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Updated: February 15, 2021
By Santorini Dave

The 10 Best Hotels in Alanya

1. Blue Diamond Alya Hotel

Blue Diamond Alya Hotel in Alanya, Turkey
Hotel phone: +90 242 514 0695
Not nearly as large, busy, and bland as other resorts along this beachside suburb, the Blue Diamond provides some style, personality, and gardens in front. All rooms feature balconies, many angled cleverly for decent sea views. With rates inclusive of all meals and most drinks, the majority of guests are on packaged tours, although others are certainly welcome. The impressive amenities include a games area, Turkish bath, and two pools (with a children’s area and waterslide attached). Plenty of amenities can be found in the backstreets behind the hotel, and the beach is just across the road along which buses frequently head to the old town and bus station.
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2. Kahya Hotel

Kahya Hotel in Alanya, Turkey
Hotel phone: +90 242 513 1014
The Kahya is superbly located: directly across the road from a shady park, the teleferik (cable car) to the ancient castle, and the beach with golden sand and white sunbeds. Yet, incredibly, it’s also in the middle of downtown and surrounded by amenities. The unassuming entrance and lobby lead to several wings with hundreds of rooms, most overlooking the huge and very popular pool, with several waterslides attached. Other facilities – especially appealing for families – include a kids club, playground, and games room with activities. With rates often inclusive of all meals and most drinks, it’s set up for packaged tourists, but all are welcome.
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3. Villa Sonata

Villa Sonata in Alanya, Turkey
Hotel phone: +90 242 513 0991
Villa Sonata provides very spacious apartments with fully-equipped kitchens, separate living areas, and balconies offering views of the streets and empty grounds filled with bougainvillea. With a limited number of guests and position at the top of a steep dead-end street, it’s also wonderfully serene. Amenities include a top-class bistro with enchanting views, a spa and sauna, and, remarkably, two pools. And the location is ideal: walkable to the pretty Kleopatra Beach from where a cable car soars to the ancient castle, and one block from a road packed with amenities, which heads to the amazing port/marina/ferry terminal.
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4. Antique Roman Palace

Antique Roman Palace Hotel in Alanya, Turkey
Hotel phone: +90 242 255 5780
The layout with ‘Roman’ statues and ‘Michelangelo’ paintings certainly makes this more memorable than any resort along this beachfront suburb. With rates including meals, most drinks, and all amenities, the majority of guests are on packaged tours, although all are welcome. The ornately-decorated and spacious rooms feature ‘gold’ mirror frames, plush chairs, and balconies with sea views. Attached to the pool is a waterslide, and the lovely beach is just across the road, along which buses frequently head to the old town and bus station.
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5. Quattro City Seaport Hotel

Quattro City Seaport Hotel in Alanya, Turkey
Hotel phone: +90 242 513 6487
The classiest of several hotels facing the extraordinary port, marina, and ferry terminal, the Seaport is also handy to the ancient castle – a stiff walk or a shuttle bus trip from a stop near the hotel door. All rooms are spacious, comfortable, and pleasantly decorated, but it’s really all about the fabulous views from the substantial balconies. With plenty of bars and cafés all around, many also offering wonderful views, the Seaport is also not far from the delightful Kleopatra Beach.
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6. Monte Carlo Hotel

Monte Carlo Hotel in Alanya, Turkey
Hotel phone: +90 242 514 0681
While this enormous resort doesn’t directly face the sea, many rooms still offer unobstructed ocean views. Catering overwhelmingly for packaged tourists (although others are always welcome), rates include all meals and most drinks. Among the impressive amenities are two large pools – one especially for children with a pretzel-shaped waterslide attached. It’s close to the sea, a water-sports kiosk, and frequent buses to the old town and bus station. With plenty of amenities in the backstreets and special accommodations with separate bedrooms comfortably catering for groups of four, this is the finest hotel for families in this beachside suburb.
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7. Hotel Villa Turka

Hotel Villa Turka in Alanya, Turkey
Hotel phone: +90 530 547 4641
Positioned high within the walls of the old town, Villa Turka offers arguably Alanya’s finest views of the bay, mountains, and marina. With an enchanting exterior of stone walls and dark wooden balconies, the handful of rooms are exquisitely (and individually) furnished – and always popular, so book way ahead. The isolation is part of its charm, but a few cafés are within a short stroll. It’s just about accessible by taxi, but note: paths to the marina and, especially, the castle are steep and the paving can be unstable.
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8. Oba Star Hotel

Oba Star Hotel in Alanya, Turkey
Hotel phone: +90 242 212 0152
Looking more like an apartment block than a resort, Oba Star doesn’t offer direct beach frontage but is certainly more stylish and appealing than most hotels. The amenities include two pools and several fashionable places for the meals and drinks that are normally included in the rates. All rooms feature balconies overlooking a quiet side street or potentially noisier pool. Although the vibe seems more adults-only, families are welcome and a small playground is provided. A few minutes away are an attractive beach with a water-sports kiosk, a path for walking and cycling, and frequent buses heading to the old town and bus station.
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9. Centauera Boutique Hotel

Centauera Boutique Hotel in Alanya, Turkey
Hotel phone: +90 242 519 0016
High within the walls of the historic old town, this divine guesthouse is adorably old-fashioned, but facilities throughout are modern. With stone walls and old-style bathtubs, rooms are individually decorated and named, but understandably compact with small windows – that’s all part of the indisputable charm. From the common balcony, garden courtyard, and its café opposite, views of the bay are jaw-dropping. The Centauera is just about accessible by taxi, but paths in the area are steep (especially to the castle) and paving unstable in places. And note: the guesthouse is for adults only.
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10. Lemon Villa Hotel

Lemon Villa Hotel in Alanya, Turkey
Hotel phone: +90 242 513 4461
With stone walls, courtyard café dripping with bougainvillea, and balconies facing the bay, the Lemon Tree is utterly delightful. The individually named and decorated rooms are packed with old-style furniture, and just as enchanting is the cellar where breakfast (included) is served. Up a rocky path, the apartments are large enough for four (but no children under sixteen allowed). Each features a kitchen and faces a large pool that all guests can use. Accessible by taxi along a steep path lined with amenities, it’s an easy walk down to the incredible marina, but much more strenuous up to the castle.
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