Santorini Yacht Charter

Updated: April 23, 2017

Jumping in the Mediterranean Sea from Greek sailboat.

How Do I Charter a Yacht or Boat on Santorini?

Renting a yacht or private boat is a great way to see Santorini and a few neighboring islands at your own pace. You can stop at interesting out-of-the-way sights you wouldn’t see on a scheduled tour. The larger yachts allow you to sleep and eat on board.

  • 5-Hour Cruise with Food and Drinks – The best choice for a fun (semi-private) boat tour of the caldera. Good fun, good food, lots of swimming. If you’re looking for a simple (luxurious) one-day boat tour then this is it. Book early!
  • Santorini Yachting – Captain George has a crew of 3 and a 55-foot boat that will hold up to 22 passengers. Chartered trips around the caldera or a full day trip to nearby Anafi.
  • Santorini Sailing – Captain Ted does hourly, sunset, full day, or overnight trips around the caldera.
  • Sailing Santorini – Hire a boat for your own personal use. Small speedboats are available which you allow you to tour the caldera and nearby islands on your own. (No license required – not sure if that’s good or bad.)
  • Dakoutros Bros Sailing – Has the largest boats for large groups that want a private charter tour.

Private Boat Hire from Santorini
You can also hire a speed boat to take you pretty much anywhere you want in the Aegean. Panos from Alex Motorboat Rental sent me the following email about the services they offer. (I’ve never used their service but I get lots of questions about “Can I hire a boat from Santorini to Mykonos?, or Santorini to Mylos?” – so this would be one solution, although not a cheap one.)

  • The boat Alex is a private charter, so on the boat will only be you and your party up to 6 people. The boat has a base at the Old Port under Fira or Ammoudi under Oia.We charge services per hour (min.2 hours) and not per person.
    The cost is 140 euros per hour and includes:
    -Skipper services
    -Port fees
    -Snorkeling equipment
    -Soft drinks and local wine (we serve wine from Sigalas winery).
    -7 local plates that we prepare for you on board while you are swimming (for trips with duration 3 hours or more).If you charter the boat for half (5 hours, 650 Euros) or full day (9 hours, 1100 Euros) the price is fixed and will include all the services that I above.Weather allowed we have the license to travel in all the Aegean Sea. As a private charter, we don’t have a set timetable and our services can be tailor made.Example trips:
    A charter boat trip to Ios is 1 hour distance with total cost for half day trip: 850 euros, full day: 1300 euros.
    A charter boat to Mykonos or Milos is 3 hours with total full day costs: 1600 euros.

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