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by Santorini Dave • Updated: September 8, 2020

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waterfront loungers

Scorpios Beach Club has a long beautiful waterfront. By day visitors lounge and enjoy sunbathing and watersports, by night there are a variety of live performances.

Scorpios is a very popular beach club on Paraga Beach. There are a number of seating options spread out along the water, that are reservable in advance, plus a private boat dock and sculptures made of natural materials around the headlands. An amphitheater style performance space is centered around a large fire pit. There’s one large main tented dining area, and many eating and dining nooks spaced out around the club. Indoors, there is more dining and lounging, plus a fashion boutique. From their website: “Scorpios nurtures a diverse creative community, from healers, movement and meditation teachers, and visuals artists to renowned DJs and experimental musicians.”

Scorpios Hours and Information

  • Season: Open daily
  • Hours: Kitchen closes at 11, bars and DJs til midnight
  • Website:
  • Location: Paraga Beach, Mykonos
  • Telephone: +30-2289-029250
  • View: Fabulous water views
  • Parking: Paid on site
  • Bus: 10 minute walk, from Paraga bus stop, walk via the beach, not the road

Scorpios Beach Club

private boat dock

The club is spread around a large headland on Paraga Beach. There is a private boat dock that can be seen in the background.

outdoor performance area

Amphitheater style seating for live performances.

waterfront chill space

A variety of seating options spread out across the beach.

entrance podium

The first tier of entering the large club.

greeter station

The second tier.


A team of greeters welcome guests. All staff wear the flowy fashions of the onsite Caravana Boutique in an earthy palate of colors.

funky buildings

Funky stone and wood architecture.

outdoor performance area

Seating around the fire pit.

shaded dining area

Shaded zones for wining and dining scattered throughout.

caravan clothing boutique

The Caravan boutique shop at Scorpios.

caravan clothing boutique

Scorpios staff member uniforms come from the Caravan collection.

funky interior

Funky interior chill spaces.

funky interior

The interior dining room.

funky interior

The kitchen.

funky interior

Funky interior lounge area.

funky interior

funky interior

funky interior

greeting area

Entering the large beach front club.

peacock at entrance

A resident peacock greeting visitors at the entrance to the club.

entrance to parking lot

The entrance to the large valet only parking lot.

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