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Updated: May 12, 2020
By Santorini Dave

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1. Venetsanos Winery

View of Santorini Caldera

View from Venetsanos Winery into the caldera. • Map

2. Santo Wines

view of santorini caldera

Magnificent volcano views from Santo Wines winery. • Map

3. Oia Castle

View of Oia castle at sunset on Santorini

View of Oia Castle – the most popular spot for watching sunsets in Santorini. • Map

4. Ammoudi Bay

Beautiful Santorini View

Tavernas and fishing boats at the Ammoudi Bay port below Oia. • Map

5. Skaros Rock

View of Skaros Rock in Imerovigli

View of Skaros Rock from Imerovigli. • Map

6. Hiking Path from Fira to Oia

Beautiful Santorini View

View of the caldera cliffs on the Fira to Oia hike. • Map

7. Caldera Views from Fira

View of Santorini Caldera in the evening

Nighttime view from Fira towards Imerovigli and Skaros Rock. • Map

8. Panoramic Views from Pyrgos

panoramic views from pyrgos

Sweeping panoramic views from Akrotiri to Oia from the Venetian Castle at the top of Pyrgos.

9. Red Beach

Beautiful Santorini View

View of Red Beach in southern Santorini. Best seen from a boat (and safest, as there is falling rock along the path). • Map

10. Emporio Village

Beautiful Santorini View.

The traditional architecture of Emporio near Perissa Beach. • Map

11. Oia Churches

White church in Oia, Santorini

View of a church in Oia looking toward the caldera. • Map

12. Volcano Views from Fira

Beautiful Santorini View

View of the volcano from Fira. • Map

13. Ancient Thera

Ancient ruins on a hilltop overlooking the sea

Hilltop view from the ruins of Ancient Thera near Kamari Beach. • Map

14. Akrotiri Lighthouse

Beautiful Santorini View

The Santorini lighthouse on the southwestern tip of the island. • Map

15. View of Imerovigli from Skaros Rock

Beautiful Santorini View

From Imerovigli walk out to Skaros Rock. Incredible views of Imerovigli (to the east), the caldera and volcano (to the south), and Oia and the sunset (to the north and northwest). • Map

16. Fira from Imerovigli

View looking south at Fira from the path leading to Imerovigli • Map

17. Athenian House

a table set with a view out to the Santorini Caldera

The best restaurant views on Santorini are from Athenian House in Imerovigli. Map

18. Perissa Beach

Beautiful Santorini View

View of a church and Mesa Vouno (the mountain) in Perissa Beach. • Map

19. Santorini Countryside

Beautiful Santorini View and Winery.

View of Santorini countryside in the southern part of the island. This is also where you’ll find most of Santorini’s wineries.

20. Caldera Views from Oia

Beautiful Santorini View

View looking into the caldera from the south end of Oia (near Perivolas Hotel). • Map

21. Town Views in Oia

View of the Santorini town of OIa

View of the western end of Oia town. • Map

22. Staircase to Ammoudi Bay from Oia

Beautiful Santorini View

Looking up at Oia from the stairwell down to the Ammoudi Bay port. • Map

23. St Nicholas Island

Beautiful Santorini View

A small island for swimming and cliff jumping just south of Ammoudi Bay. Skaros Rock and Imerovigli are visible in the background. • Map

24. Fishing Villages on East Coast of Santorini

Beautiful Santorini View

One of several small fishing villages (such as Exo Gialos and Vourvoulos) on the east coast of Santorini. • Map

25. Elinikon Taverna (the best sunset views in Oia)

Beautiful Santorini View

Sunset view from Elinikon Taverna in Oia. • Map

26. Fira Alleyways

Beautiful Santorini View

View of a church from the alleyways of Fira. • Map

27. Kamari Beach

Beautiful Santorini View

View of Mesa Vouno from Kamari Beach. • Map

28. East Coast Beaches

Beautiful Santorini View

The unique rock formations near Monolithos Beach on the east side of the island. • Map

29. Caldera Views from the Cable Car

Beautiful Santorini View

View from the cable car looking up at Fira. • Map

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