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Updated: November 26, 2020

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Review of Rohotu Fare Lodge in Bora Bora.

Rohotu Fare Lodge – Heavenly Polynesian-style escape with an extraordinary jungle setting.

Forget the over-hyped overwater bungalows, this is an authentic taste of Tahiti. Stone paths through the dense fruit-laden gardens lead to three truly gorgeous bungalows. Each is jam-packed with Tahitian arts/crafts, statues, rugs, and knick-knacks collated from across the globe by the effusive owner. Also adorable are the polished floorboards, bedposts of gnarled wood, and the sort of outdoor garden bathroom expected at a five-star resort in Bali. Each bungalow also features a state-of-the-art open-air kitchen or cute corner kitchenette, space for 1 or 2 extra single beds, and an extensive balcony with oh-my-god-get-the-camera views of the sea and mountains. Add in the guest library/lounge with wooden decking for sunsets, and this is a slice of heaven. The only downside is the isolation, but this is offset by free transfers anywhere anytime.

Rohotu Fare Lodge – The Basics

  • Location: About 300m up a steep path from the main road along the west coast of the southern part of the main island. Facing Pofai Bay, about 3.5 km from Vaitape (the only town), 4 km from Matira (the main beach), and 25 minutes by boat and taxi from the airport.
  • Guests: Given the genuine seclusion and high rates, it probably suits couples and is perfect for a romantic holiday.
  • Beach: About 350m from the coast, but there’s no beach there. The nearest beach with decent sand is at Matira, about 4 km away and accessible by free hotel transfer.
  • Views: Each bungalow offers glorious, albeit distant, views of the sea, with the mountains looming large.
  • WiFi: Free and unlimited throughout.
  • Parking: Enough spots along the access lane, right outside the entrance.
  • Nice Perks: Free transfers anytime to: the terminal for the boat to the airport, Matira (for the beach), Vaitape, and any restaurant on the island. Also, free bicycle rental.
  • How to Book: will have the best rates.
  • Phone: (689) 8770 7799
  • Email:
  • Website:

Rohotu Fare Lodge – Amenities

  • Pool, Spa, & Fitness Center: Not expected or provided at this sort of small bungalow complex in the hills.
  • Private Pools/Jacuzzis: Not expected or provided.

Rohotu Fare Lodge – Food and Drink

  • Restaurant & Bar: A hotel this small is not expected to have a restaurant or bar.
  • Breakfast: Not included because there is no restaurant, and each bungalow has a kitchen.
  • Room Service: Not available for reasons mentioned above.

Rohotu Fare Lodge – Rooms

  • Room Types: Garden View Suite (1) • Lagoon View Bungalows (2)
  • Smoking Rooms: No smoking allowed anywhere in or around the hotel and gardens.
  • Best Room: The Garden View Suite is massive (3 times the size of the others), and features an exceptionally exotic bathroom and a kitchen with a bar.
  • For Families: With 2 bedrooms, the Garden View Suite is 3 times bigger and easily caters for a family of 4.

Rohotu Fare Lodge – What’s Nearby?

Best Nearby Restaurants & Bars

    The only downside is the isolation, with almost nothing nearby. But remember: the lodge provides free transport to/from any restaurant, and all places listed below offer free transfers with dinner reservations.

  • Bloody Mary’s (40 67 72 86) – Almost within walking distance (1.8 km to the south), it’s an institution for light lunches, hefty dinners, and generous happy hours. Exotic and tropical, but a little tacky.
    In Matira (4 km away), try:

  • Restaurant Matira Beach (87 79 47 04) – classy French cuisine with Polynesian and Japanese influences. Family-friendly, with a special kids’ room.
  • The Lucky House (40 67 68 08) – alongside a pool for bistro-style meals, including wood-fired pizzas, and a children’s menu.
  • And these places are in Vaitape, about 4-5 km away:

  • Restaurant St James (40 67 64 62) – Cocktails, sunsets, seafood, and waterside tables. Try the Duck Confit and Shrimp Salad.
  • Le Panda d’Or (40 67 62 81) – Affordable and popular Chinese cuisine, with huge serves. Some wines and beers also available.

Nearby Market or Grocery

  • Nothing within walking distance, so get a free transfer from the hotel into Matira, or better, Vaitape, which has 2 supermarkets.

Local Transport

  • There is no public transport anywhere on Bora Bora. Taxis (unmetered) can be organized through the lodge but rates are extortionate, which is another reason to take advantage of the generous offer of free transfers for guests to anywhere at any time. Or rent a bicycle – and it’s flat all the way to Matira and Vaitape.

Rohotu Fare Lodge – The Hotel

The lodge is located on the southern end of the main island.

The lodge is at the top of a steep path along the southern end of the main island.

Bungalows are connected by lush green garden paths.

Paths through gardens with packed with trees, some laden with fruit, lead to the bungalows.

Gardens feature fascinating statues.

The gardens are dotted with fascinating statues.

There is an open-air kitchen in one of the bungalows.

One of the bungalows features a massive open-air kitchen.

The open-air kitchen also features a bar.

This kitchen also includes a bar and plenty of Tahitian crafts.

The Polynesian decor in each bungalow is adorable.

The décor in each bungalow is adorable, with plenty of Polynesian art on the walls.

Bathrooms are gorgeous with unique arts and crafts.

Even the bathrooms are utterly gorgeous, with more arts, crafts, and wooden fixtures.

The spacious bungalows have a separate work area with a desk.

Bungalows are spacious enough for a separate area with a desk.

The communal areas for lounging are excellent.

The lodge also offers communal areas for views and lounging about.

Hammocks give the lodge a tropical vibe.

Hammocks add to the tropical appeal.

Bungalows have unique layouts and decor.

Each bungalow has a unique layout and is individually decorated.

Bungalows also feature a delightful kitchenette.

Those bungalows without the open-air kitchen still offer delightful corner kitchenettes.

One bungalow is filled with antiques collected by the owner.

One bungalow features an antique desk with furnishings such as a typewriter – all collected over many years by the owner.

The bungalows are made from locally-sourced material.

The floors, walls, and bedposts are handcrafted from local materials.

Bungalows feature small balconies with great views.

Each bungalow has a small balcony offering extensive views.

Bungalow views are extensive and nice.

Views from the bungalows include the gardens, mountains, and sea (from a distance).

Bungalows feature unique Tahitian designs and decor.

Bungalows feature an individual design and décor, and are bursting with Tahitian arts and crafts.

The outdoor bathrooms are delightful.

The bathrooms are delightful: outdoors and with a garden setting.

Lucky House is popular for its pizzas and poolside setting.

The Lucky House offers pizzas and other tasty meals alongside a hotel pool in Matira.

MaiKai Restaurant in Vaitape has a fantastic setting.

One of the best settings on the main island is at the MaiKai Restaurant in Vaitape.

Saint James restaurant in Vaitape is popular for seafood.

Also in the main town, Vaitape, Saint James is a popular 2-level restaurant specializing in seafood.

Le Panda d’Or is very popular for its Chinese food.

Le Panda d’Or is a popular Chinese restaurant in Vaitape.

Vaitape has 2 large supermarkets.

Also in Vaitape are 2 well-stocked supermarkets.

Vaitape offers multiple shopping options.

Vaitape offers the best range of shops and stalls in Bora Bora.

Flights to Pape'ete are only 45 minutes.

Bora Bora is about 45 minutes by air from Pape’ete, the capital of Tahiti.

Airline passengers get free boat transfers to the main island.

The Bora Bora airport is on an atoll, linked to the main island by a free boat trip.

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