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by Santorini Dave • Updated: February 22, 2021

Best of Greece

• Best Island: Santorini
• Best Beaches: Naxos
• Best for History: Athens
• Best Time to Visit: May to October

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Maps of Greece

Map of Mainland Greece

Map showing the top cities to visit on Mainland Greece

Map of The Best Greek Islands

Map of the best Greek Islands

Map of Greece Itineraries

Map of Greece Island Hopping

Map of Greece Island Groups

Map of Island Groups in Greece

Greek Island Ferry Ports

Map indicating the most popular ferry ports in the Greek Islands

Map of Ancient Greece

Map of Historical Sites from Ancient Greece

Where is Greece? (and surrounding countries)

Map indication the location of Greece within Europe

Map of Greece & Italy

Map of Greece & Italy

Flights to Athens

Map indicating which countries have direct flights to Athens, Greece

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