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Updated: September 2, 2020
By Santorini Dave

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busy nightclub scene

Skandinavian Bar is one of the most popular nightclubs, with a busy dance floor and party scene that stretches out onto the patio out front.

Skandinavian Bar has been very popular on the Mykonos nightlife circuit for almost 40 years. The bar attracts a predominantly younger crowd, the dance floor is live and party vibe high. There are some of the most reasonably priced standard cocktails in town. The scene includes the patio out front on the ground floor, where popular shots include the ‘slippery nipple’ and ‘sperm’.

Skandinavian Hours and Information

Skandinavian Bar

patio out front

The calm before the storm.

dancers on bar

A happening party scene on the dance floor inside.

big bar

Some of the most reasonably priced cocktails in Mykonos Town.

tables on patio out front

The patio fills up with party people.

front door of bar

Front doors.

entrance to bar

Entrance to the bar.

busy indoor bar

A busy bar scene.

thumping dance floor

Funky party people.

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