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by Santorini Dave • Updated: May 24, 2018

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Santorini Greece Travel Planning and Travel Agents

My son doing a handstand in Santorini, Greece. The best hotels and tours are are easy to book on your own and typically not found by using a travel agent.

The Best Websites for Greece Travel Planning

I don’t recommend using a travel agency for Greece travel (you’ll pay more and get worse hotel selection) but if you still decide to use a travel agent then these are good, reliable, and trustworthy ones.

Travel Companies That Specialize in Greece and the Greek Islands

CityTravel AgencyPhone Number
NYCHellenic Holidays212.944.8288
ChicagoWindy City Travel312.951.0710
BostonKutrubes Travel617.426.5668
Los AngelesTrue Greece1.800.817.7098
San FranciscoTrue Greece1.800.817.7098
TorontoMr Travel416.461.2424
VancouverOmega Travel604.738.7161
LondonIonian & Aegean020.8459.0777
DublinAbbey Travel01.804.7100
AthensFantasy Travel30.210.3310530

Do I need a travel agent to book my vacation to Greece?

Absolutely not. There is so much good online information for Greece and the Greek Islands that it’s easy to arrange a Greek vacation on your own. Travel agencies promote the hotels and tours that they’ve arranged special deals with. If you book through a travel agent you’ll often have a small selection of resorts to choose from – sometimes these are still very good but it’s much better to choose based on your interests and not be limited by the previous arrangements the agency has made.

But isn’t it a lot of work to figure out a Greece holiday?

I guess if you want to make it hard, you can make it hard. But it certainly doesn’t have to be. Pretty easy actually.

So, how do I book a vacation to Greece by myself? Where do I start?

I’ve written a lot about Greece travel – start there. On almost every page you’ll find a comments section where you can ask me questions about traveling in Greece. Don’t be shy! I’ve never had a question that I thought was stupid or silly. (OK, maybe a few stupid ones, but I’m pretty open-minded.)

What are the best islands for a first-time visitor to Greece?

Santorini is an absolute must for all first-timers. It’s the most beautiful island in Greece – and maybe the whole world. Mykonos is a great island if you like beaches and nightlife. Naxos is great if you like beaches, culture, and a slower pace. Paros is somewhere in the middle – good beaches, trendy restaurants, and bars, but no big club parties. Crete is a wonderful island loaded with beaches, history, culture, and wonderful towns but it’s quite a bit bigger than the other islands I mentioned so go here if you have more than a week to explore it. There are regular ferries between all of these islands (from April to October) and island hopping is one of the most fun things you’ll ever do.

What websites should I use for booking my trip to Greece?

When is the best time to visit Greece?

For sightseeing April, May, October, and November are great. For swimming, suntanning, partying, island hopping, and sightseeing then June, July, August, and September are best.

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24 Questions and Comments

  1. Greek Ferries in March


    Do ferries run in March? I’m having a hard time finding the schedule for March 2019 from Athens to Crete, Mykonos, and Santorini?

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      Yes, ferries will run from Athens to all of those 3 islands but there might not be ferries between those 3 islands – those ferries start in March but the exact date differs every year and could be the 2nd half of the month.

  2. 3 Bedroom in Santorini with View

    Hi Dave,
    We’re looking for a place to stay on Santorini in May 2019. There are 5 of us in our family, all adults. We’d like a nice view, 2 bath, 3 BR, $300-$500 per night. Any suggestions?

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      Nothing comes to mind in that range. 3 bedrooms are rare. 3 bedrooms with view are rarer still. And 3 bedrooms with view in that price range are non-existant. Sorry.

  3. Chania or Heraklion Airport

    Hi Santorini Dave, We are planning to stay in Chania on our trip to Crete. Is that airport easy to get in and out of, with many flights available? Or better to use the Heraklion airport?
    Thanks for your continued assistance. You’re the best!

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      You’ll find more flights to and from Heraklion but Chania has a better more comfortable airport.

  4. Getting to Greek Islands from USA

    Hi Dave,
    We live in Boston and are planning a trip to Santorini and Crete May 15-25, 2019. Is there a best airline to travel? Should we fly in to Athens then book another airline to the islands? Or fly direct? Best to fly in to Santorini and then go to Crete, or vice versa? Which island has the most accessible airport? Appreciate any guidance.
    Love your site!

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      There are no direct flights from Boston to the Greek islands. You can either fly direct to Athens then fly (or ferry) to Santorini, ferry to Crete, then fly back to Athens. Or fly through a western Europe hub like Paris, London, Rome, or Amsterdam, then fly to Santorini (skipping Athens), ferry to Crete, then fly back to western Europe. The only difference between doing Santorini or Crete first is the timing of the ferries. Crete to Santorini ferries leave early in the morning. Santorini to Crete ferries go in the late afternoon. Otherwise there’s no difference.

  5. Planning a Trip to Greece

    Hi Dave, incredible site, glad I stumbled upon it. 4 of us (wife, 2 boys, 12 and 10) are starting the beginning stages of planning a trip to Greece next year, late June/early July 2019. We thought about using a travel agent, but after reading your site, feel we can do it on our own. We’re looking to do 10 days, coming from DC.
    1) Travel agent suggested Athens, Patmos and Rhodes. Seems to be a lot of traveling in there between spots and I hadn’t really heard about Patmos. Any opinion on Patmos?
    2) Our thought is Athens, Santorini, Naxos and maybe Crete. Wondering if that is too much though. 1 day in Athens, 2 in Santorini, 2 in Naxos, 3 in Crete and 1 in Athens. That leaves 1 day, wondering if we need that extra one in Athens to view the Acropolis. Wondering if we should eliminate Crete as much as it pains me.
    3) Our priorities our exploring the Greek Mythology, food, History tours (Ruins, Castles, Gods and Olympics), cooking classes, volcanoes, snorkeling, boat ride, donkey tour, olive oil tour. Are the islands listed above good for these activities?


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      1. Patmos is rich with Christian history (primarily St John) and is a great island but it wouldn’t be my first (or second choice) for first-time visitors to Greece. And yes, that itinerary has a lot of travel – Rhodes is 6 hours away by ferry, Athens is 7 hours, and those ferries do not run every day. There’s no airport on Patmos.
      2. With only 10 days, Athens is deserving of 1 day but no more. Santorini and Naxos would be what I would recommend but Knossos on Crete is a wonderful introduction to Greek myth (be sure to get a guide at the entrance gates), so it would be tough to drop Crete. No clear answer here. Try to fly one way to save time – e.g. ferry to Naxos, ferry to Santorini, ferry to Crete, then fly Heraklion back to Athens. Or even better you can fly from Santorini or Heraklion back to western Europe and not have to return to Athens at all – that will save you even more time.
      3. Yes, those 3 islands are a perfect mix for your interests.

  6. Luggage on Greek Ferries

    I’m planning a Greece honeymoon in September. We’re coming from the east coast of the USA. The plan is to fly into Mykonos for several nights there, then ferry to Naxos for several nights, then ferry to Santorini for 4-5 nights.

    How easy it to get on and off the ferries with luggage? Since we’ll be traveling for a week and a half we’ll probably have 3-4 suitcases. And do Greek ferries charge per carry on item like airlines?

    Also, thank you so much for dedicating your time and making this such an informative site. It’s very much appreciated.


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      There are no limits to how many bags you can take on a Greek ferry. (OK, technically, there probably are some restrictions but for practical purposes you can have as many bags as you want.) And there’s no charge for bags in any way. But you do need to be able to carry them on and off in one shot, so don’t plan on returning to grab that 3rd suitcase. It is a little tricky getting on and off with luggage (rollers don’t work on the grated ferry floor) but you don’t/shouldn’t take large bags upstairs. There’s storage on the entry level (with the cars) for all large baggage.

  7. Greece Itinerary for Late November


    I’m in Greece from 18 November to 26 November. I have already booked myself at Elite Luxury Suites from 23 to 26 at Oia.
    Wonder if it’s the best choice that I have made!!??

    Can you help planning the other days that I am left with? Some of the queries I had are:
    1. Is it worth taking a ferry to Santorini one way and flying back? Or should I stick to flying both ways?
    2. Would Paros be worth visiting during this time? If yes, how many days should I plan there and where can I stay while keeping in budget?
    3. Is Hydra worth visiting?
    4. Any day trip recommendations from either Athens or Santorini?
    5. Must see historical sites in Athens? Do not wish to spend a lot of time in Athens.
    6. Any must do in Greece during this time that I am missing?
    7. Any other island that is worth considering given the duration and time of the year? I am more interested in good food and romantic/quiet time. I really wanted to visit Mykonos for it’s beauty of town but I don’t think it’s a good idea in November.

    I hope that’s not too many questions for a single post!

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      1. With only 3 days there I would fly both ways.
      2. Paros or Naxos are both good in November (though will be quiet). 2 nights there would be good. Or 3.
      3. Yes, Hydra is great. But also quiet in November.
      4. Nafplio is one of the best day trips from Athens. With only 2 full days on Santorini, no time for a day trip.
      5. Read: Best Things To Do in Athens. (Do a food tour if you have time.)
      6. Specific to late November, no.
      7. Athens, Santorini, and Naxos or Paros will keep you plenty busy. No time for anywhere else (beyond one day trip to either Hydra or Nafplio).

  8. Xenones Filotera for Family of 5

    This is great information. Could you tell me anything about Xenones Filotera? I am traveling with 5 in my family and through this looked nice but didn’t see any comments or information about it on your page.

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      Xenones Filotera is a very nice place with incredible caldera views. The defining feature (for deciding whether to stay there) is the location. You’re not in any town but a 20 minute walk from Imerovigli and an hour from Oia (in the opposite direction). Few restaurants are within a quick walk (though the brand new Cavo Tagoo is next door and they have a great bar/restaurant). There is a bus stop (with buses going to both Fira and Oia) about 2 minutes from the hotel.

  9. Cheapest Way to Get to Santorini

    Do you know what is the best/most reasonably priced way to travel from Chicago to Santorini? We plan to visit June 2018. Currently flights are not available, but wanting a place to start when they do become available. Thank you!

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      Use to search for the cheapest flights to one of the major hubs in western Europe: London, Paris, Rome, Frankfurt, or Amsterdam. Then search for a cheap flight on a European budget airline (e.g. Ryanair, Easy Jet, Transavia, Volotea) to Santorini. If you want to visit more than one island or city in Greece then be sure to fly in and out of different airports so you don’t have to double back – e.g. fly Rome to Santorini, ferry to Mykonos, fly Mykonos to Rome.

  10. Dream Island Hotel in Santorini

    Just wondering what you think of Dream Island Hotel? Is it close to the city centre of Fira? Is it a good hotel to stay at? We’ll be in Santorini in August.

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      A good value hotel with a very nice pool area and a 5 minute walk to Fira’s main square and caldera views. The views from the hotel are to the east (not the caldera).

  11. Mykonos Villas near Town and Beach

    We will be traveling with a large family group to Mykonos. We need 5-6 bedrooms and think we need to be able to walk to restaurants and bars as half the group are boys in 20s but would also like to be close to beaches. A villa would be great but are there any that are walking (really close to town) near beaches or pools? Your site very helpful but didn’t see much on villas or large group accommodations.


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      Nothing comes to mind right in Mykonos Town. A good compromise would be getting a couple of family rooms at Acrogiali Hotel on Platys Gialos Beach (several beach bars within walking distance and a short bus ride to nightlife of Mykonos Town).

  12. Best Time to Buy Tickets and Book Hotels for Greece

    I’d like to visit Greece in September (probably Athens, Santorini, and Mykonos). When should I book my flight and reserve my hotels? Is it getting too late to find good hotels?

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Hotel Expert

      Too late to book for September? No. Should you get looking for flights and start booking hotels? Yes. The earlier you book the better, but you still have plenty of time. The best hotels on Santorini can get fully booked 6 to 8 months in advance but there’ll often be something available right up to the last minute. If a caldera view is important then try to book a hotel at least 4 months in advance.

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