grace or Astra but nice.

  45. On The Rocks Hotel

    Hi Dave,

    Thanks so much for this helpful site. Do you have any knowledge of the “On the Rocks” hotel in Imerovigli. Our priorities are great views of caldera and sunset. “On the Rocks” fits nicely in our budget but I don’t know how it is for views. Appreciate any advice you can share.


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Greece, Italy, and Everywhere

      Views are wonderful (though sunset views can be partially obscured as it sets into the ocean – but not a big deal, views of the caldera are much more important). This isn’t a 5 star hotel but otherwise a good choice.

  46. San Antonio Hotel

    What about San Antonio…it was one of the few places that still had a honeymoon suite available for our May 29 to June 1 visit.

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Greece, Italy, and Everywhere

      A wonderful hotel but somewhat isolated. Great if you’re looking for quiet and seclusion (and a great pool and views) but there’s not much nearby. You’ll be taking the bus or taxi anytime you want to explore Oia or Fira, restaurants or nightlife. Imerovigli is about a 20 to 30 minute walk away.

      1. Chromata Hotel


        Thanks so much! I was able to get a Honeymoon Suite at Chromata…We’ll be able to walk into Fira from there I think, which will give us better options for things to do. Can we still walk the path from Imerovigli to Oia from Chromata as I think that path is right outside San Antonio?


        1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Greece, Italy, and Everywhere

          Yes, it’s the same path (with little offshoots) that runs from Fira all the way to Oia. The path goes right by Chromate. From Chromata to Fira is a pleasant 20 minute walk. It’s downhill and easy going to Fira. Uphill on the way back to Imerovigli.

  47. Sunny Villas in Imerovigli

    Hello Dave, I just stumbled across this website and what a find! My wife and I are booked at Hotel Sunny Villas for four nights in early July. I would very much appreciate any feedback on the hotel. I have seen mixed reviews and any feedback you can provide would be helpful.


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Greece, Italy, and Everywhere

      Nice simple hotel with cave suites. Incredible views of Skaros Rock, Oia (in the distance), and the sunset. There is a fair bit of foot traffic going by as it’s right on the path that winds along the caldera from Fira to Imerovigli. Lots of steps to get up to Imerovigli for bus or taxi (but no more than many hotels in Imerovigli).

  48. Kasimatis Studios In Imerovigl

    Hi Dave,

    My husband and I are planning a trip in Sept for our honeymoon.
    We are looking to get Kasimatis Studios.
    Your views on that?

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Greece, Italy, and Everywhere

      Great location in Imerovigli a short walk from several hotels. Small but nice pool, incredible views (with sunset). A taxi can pull up almost to the front door – lots of hotels require a walk and a good number of steps to get to from the road, but not Kasimatis.

  49. Rocabella Hotel in Imerovigli

    Hi Dave- Thank you so much for your site. It is WONDERFUL. What are yout thoughts on Rocabella Hotel. I don’t see you mention it at all on your site, but wanted to get your opinion before booking. We are going Aug 15-20. Trying to decide between this hotel or staying in Oia (which is more pricey).

    Thank you!!!!

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Greece, Italy, and Everywhere

      Nice hotel but you are somewhat isolated as Rocabella is not in Imerovigli but a 15/20 minute walk along the caldera path towards Oia. There’s not much around it. The walk into Imerovigli is beautiful and there is a bus stop very close but you’re not walking out your door and grabbing lunch like in Oia.

  50. Altana, Astra, Avianto

    Hi Dave

    My boyfriend and i are visiting Santorini for 3 nights in August, we are tossing up between Altana traditional houses and Astra suites however we can only stay 2 nights at Astra so i was thinking of staying the first night at Avianto do you think this would be too much of a hassle staying at 2 hotels? Our other option would be Atrina traditional houses in Oia what do you think would be our best option or is there anything else you can recommend that primarily has an infinity pool for around the same price as these hotels i have listed .

    Great Website!


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Greece, Italy, and Everywhere

      Switching hotels and experiencing the island from a different location is almost always worth the effort. But … If I were to switch hotels it would be to a new town not just around the corner to a new hotel. So why not do that 3rd night in an Oia hotel.

      1. Altana vs Astra

        Thanks for the advice Dave!! what do you think of Altana as oppose to Astra Suites ?

        1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Greece, Italy, and Everywhere

          Big difference is Altana looks southwest towards Fira and volcano. Astra looks northwest towards Oia and sunset.

  51. Absolute Bliss, Aqua, Regina Mare, or Pegasus

    Hi Dave, thanks for sharing all of your knowledge on Santorini. Your website has definitely been a big help! I am having some difficulty in finalizing our hotel choice. We are looking for a room with a private hot tub and our greatest priority is the view. We have come down to Absolute Bliss (honeymoon suite), Aqua (honeymoon suite), Regina Mare (deluxe suite with outdoor hot tub) and Pegasus (Jr. suite with hot tub) Please let me know what you think is the greatest value, location and view out of all of these. They are all fairly close in price point. Thanks again. We really appreciate your incite as it is a bit overwhelming planning from home.

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Greece, Italy, and Everywhere

      Absolute Bliss would be my choice – and the view is a straight on view of the sunset from one of Imerovigli’s highest points.

  52. Pegasus/Angels and Stars

    Hello Dave,

    First off this site has been a wealth of information, thank you so much! We see that Pegasus was formerly Angels and Stars. Is it different ownership? Has there been actual renovations? Angels and Stars and had a little bit mixed reviews, and it is hard to find many for Pegasus. We are going in May and are worried that the pools may be to cold. Thank you so much in Advance and keep up the good work!

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Greece, Italy, and Everywhere

      The hotel has been fully renovated and is now under new management (though same owners). It has great views and a good location that is an easy walk to Firostefani as well as Imerovigli. In early May pool will likely be too cold. By late May, with a little luck, it might be warm enough to enjoy.

  53. Vinsanto Villas

    Hi Dave,

    Thank you for the detailed information on Santorini. Would you recommend Vinsanto Villas in Imerovigli?

    Thank you!

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Greece, Italy, and Everywhere

      Be prepared for lots of steps but otherwise a great location midway between Firostefani and Imerovigli.

  54. Absolute Bliss or Volcano View

    Thanks so much for your prompt response and detailed information.
    I believe I’m going with Absolute Bliss and will find a hotel in the Plaka area for the first 2 nights (and last one before our flight back).
    Someone had suggested me an itinerary with Central Hotel in Athens for those first couple nights, then Volcano View Hotel in Santorini and tranfers and ferry tickets all taken care of in advance. But I was not sure of the location of this last hotel as it seems to be towards the other side of Fira, correct? Do you know if this area is safe… Do you think I should just stick to my original plan… Thanks again. Ruth

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Greece, Italy, and Everywhere

      Volcano View has great views (like Absolute Bliss) but is a 15 minute walk outside of Fira. There is a free shuttle bus but you definitely feel cut off from the restaurants, shops, and nightlife (which is fine if you only want to sit by your pool and enjoy the view). Absolute Bliss is in a quiet town but still has much more out the door than Volcano View. (Everywhere in Fira is safe.) Central Hotel in Athens has a great location in the Plaka so no problems there.

  55. Town with Best View

    Hi Dave, which village accommodation do you believe offers the best views in terms of overall Caldera and sunset?

    I’ve been leaning towards Imerovigli for my stay. Or should I be considering Oia or Fira or even Firastefani instead?


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Greece, Italy, and Everywhere

      Imerovigli has the best view of any town along the caldera.

  56. Absolute Bliss in Imerovigli

    Hello Dave, I would like to thank you for all the information available on your website, it is incredibly helpful. I am trying to plan a trip for our 10 year wedding anniversary from April 20 (arrival at Athens) to April 27 (maybe 28). I want to stay just 2 (or 3) days in Athens and enjoy beautiful Santorini the rest of our stay, I have been looking for a romantic, private, spacious room or suite with outdoor jacuzzi (must), excellent service, food, proximity to town and transportation, and affordable prices. I decided to look into Imerovigli and finally looking at Absolute Bliss, after looking at dozens of similar others trying to find a good deal. (I recently saw a discounted rate for Santorini Princess which I don’t see mentioned here so I was wondering what were your thoughts on that.) … we might just go with Absolute Bliss, I feel I have been in front of this computer for too many days already. Also any suggestion for a hotel in Athens would be also appreciated. Thanks so much.


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave Greece, Italy, and Everywhere

      Absolute Bliss is great and yes, some suites have private jacuzzis on the balcony. It has one of the best views of any hotel in Santorini – the sunset views will be better at Absolute Bliss than at Santorini Princess. Absolute Bliss also has a more central location. The Santorini Princess is north of Imerovigli and can feel a little isolated as there’s not much around it and it’s a 20 to 30 minute walk into Imerovigli. As for the properties themselves, Santorini Princess is slightly more luxurious and the pool is larger.

      For where to stay in Athens, take a look at the best hotels in Athens.

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