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by Santorini Dave • Updated: June 18, 2020

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Getting Around Paros by Bus

When staying on Paros, the easiest and cheapest way to get between the main towns and beaches, and to the Antiparos ferry at Pounta, is by using the island’s public bus system. The coach-style buses are comfortable, air-conditioned, and generally on-time. Buses on Paros make a loop around the perimeter of the island, with some routes heading inland to the smaller villages.

Map showing the bus stops and routes on Paros, Greece

Paros Bus Information

  • Paros public bus website:
  • Paros bus schedule: The bus schedule is revised every couple of weeks or so, with routes increasing in frequency as the summer builds.
  • Paros bus fares: Fares vary by route and distance traveled, ranging from 1.80€ to 4€ per trip, but are usually under 3€. A full-day, cross-island ticket is available for 9€. Bus tickets are sold at the Parikia and Naoussa terminal stations, as well as some stores and mini-marts in Paros’ main towns and beaches.
  • The Parikia bus terminal serves the most routes, with buses regularly departing for Naoussa, Pounta ferry port, Aliki, Pounda Beach, Golden Beach, and more. The Parikia bus terminal is located about 200 yards south of the ferry port, an easy 2-minute walk from the port’s iconic windmill.
  • The Naoussa bus terminal serves as a secondary hub for the island. It is located a level 6-minute walk from Naoussa Harbor.
  • Printed bus schedules are available for the asking at the Parikia and Naoussa terminal kiosks.
  • Bus tickets from Parikia to the Antiparos ferry at Pounta cost 1.80€. The #4 Pounta/Antiparos bus runs about every hour; tickets are sold at the terminal kiosk.

Taking the Bus in Paros

Bus terminal kiosk on a waterfront harbor

The main Paros bus terminal in Parikia is located on the waterfront, an easy 2-minute walk from the ferry terminal.

Buses wait at a waterfront ferry terminal

Parikia is the hub of the Paros bus system, serving the most routes around the island. Buses on Paros are modern, frequent, and usually on-time; often there are many waiting to load at once.

Bus shelter at a waterfront terminal

The Parikia station has a small, covered shelter, but no large shaded area to wait under.

Bus schedule posted in a window

Buy your bus tickets at the kiosk; the map and schedule are posted in the kiosk window, but the attendant can also help you figure out your trip. Printed schedules are available to take with you.

Cafes and travel agency storefronts

Directly across from the Parikia terminal, there are a handful of small cafes and travel agencies, and the entrance to old town Parikia.

A bus waits at a bus stop with stone benches

Paros’ second largest bus terminal is located at Naoussa, an easy 6-minute walk from the harbor. There is no covered waiting area here, but there is some shade from nearby trees. Buy tickets at the ticket kiosk before boarding.

Bus schedule posted in a window

The latest bus schedule is posted in the kiosk window; printed copies are available, or simply take a picture with your phone.

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