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Updated: September 23, 2020

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beach from above

Beautiful Elia Beach is the longest in Mykonos, with a great restaurant and less commerce than other popular beaches on the island.

Elia Beach is 11 km southeast of Mykonos Town in a large open bay that can get windy. It’s the longest beach on Mykonos, with less commerce in the general area than many other beaches. There is one main restaurant and bar on the beach which is very popular and well known, plus a handful of water sports options for hire. Additionally, there are some smaller coves to be explored along the rocky hillside found at the southern end of the beach, including one area that is clothing optional. The bus stop is located at the entrance to the beach parking lot, and Elia is the last stop on the Mykonos water taxi.

Elia Beach in Mykonos – Video

Elia Beach Information

Elia Beach

beach view

A great beach to enjoy an afternoon.

Greco Philia Hotel on hillside

Perfect for a long walk along the water’s edge. The excellent Greco Philia Hotel is visible on hillside above.

Elia Beach bay

Elia Beach Bay.

clear water

Gorgeous waters.

rocky hillside

The rocky hillside above the beach.


The lifeguard station.

jet skis

Jet skis and other water sports rental are available.

boat dock

The boat dock for water sports and the Mykonos water taxi.

Elia restaurant

Elia Restaurant on the beach has great food. There are not many options for dining at this beach.

Elia Restaurant

The open air restaurant faces directly out onto the beach.

ATM machine

The ATM on the parking lot side of Elia Restaurant.

parking lot

There’s a large, free parking lot at the beach.

scooter parking

Scooter parking in the free lot at the beach.

bus stop loading

The Elia Beach bus stop is in the parking lot.

There’s a great walking path through the rocks along the hillside above the beach.

nude beach

Clothing optional or nude beach tucked into a little cove.

sun beds

Sun beds along the central part of the beach.

beach boardwalk

The boardwalk from the restaurant to sun bed area.

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