Pasaji Beach Club on Ornos Beach, Mykonos

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Updated: September 9, 2020

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beach beds along the water

Pasaji Beach Club day beds stretch along the water’s edge at Ornos Beach.

Pasaji is the most family-friendly beach club in Mykonos. Located on Ornos, the island’s best swimming beach, with a mellow, family friendly vibe not found at some of the louder beaches with raucous parties. The restaurant at Pasaji, with its gorgeous view out over the beach and bay, serves Mediterranean-Asian fusion bites, and signature cocktails. A resident DJ spins mellow jams, and waiters offer great service to the beach beds along the water’s edge. Open all day for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and drinks until 12:30 a.m. There is also a cozy hookah lounge covered in pillows to relax in. Pasaji is part of the adjacent and fabulous Mykonos Blanc Hotel.

Pasaji Beach Club, Mykonos – Video

Pasaji Hours and Information

  • Season: Open daily
  • Hours: 8am-1am
  • Website:
  • Location: Ornos Beach
  • Telephone: +30-698-591-9002
  • View: Fabulous water views
  • Parking: Free and paid parking in neighborhood and at Mykonos Blanc Hotel
  • Bus: 2 minute walk, from bus stop

Pasaji Beach Club

view out over water

The restaurant serves Mediterranean-Asian fusion cuisine.

hookah lounge

Dreamy, breezy, cozy vibes at the hookah lounge.

the bar

The bar serves excellent signature cocktails.

view from the restaurant

A great spot to take a break from the sun, or just enjoy a visit to Ornos Beach.

tables at the restaurant

A resident DJ spins jams for all to enjoy.

lounge chairs

Pasaji beach beds spread out along the middle of Ornos Beach.

entrance sign

The entrance to Pasaji from the middle of Ornos Beach.

hookah lounge

Adjacent to the main dining area is the hookah bar.

tables at the restaurant

A variety of seating options for parties large and small.

part of Mykonos Blanc hotel

Pasaji is part of Mykonos Blanc Hotel, one of the best on the island.

beds along the water's edge

Ornos Beach Bay beauty.

mediterranean and asian fusion restaurant

A great spot for a drink or any meal of the day.

the Ornos Beach boardwalk

The Ornos Beach boardwalk passes between the restaurant and the beach loungers.

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