Santorini Hotels with Sunset Views

Q. What are the best hotels for sunsets on Santorini?

Imerovigli has the best sunsets of any town on Santorini. Many hotels in Oia do not have sunset views. (The hotels that have unobstructed sunset views are listed below.) Hotels in Oia generally have either a view of the caldera or views of the sunset (this is a simplification as it also depends on the time of year but for the most part it’s true). Fira’s sunset views are often blocked by the small island of Thirassia out in the caldera. Imerovigli has neither of the these problems and is perched high on a cliff with great views of both the sunset and the caldera. Another plus is that it doesn’t have the crowds that gather in Oia as the sun sets.

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  1. Katikies, Canaves, Andronis Best Sunset View

    Does Katikies or Canaves or Andronis have a better sunset view?

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave The Guide to Greece

      Katikies and Canaves are right beside each other and have identical views. Andronis is a little farther to the northwest and looks back into the caldera slightly more than Katikies and Canaves. None of those hotels have direct sunset views – the sun will be obscured by the town itself as it sets into the sea. Katikies and Canaves will have a little better angle but no great difference. Andronis is closer to the main sunset viewing area (by about a 5 minute walk). These are all great hotels with great views but don’t choose one over the other based on their sunset views as there’s a very small difference – and the caldera views are more important, in any case, as you experience that all day long, not just for 5 or 10 minutes.

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