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Updated: August 10, 2022
By Santorini Dave

Little Venice Nightlife in Mykonos Town.

Little Venice is an area of Mykonos Town loaded with cool trendy bars and beautiful sea views.

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The 17 Best Bars and Nightclubs in Mykonos

1. Galleraki – Mykonos Town • $$

Galleraki bar and restaurant in Mykonos Town
One of the most atmospheric cocktail bars in Little Venice, Galleraki perches right above the sea. Go for candlelit seating on the balcony, overlooking the water, and choose one of the excellent signature cocktails – anything with fresh fruit is good, particularly the ‘katerinaki’, made with melon. The champagne cocktails are pricier but worth the splurge. Popular with couples. Like many of the bars on this page, several excellent hotels in Mykonos Town are within an easy walk.
MapWebsite • Phone: +30 22890 27188

2. Scarpa – Mykonos Town • $$

Scarpa Bar in Mykonos Town
A fixture in Little Venice for over 40 years, Scarpa offers great views, spectacular drinks, and a fun vibe day or night. Known for their fresh fruit cocktails, especially their signature Roger Rabbit (vodka, carrot, lime, peach, passionfruit) and their self-titled, extra-Greek Scarpa cocktail (mastiha, vanilla, beet, lemon, yogurt). Popular for sunset drinks and all-night dancing until sunrise.
MapWebsite • Phone: +30 22890 23294

3. Jackie O’ Town Bar – Mykonos Town • $$

Jackie O in Mykonos Town
Overlooking the sea, this is the best gay bar in Mykonos Town and a popular sunset-watching spot for everyone. Entertaining drag queen shows are held nightly.
MapWebsite • Phone: +30 22890 77298

4. Katerina’s Bar – Mykonos Town • $$

Katerina's Bar in Mykonos Town
In one of the picturesque houses hanging above the water in Little Venice, this bar is owned by the first female Greek naval captain and her family. There’s a lively seafood restaurant here as well, run by her son Konstantinos, but many customers come to sip cocktails while enjoying the sunset views from the waterfront balcony.
MapWebsite • Phone: +30 22890 23084

5. Astra – Mykonos Town • $$$

Astra in Mykonos Town
Astra is a curious blend of lounge bar and hip club, popular in Mykonos Town for over 30 years. Early in the evenings, it’s a mellow spot for a drink, but as the night progresses, things heat up under the enchanted fibreoptic ceiling that mimics the night sky of the northern hemisphere and pulses in time to the music. Astra attracts the likes of Monaco’s royalty, supermodels and designers; to get in, dress nicely or be Keith Richards.
MapWebsite • Phone: +30 22890 24767

6. Alley Cocktail Bar – Mykonos Town • $$

Alley Cocktail Bar in Mykonos Town
Chilled out cocktail bar with a friendly vibe, great people-watching, and superb drinks. The ever-changing cocktail menu features the freshest, locally sourced fruits, garden herbs, and Greek spirits. The bartender is happy to go off-menu to create personally tailored drinks anytime. Great lounge-style atmosphere with a predominantly soul and jazz soundtrack.
MapWebsite • Phone: +30 22890 24288

7. 180° Sunset Bar – Mykonos Town • $$$

180° Sunset Bar in Mykonos Town
Amazing cocktails and fine wine with panoramic views of the sunset over the Old Port and the Aegean Sea. Set on the grounds of a stone castle, this chic open-air bar boasts a multi-tiered terrace with pillows serving as boho seating on the lower patio and tables and chairs on the upper levels. Signature and classic cocktails are expertly prepared, while the wine and champagne offerings are well-curated. Reservations recommended for the best view seats.
MapWebsite • Phone: +30 69936 01424

8. Skandinavian Bar & Club – Mykonos Town • $$

Skandinavian Bar in Mykonos Town
A fixture on the Mykonos nightlife circuit for almost 40 years, this popular bar attracts predominantly a younger crowd. There’s an open-air patio for downing some of the most reasonably priced standard cocktails in town, or shots of ‘slippery nipple’ and ‘sperm’ before kicking things up a notch on the thumping dancefloor.
MapFacebook Page • Phone: +30 22890 22669

9. Queen of Mykonos – Mykonos Town • $$$

Queen of Mykonos Champagne and Cocktail Bar in Mykonos Town
Swanky but not overly pretentious, in the evenings this glam cocktail bar attracts the young and the beautiful, who cluster around the tall tables outside. The handcrafted signature cocktails are worth the splurge, particularly the ones involving champagne. There’s some DJ action later on at night, but for many this is an evening warmup spot before hitting one of the megaclubs out of town.
MapWebsite • Phone: +30 69466 18539

10. Bao’s Cocktail Bar – Mykonos Town • $$$

Baos Bar in Mykonos Town
Stylish bar/club in Little Venice offering fantastic cocktails, divine sunset views, and all-night dancing. The vibe is low-key around sunset, though it gets crowded, so make a reservation for a table. After midnight, the tempo picks up with wild dancing and partying until the sun comes up.
MapWebsite • Phone: +30 22890 26505

11. Babylon – Mykonos Town • $$

Popular dance clubs with dj in Mykonos Town.
Gay and straight clubbers alike flock to this renowned gay club, known for its fun themed nights, a good mix of oldies, latest chart toppers and techno, and regular drag shows. The breezy sitting area overlooking the water is a peaceful spot to catch your breath and sip a cocktail after a bout of frenetic dancing.
MapWebsite • Phone: +30 22890 25152

12. Semeli the Bar – Mykonos Town • $$$

Semeli Bar in Mykonos Town
Late into the night, revelers bump shoulders to classic R’n’B and mainstream tunes played by the resident DJ on the tiny dancefloor next to the bar. While some of the staff won’t win any prizes for congeniality, there’s a long list of decent, reasonably-priced cocktails, and there’s a fun vibe once the party gets started.
MapWebsite • Phone: +30 69443 85959

13. Remezzo – Mykonos Town • $$$$

Remezzo Bar and Restaurant in Mykonos Town
Remezzo has worn many hats during its 50-year existence. An international jet-setter magnet for many years, the place is renowned for partying till dawn, with guest DJ sets and partygoers from Athens and elsewhere. Now revamped to include a high-end seafood restaurant, a cocktail bar, and a waterfront lounge with comfy seating, Remezzo has broadened its appeal.
MapWebsite • Phone: +30 22890 25700

14. Cine Manto – Mykonos Town • $$

Outdoor movie theatre in Mykonos Town
If you’re looking for a break from incessant clubbing and bar hopping, Cine Manto, in the heart of Mykonos Town, might be just the ticket. This appealing open-air cinema in a tranquil garden setting screens movies in their original language (usually Hollywood flicks in English), and there’s a good restaurant on-site. Also plenty of beer, wine, and cocktails.
MapWebsite • Phone: +30 22890 26165

15. 54 Cocktail Bar & Sunset Lounge – Mykonos Town • $$

An elegant woman sings into a microphone on a rooftop terrace at sunset
Relatively new on the night scene, 54 is a gym by day and lounge bar and dance club by night. Predominantly gay, but not exclusively so, it’s a fun, friendly place with cutting-edge décor and plenty of mirror balls. The music is old-school disco with some house mixed in, and there’s a newly-redesigned bar and SKYBAR rooftop terrace for drinks with a side of sunset views.
Map • Phone: +30 22890 28543

16. Cosi – Mykonos Town • $$

Cosi Cocktail Bar in Mykonos Town
On a tiny street in the heart of Mykonos Town, this is a chilled-out café by day, with a cluster of tables under the trees outside. Come night, the place livens up with regular DJ sets, and remains fun and unpretentious, unlike some of the town’s other bars that look down on casual attire.
MapWebsite • Phone: +30 22890 27727

17. Void – Mykonos Town • $$

Debuting in the summer of 2017 in Mykonos Town, this sleek and stylish new kid on the block has been attracting a lot of attention. It’s a place on three levels, with two bars, curvy furnishings, ample dancefloor space, and atmospheric lighting installation, “the void”, that makes the ceiling look like the night sky. DJ talent includes Damian Lazarus, Jackmaster, and Seth Troxler; expect plenty of deep house and techno.
MapWebsite • Phone: +30 69448 11360

Map of Mykonos Nightlife

Map of the best bars, nightlife, and beach clubs on Mykonos Island, Greece
Mykonos Town Hotels on Map: Bluetopia SuitesTheoxeniaSemeliBelvedere
Hotels on Map: 1. Mykonos Blu • 2. Santa Marina • 3. Branco • 4. Mykonos Blanc • 5. Kivotos • 6. Nissaki • 7. Petasos • 8. Mykonos Grand • 9. Bill & Coo • 10. N Hotel

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  1. Friday or Saturday for Mykonos Nightlife

    Hey. We are traveling to Mykonos in mid-September. What day is best to hit the beach bars? Friday or Saturday? Or does it not really matter? Thanks.

    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      It doesn’t matter.

  2. Lohan Beach Club Reviews

    We have one full day in Mykonos in early April. Will Lindsey Lohan’s Beach Club be open and do you think it’s worth going there from Mykonos Town? Thanks.

    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      No, Lohan’s Mykonos Club will not be open in April and the beaches are not worth a trip at this time of year. You’re better spending your time walking around Mykonos Town or renting a car and touring the countryside.

  3. Beach Clubs near Platys Gialos

    Hi Dave,

    My wife and I (early 30s) will be traveling to Mykonos the beginning of July and will be staying by Platis Gialos. Will we be close to many of these places? Are the beach clubs accessible by water taxis during the day?

    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      Platys Gialos is walking distance from Kalua Beach Bar and Scorpios. And Nammos is even closer but in the opposite direction. (I’m not so fond of Nammos.) And yes, there are water taxis from Platys Gialos to Paraga, Paradise, and Super Paradise Beaches.

  4. Mykonos Nightlife in July

    Hi Dave,

    Awesome blog. It’s super helpful in planning my honeymoon. We will be going to Mykonos in July and staying 3 nights. Currently looking to stay by the beach but I was wondering how easy it is to bar/club hop from place to place if we don’t stay in Mykonos town. I know there are buses but do you they run late into the night and will it get us to for example scorpios?

    Thanks so much!!

    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      The bus that stops closest to Scorpios stops running early (well before serious nightlife ends) so you’d need to walk to Platys Gialos to get the bus back to Mykonos Town. That path is well lit but still probably don’t want to be walking it late at night. If you want the best variety of nightlife then stay in Mykonos Town.

  5. Lohan Beach House vs Nammos

    Should I go to Nammos or Lohan Beach House for a day at the beach with drinks and music?

    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      Lohan’s by a fucking mile.

  6. Mykonos Nightlife in October

    We will be in Mykonos October 13-16. Will there be any live music or dj music or drag shows at bars or restaurants?

    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      Shows or live music, probably not. But there could be a bar or two in Mykonos Town with dancing and a dj (not a big name dj – just someone playing dance music).

  7. Best Dance Bars in Mykonos Town / Mykonos Nightlife for Older Couple

    Hi, I was in Mykonos many years ago and loved it. I am in my early 50’s now. Are there dance clubs and places to visit that are more geared toward a crowd over 40?


    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      Mykonos has a reputation for being a young, party island, but it has become more upscale over the years, which is effectively pricing-out many younger (in their 20s) travelers. So, though there are still plenty of young, high-income travelers (especially in July and August), more than half of the guests there will be over 35. During the beginning and end of the travel season (April, May, late September, and October), the average age is higher still. So, the real deciding factor in the age of the crowds is when you go, not so much which club or bar you go to. But even in the high season, it doesn’t attract many early ‘20s, Cancun-style, drink-‘til-you-blackout partiers.

      That said, there are several spots that are particularly good for an over-40 crowd, though none are specifically targeting that demographic. The Skandinavian is a fantastic spot to check out, as it’s three bars in one, each with a different vibe. The bar in the front closest to the street is lively and loud, the bar in the back is more quiet and relaxed, while the top floor houses one of the island’s best dance clubs. Semeli Bar is another awesome nightclub; they tend to play a lot of ‘90s pop. And, of course, there is Jackie-O, the best gay bar in Mykonos; this one plays more contemporary music but attracts a really mixed crowd. There’s also the Old Customs Café, which is the closest thing Mykonos has to a dive bar; they play a lot of garage and classic rock, along with newer rock. Some of the best cocktails are at the laid-back, jazz bar, Notorious, though it might be too chilled out for some. Katerina’s is a fun place to start the night, with great drinks, sunset views, and a set list with lots of ‘70s and ‘80s dance music, though it’s not a dance club.

  8. Mykonos Party Calendar

    Hi Dave

    Is there an events calendar in which you can see all the parties on the island? Or do you have to visit all the different websites of the clubs?


    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      I don’t know of a nightlife calendar. Sorry.

  9. Mykonos Clubs for Teens

    I am travelling to Mykonos with my wife and teen daughter age 14 from 31st May to 2nd June. Are there any family-friendly clubs available which allow teens? Also anything else you can share which makes our trip memorable?

    We all like dancing, and having fun but don’t want a crazy party crowd.


    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      While superclubs like Cavo Paradiso are strictly for over-18s, and clubs such as Super Paradise are for over-18s once things really kick off in the evenings, there are several places you can visit in the afternoons where you should be able to take your teenage daughter.

      On Paraga Beach, Kalua Beach Bar & Restaurant is relaxed, informal, and usually has live music from around 5pm. Nearby Skorpios is more formal, a great place to watch the sunset, serves good food and there’s usually live music from 5pm as well. On Paradise Beach, beach parties at the Tropicana Beach Bar usually kick off around 4:30pm, and the same goes for Super Paradise Club on Super Paradise Beach (the latter has a nudist section, just so you know). Teenagers are allowed on the beaches during the day and during the early part of the beach parties, while in the evenings/during the night it’s adults-only.

  10. Best Company in Mykonos to Rent Car


    Amazing blog! Heading to Mykonos at the end of June. Do you have recommendations for quad/car hire companies?


    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      If you want to hire locally then just use the closest, most convenient one to your hotel. They’re all the same – a little shady, but ultimately fine. If you want to pick up at the airport and/or reserve in advance then use

  11. Getting To and From Mykonos Town at Night

    Hey Dave,
    We are staying at Myconian Ambassador near Platis Gialos first week of May. If we are trying to go party in Mykonos Town, what would be the best method of transportation (especially if we’ll be intoxicated late night)?

    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      Bus should be your first option. If you’re out late you’ll likely miss the last bus back to Platis Gialos so you’ll have to taxi. They can be hard to find at night but you’ll get something if you’re patient.

  12. Mykonos in Early September

    Will the beach parties still be going the first week in September? Does anything shut down by then?

    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      Early September is still almost peak party-season. Everything is open and lots of big parties.

  13. Nightlife and Club Parties in June on Mykonos

    Will there be DJ beach parties in Mykonos in 15th of June till 25th of June?

    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      Yes. Cavo Paradiso is one of the more likely clubs to have early parties.

  14. Best Clubs in Mykonos Town

    Hi Mykonos fans, I know the island since the early nineties, and would recommend to go to Scarpa Bar in Little Venice for party, this bar is even busy in May and late September. Full of people, the sound system is great and they play good house tunes, Ms. Lefki, Dino MFU. I will go to Mykonos from late May until early September. If you prefer mixed music in a nice atmosphere, Caprice Bar in Little Venice is full of people in the same period. I think Semeili Bar is the most busy location in May, but I don’t like the music there. But there’s a good party vibe in Semeli, mixed and hiphop music.
    Wish you all happy easter!

    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      Thanks for sharing Stefan.

  15. Mykonos Nightlife in Early July

    My partner and I are travelling to Mykonos on the 6th July to the 10th this summer. Is it busy and fun with lots to do, parties, and excursions please?

    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      In early July everything is open, busy, and lots of tours available. Parties and live DJs are the norm.

  16. Mykonos Nightlife in April

    Hey! Me and my sister are visiting Mykonos on the 18th-19th April this year. Will there be any places where we can dance?
    Please let us know, thank you!

    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      Skandinavian in Mykonos Town is the most likely to have something going on (though in general the island is pretty quiet in April).

  17. Early September vs Late September in Mykonos

    HI Dave,
    We were in Mykonos in the 1st week of September last year and loved it! So much so that we’re coming back this year but from the 15th to the 22nd of September. After reading Tripadvisor posts I’m now slightly worried that shops and restaurants will be closed and there won’t be as much of a buzz in the second half of September. Is that true? Do I need to change plans?

    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      It will be a little slower by mid/late September but not a huge difference. The big dance parties do end about mid-September.

  18. Mykonos Nightlife in Late September / Early October

    Hi there! I’ll be in Mykonos from September 28th to October 2nd. Any bars or clubs open these days?

    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      Yes, in Mykonos Town. Skandinavian will most likely be the most happening.

  19. Mykonos Nightlife in Late May

    Hi we are a group girls traveling to Mykonos from 25th May to 28th May want to know is the night life happening around that time and want to know if there is a full moon party happening around that time.
    Thank you

    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      No beach parties or live djs in May but there will be a few bars in Mykonos Town that have a good vibe. No full moon parties though.

  20. Mykonos Nightlife in May

    Hi there,

    We are two couples travelling May 16 to May 20th which place do you recommend? As you mention the party season doesn’t get started until mid June.

    Great site and very informative.

    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      Start at Skandinavian in Mykonos Town and look around from there. It’s the most happening bar in the shoulder-season months and there are several other spots nearby.

  21. Mykonos Bus Schedule to Party Beaches

    Hi Dave, traveling Mid September to Mykonos. Hoping to enjoy some of the late night beach parties before the season ends but I am not seeing that the buses run late night / early AM in September. What are my options for transportation to our hotel in Mykonos Town? (Bluetopia Suites).

    I understand taxi’s are few and far between. I am trying to ensure we aren’t stranded and can get home safely after a night of partying.

    Thanks so much!

    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      There are no guarantees when it comes to buses between Mykonos Town and Paradise or Paradise Beach (usually just private shuttle not public bus). And the bus schedule for September is even more uncertain than for July or August. I would guess the last bus back to Mykonos Town in early/mid September will be between 11pm and 1am. If you party all night the first bus back to Mykonos Town will be 7am or 7:30am. Taxis are passibility and if you’re patient you’ll find one (eventually). Please don’t drink and drive an ATV or scooter.

  22. Mykonos NIghtlife in Late October


    We will be in Mykonos, October 27. What nightlife spots are still open during this season? Does Skandinavian close during this season?

    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      It will be quiet for sure but Skandinavian should be open until the end of the month. That’s definitely your best bet.

  23. Mykonos Beach Parties in Early October

    My friend and I are traveling to Mykonos in early October (3-9). I know the town is more busy during the shoulder season but what about the beach parties. Also, I have heard a lot about Scorpios- what are your thoughts? Thanks, Caroline

    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      The big beach parties are over by mid-late September. Scorpios has great food, trendy vibe, good dance music, high prices, and a beautiful location. It’s possible that the last day it’s open is October 1st.

  24. Mykonos Nightlife in September

    We’ll be in Mykonos in late September. Would love to party but know the season is winding down. Will there be any bars or clubs open? And which ones and where? (We’re 3 girls in our late 20s.)

    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      In Mykonos Town plenty of bars stay open and are busy until early October. Skandinavian is probably the most consistently busy in the shoulder season. The big clubs and dance parties with DJs end around mid-September so you won’t be able to enjoy them.

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