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Updated: October 12, 2020

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agrari beach water line

Agrari Beach is quiet, and has some services available including sun bed rentals and a restaurant but is mostly open sand. The Mykonos water taxi stops here, and it’s possible for the beach to be largely empty.

Located 10 km southeast of Mykonos Town, Agrari Beach is very quiet and secluded, an be a good choice for families. The vibe is in the middle between the more populated beaches with loud clubs and the secluded beaches with no services. The beach is wide open with nice sand, surrounded by mostly natural hillsides. There’s a pleasant restaurant and bar with a shady group of tables in the sand. The Mykonos water taxi does stop here making it easy to reach, though there is no bus service that stops here. You can also take the bus to adjacent Elia Beach, and walk roughly 15 minutes.

Agrari Beach Information

Agrari Beach

wide view of agrari beach

Long quiet beach surrounded by natural hillsides.

agrari beach sun beds

Sun bed rentals available, but don’t dominate the beach.

agrari beach water line

The calm water’s edge.

church at agrari beach

A small church at the beach.

sandy agrari beach

Wide sandy beach.

agrari beach hillside

Mostly surrounded by natural hillsides.

agrari beach restaurant

The lovely Agrari Restaurant.

agrari beach boardwalk

Boardwalk from the parking area and restaurant to the beach.

agrari beach valley approach

The surrounding valley.

agrari beach parking in neighborhood

Free parking in the neighborhood.

agrari beach life guard

The life guard station.

agrari beach cafe tables

Shaded tables at the Agrari Restaurant.

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