Milos to Santorini – 2018 Ferries

Updated: July 5, 2018

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Greek Ferry Tips

  • The best and easiest way to book ferry tickets is online through Ferryhopper.
  • Large ferries rarely sell out, but smaller ferries often do, especially during the busy summer months. Buy tickets in advance, if possible.
  • Tickets purchased in advance must be picked up at travel agencies in your city of departure – printing at home is not allowed. Your booking confirmation will give the name and location of the travel agency you’ll need. If you are transferring ferries, you must pick up tickets at both points of departure. Some agencies charge a printing fee of a few Euro, some don’t.
  • The larger the boat, the more stable the ride will be. Small passenger-only catamarans are fast, but the ride can be rough in choppy waters. Travelers prone to seasickness would benefit from taking a large car/passenger ferry.

Milos to Santorini 2018 Ferry Schedule

  • Aegeon Pelagos Car/Passenger Ferry
    • 01:50 (05:20 arrival) Wednesdays through June 6
    • 23:10 (02:50 arrival) Fridays through June 8
    • 23:30 (03:20 arrival) Fridays June 15 to August 24
  • SeaJets Passenger Only Catamaran Ferry
    • 10:05 (12:20 arrival) Daily through June 5, Daily October 1-14
    • 10:05 (12:30 arrival) Mon/Tues Thu-Sat June 7 to September 8; Daily September 10-30
    • 10:15 (12:25 arrival) Wed/Sun June 6 to September 9
  • Zante Car/Passenger Ferry
    • 13:45 (19:05 arrival) Wednesdays July 7 to September 5
  • Zante Car/Passenger Cabin-less Ferry
    • 14:35 (19:30 arrival) Saturdays through June 23
    • 22:10 (03:35 arrival) Mon/Wed June 4-27
  • SeaJets Catamaran Car Ferry
    • 20:00 (22:05 arrival) Daily June 1 to September 29

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