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Updated: January 28, 2022
By Santorini Dave

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Taxis waiting at the Santorini International Airport.

Taxis waiting at the Santorini airport.

Pre-Booked Santorini Taxis & Transfers

Prebooked taxi at Santorini Ferry Port.

If you pre-book a taxi with Welcome Pickups for the Santorini ferry port the person that greets you will have a sign like the one that says “Welcome”.

The best way to get a private transfer or taxi in Santorini is to pre-book with Welcome Pickups. It’s about the same price as a pre-booked taxi and there will be someone waiting at the airport, ferry port, or hotel for you with a welcome sign. When you book, you receive a confirmation email with the photo of your driver so you know exactly who will be meeting you. Larger vehicles can be reserved for parties greater than four, and child car seats are available by request.

You can use Welcome Pickups from the Santorini Airport to the Santorini ferry port, from the ferry port to the airport, to and from Oia, Fira, and the beaches, or between any other two spots in Santorini.

Note: The Santorini bus system is excellent and as long as you have a little bit of patience it’s a great way to get around the island and save some money.

Taxis in Santorini

There are only 25 taxis that serve the entire island of Santorini, so they can be hard to come by.

Santorini Taxi Cost
Taxis in Santorini do not use a meter and prices are usually negotiated before starting your trip. If a price is not agreed upon you’ll pay whatever the taxi driver requests when you arrive at your destination. Taxi fares from the Santorini airport are 35€ to 40€ to Oia, 20€ to 30€ to Fira, and 25€ to 35€ to the ferry port, and 25€ to 35€ between Oia and Fira. Fares increase in the evening and again after midnight.

Santorini Taxi Size
By law, taxis in Greece are not allowed to carry more than four passengers at a time.

Santorini Taxi Phone Numbers
Write this number down. Then when you’re back home you can use the paper to start a campfire, because the chance of a taxi picking you up when you call this number is pretty close to zero.
Taxi Phone Number: +30 22860 22555

Uber and Lyft in Santorini
Uber and Lyft do not operate on Santorini.

Santorini Taxis

Taxis at the Santorini Ferry Port.

There are sometimes taxis waiting at the Santorini ferry port. Sometimes there aren’t. That’s the bus to Fira behind the taxis. There is always a Fira-bound bus for every arriving ferry. Sometimes there is an airport bus too.

Taxi station in Fira.

There are just 25 taxis in all of Santorini and they are very hard to come by. Your best bet is to hail one in the street as they are almost never waiting at the Fira taxi station.

Taxis at Santorini airport.

Taxis at the Santorini airport line up just outside of Arrivals. There are sometimes a few. Sometimes none. And often a queue to get one.

Taxis in Oia.

In Oia, taxis typically wait at the bus station. If your hotel calls a taxi they might come to a closer point to pick you up. Or they might not. It just depends whether someone else intercepts them on their way to you.

Transfers in Santorini.

The above photo is from the Athens airport but it looks similar to the some of the Santorini welcome signs.

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