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Updated: May 24, 2022
By Santorini Dave

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Car rental at Mykonos International Airport.

The rental car parking lot at Mykonos Airport is directly in front of the terminal. Check prices and book a car online then when you arrive your car will be waiting for you steps from the Arrivals exit.

Mykonos Airport Car Rental

My recommendation: If you need a rental car for your time in Mykonos then reserve in advance at the Mykonos Airport. If your plan is to sit by the pool through the day and then walk or bus to dinner, then it’s easy to get by without a rental car in Mykonos.

Tip: If you need to rent a large family minivan or a car with automatic transmission (most rental vehicles in Mykonos are manual) then definitely book in advance.

Rental car companies at the Mykonos airport: BudgetHertzSixtThriftyAlamoNationalAvisEnterprise

Booking a Mykonos Rental Car

Booking a Mykonos Rental Car. is the best site for reserving Mykonos rental cars. Select “Mykonos Port” to pick up at the New Port. Select “Mykonos Old Port” to pick up in Mykonos Town. Select “Mykonos Airport” to pick up at the Mykonos International Airport (there is only one airport on Mykonos). The airport usually has the best selection and cheapest prices.

Renting a Car in Mykonos

Renting a car is a great way to see the whole island as not everywhere is well-served by bus and there are very few taxis (only 30) on Mykonos. You do not need a car to get to the most popular Mykonos beaches and beach clubs or to do any of the best Mykonos tours. But there are definitely some remote beaches that are much easier to visit by rental car. And some of the best Mykonos hotels north of Mykonos town can feel isolated without a car.

If you really don’t want to rent a car then stay in Mykonos Town, Ornos, or Platis Gialos – all well served by bus (or water taxi) and within easy walking distance of many great Mykonos restaurants.

Rental cars at Mykonos Airport.

There are several car companies to rent from at the Mykonos Airport. searches all the big car companies and finds the best price. They have everything from cheap budget rentals to large mini-vans and SUVs to luxury rental cars. The most common pick up points are Mykonos Town (Mykonos Old Port) and the Mykonos airport. Under Pick-up Location, select either Mykonos Airport or All Locations (which will usually be Mykonos Town Old Port).

We recommend renting from one of the international car companies that you find online but there are also local rental offices all over the island that will rent a car, scooter, or ATV to you. (The local companies are the only option for scooters and ATVs.)

Mykonos Car Rentals: Tips & Advice

  • Book rental cars in advance for visits from June to September.
  • Drivers from the US and Canada are required to have an International Driver’s Permit, as well as a valid driver’s license to drive in Greece.
  • is the best site for reserving cars in Mykonos.
  • Most rental cars in Mykonos have a manual transmission. If you only drive automatic then definitely reserve in advance.
  • If arriving by plane, reserve rental cars at the Mykyonos Airport – it’s much easier than town pick up and you avoid the long taxi lines at the airport.
  • If arriving by ferry, take a bus, taxi, or Welcome Pickups car service from the port into Mykonos Town to pick up your rental car. Better yet: take a taxi, bus, or car service to the airport and pick up there. It takes a little more effort to get to the airport but you’ll have cheaper prices, better selection, and an easier environment in which to get your car.
  • Take pictures of the rental vehicle (inside and out) before driving away from the parking lot.

Car Rental at the Mykonos Ferry Port (New Port)

The ferry port in Mykonos is chaotic when a ferry arrives. We don’t advise doing a rental car pick up at the port – it’s very busy and meeting your car company will not be straightforward. Take a bus, taxi, or Welcome Pickups into Mykonos Town or to the airport and pick up your rental car there. If picking up in Mykonos Town you’ll want to select the “Mykonos Old Port” on the website. (The Old Port is in Mykonos Town and is different than the New Port where most ferries arrive).

Car Rental at the Mykonos Airport

For airport car pick up you can reserve through and pick up from one of the kiosks at the airport. The airport is very small and it’s super easy to get your car. From the airport, it’s a short 10-minute drive to Mykonos Town. About 15 minutes to the beaches of Platys Gialos, Ornos, Psarou, Agios Ioannis, and Elia.

What rental car companies are located at the Mykonos Airport?

Should I rent a car in Mykonos?

Renting a car makes getting around Mykonos much easier and allows you to explore areas of the island that you couldn’t if you were solely reliant on the bus. The Mykonos bus system is great and there are direct buses from Mykonos Town to most of the best Mykonos beach hotels. But if you want to explore areas outside of Mykonos Town then having a rental car makes it easier and more enticing.

Is it hard to find parking in Mykonos?

Mykonos Town parking can be difficult, but you’ll always be able to find something. Parking is often found up the hilly roads south of Mykonos Town; from there you’ll need to walk a few minutes back into town. The beach towns will have a mix of parking lots (follow the signs) and street parking.

Can I take a rental car from Mykonos to the other Greek islands?
In theory, you can transport a rental car on any Greek car ferry. In practice, it’s a big hassle and requires written approval from the car rental company and booking an extra vehicle ticket. Car passage on a ferry is expensive. It’s much easier to rent a different car on each island you visit. For example, take the ferry to Santorini as a foot passenger and then rent a car in Santorini.

Mykonos Airport.

The entrance to the Mykonos Airport.

Mykonos airport terminal.

Mykonos airport is very small. There’s no getting lost here.

Avis, Hertz, and Sixt rental car kiosks at Mykonos airport.

The rental car kiosks are just outside of the arrivals and immigration gates. You can’t miss them.

Public bus at Mykonos airport.

The public bus stop is just out the doors of the terminal.

Mykonos airport bus schedule.

The bus schedule from the airport to Mykonos Town and the new ferry port.

Mykonos airport bus to Mykonos Town.

The public bus at the Mykonos Airport. There’s always plenty of luggage space in the compartments below the bus.

Bus station in Mykonos Town.

All buses will stop at the main Fabrika bus station in Mykonos Town. From there you can get a different bus to all the most popular beach towns.

Mykonos private transfer.

If you’ve booked a pick-up with Welcome Pickups your driver will be waiting at the Arrivals gate with a sign.

Rental cars near Mykonos Airport.

There are a few rental car companies just outside the airport. Like this luxury rental car service just across the parking lot at the Mykonos airport.

Car rental office near Mykonos Airport.

This one is just down the road from airport – still within walking distance.

Mykonos rental cars.

There are many places around the island to rent a car if you don’t get one from the airport.

Line for taxis at Mykonos Airport.

If you don’t rent a car or use Welcome Pickups be prepared for a long line for taxis. There are few taxis on Mykonos and they are in high demand throughout the day and night.

Mykonos beach that requires car.

Kapari Beach is one of many Mykonos Beaches that requires a car rental to access easily.

Mykonos beach with bus access.

Paradise Beach, Ornos, and Platis Gialos are some of the popular beaches with good bus service and that don’t require a rental car to get to.

Picking up a rental car at the New Ferry Port in Mykonos.

The New Ferry Port is just north of Mykonos Town and is where most ferries arrive. If reserving a vehicle on select “Mykonos Port” for the New Ferry Port. The “Mykonos Old Port” refers to the much smaller port in Mykonos Town.

Rental cars in Mykonos Town.

If booking on select “Mykonos Old Port” to pick-up your car in Mykonos Town. Only smaller ferries arrive here. The rental car companies are just a little back from the water, to the left in the photo above.

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  1. Santorini Ferry Port Car Rental

    Hey Dave,

    Is it possible to rent a car at the Santorini port and return it at Santorini airport?

    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      In theory, yes. In practice, picking up from the ferry port is tricky. And even if you arrange it, they’ll often just pick you from the ferry port and drive you into town or near the airport (which is fine). For me, the easiest way is to take a Welcome Pickup (car hire) to the airport and then rent and return from there.

  2. Day Trip from Mykonos to Santorini

    We are going to be in Mykonos from the 16th August to 19th August. We would like to visit Santorini by ferry on Sunday the 19th just for a day trip. Is this possible? If so, how often and how reliable it is? We have a flight flying to Athens on the 19th at 23:35. Thank you in advance for your advice.

    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      Day trips from Mykonos to Santorini are difficult/impossible and even when possible I don’t recommend doing them. In your case the best ferry times will give you 2.5 hours on Santorini with 6+ hours of ferry time. With bus travel from the Santorini port to Fira you would have about an hour to explore the town before returning to the ferry.

  3. Rent Car from Mykonos Airport or Mykonos Town

    Hello. I will be flying into Mykonos from Athens in September and staying for 5 days in Platis Gialos. Then will leave by ferry to Santorini. Would it be easier to rent a car in Mykonos town vs the Airport since I will be continuing my trip to Santorini? Please advise. Thank you.

    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      It’s usually easier to rent from the airport than Mykonos Town. More choice, easier to find the car companies, car is closer to kiosk. But you can pickup from Mykonos Airport and return to town. Within the website select “Mykonos All Areas” for dropoff and then choose cars that have an Mykonos Old Port dropoff point. That said, if your ferry is leaving from the New Port and not the Old Port (which is likely) then dropping off at the airport then taxiing to the New Port is probably easiest.

  4. How Old To Rent a Car in Mykonos

    I am 19 year old and have a driving license only from 10 months. Can I rent a car in Mykonos?

    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      No, sorry. Most places require you to be 25. Some 21.

  5. Rental Car at Mykonos Beach

    Staying at Elia Beach (Myconian Utopia Resort) and want to know if we can rent a car from the hotel or area? We already have transfers from the airport. Arriving on Saturday.

    By the way, did not see this hotel listed for Elia beach hotels. What is your opinion of this hotel?

    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      Your hotel will be able to arrange a car for you. You might not get the car you want (e.g. automatic) but they’ll be able to get something. Myconian Utopia has great views and hip vibe but long way from Mykonos Town and need shuttle for Elia Beach.

  6. Mykonos Luxury Car Rental

    What is the best way to rent a luxury car in Mykonos? Preferably with airport pickup and dropoff as friends have said that is much easier than getting from one of the towns.

    1. Santorini Dave The Hotel Expert has the best selection of luxury vehicles in Mykonos.

      Yes, airport pickup/dropoff is the easiest way to go. You will end up paying for all your days in Mykonos and perhaps you could rent for fewer days if you did pickup or dropoff in town. But rental cars are pretty cheap in Mykonos (even the luxury ones). And for the hassle it saves probably worth it for most people.

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