Ammoudi Bay in Oia, Santorini

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by Santorini Dave • Updated: October 1, 2020

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Restaurants of Ammoudi Bay

boats in water

Ammoudi Bay below Oia, a great place to enjoy lunch or dinner, and where many caldera boat tours depart.

Ammoudi is the beautiful bay and small port located somewhere between 200 and 300 steps below Oia. The bay is lined with terrific seafood restaurants, with the crystal clear waters lapping at table’s edge. The port is busy with boat tours arriving and departing all day long. Catamarans of all sizes bring tourists to see the volcano, swim in the hot springs, tour the caldera cliffs and beaches, and on wildly popular sunset cruises. 5 minutes walk past the last restaurant, a dirt path hooks around the corner to a great swimming spot, with a small island you can swim out to that has a popular ledge to jump off.

There are 2 options for how to reach the bay. A steep but walkable staircase from just below the castle in Oia leads down to the bay if you’re up for it. Each step is wide, and the surfaces uneven at times. If you’re heading out to a romantic dinner in fancy shoes or spending the day in flip flops, this walk probably isn’t for you. Like the Fira to Oia hiking trail, it’ll help to have on appropriate shoes. The other way is to take a taxi that can be arranged at your hotel or by your restaurant for the return. The fixed priced for a taxi between Oia and Amoudi is 10€. Another option is to walk one direction and drive the other. Ammoudi Bay restaurant waiters are happy to call taxis for their dining guests after a meal.

Ammoudi Bay Information

  • Location: Oia, Santorini
  • Hours: Ammoudi Bay restaurants are open during lunch and dinner hours.
  • Parking: Free parking, with a short walk to restaurants. The road is narrow and filled with vehicles shuttling passengers to dining and boat tours, and can be hectic during peak hours.
  • Bus: None.
  • Dining: A handful of great waterfront restaurants to choose from.

Ammoudi Bay

Ammoudi Bay from water

A steep 200-300 stairs descend from Oia to Ammoudi Bay. The stairs are wide but uneven. The bay is also accessible by vehicle.

view from above

Ammoudi Bay as seen from above in Oia.

hanging octopus

An iconic Ammoudi image, the octopuses hanging outside of many restaurants.

table with food and water view


boats at sunset

Each night, cruises depart Ammoudi Bay for the amazing sunsets.

restaurant patio over water

Restaurant patios jutting out into the water.

footpath through the bay

The walking path through the bay passes through the patios of each restaurant.

the walking path to swim spot

Past the last restaurant, the walking path leads to a great swimming spot.

Swimmers sunbathing

Our favorite swimming spot on Santorini.

jumping off ledge into water

There’s a great platform to jump from if you’re feeling adventurous.

wide view of Amoudi

Ammoudi as seen from a departing boat.

stairs to amoudi bay

The staircase leading up from the bay to Oia.

donkeys on walking path stairs

Riding a donkey up the stairs is an option during daylight, but not one we recommend.

entrance to restaurant

The entrance to one of the excellent restaurants.

boat tour passengers waiting

Boat tour passengers in a shaded area awaiting departure.

amoudi fish tavern

We recommend Ammoudi Fish Tavern as one of the best choices, though you can’t go wrong.

clear waters

A gorgeous place to enjoy a meal and take a stroll along the water.

boat pier

One of 2 boat piers.

catamarans waiting

Watching the boats come and go is a great pleasure while dining along the water.

Restaurants of Ammoudi Bay

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