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by Santorini Dave • Updated: January 30, 2023

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The best tours in Santorini, Greece.

The boat tours of the caldera are a must-do when in Santorini.

Santorini Tours – Tips & Info

  • My favorite Santorini tours are the boat tours and wine tours. Both phenomenal.
  • Though most tours last 3 to 6 hours they tend to take up the whole day. I wouldn’t book more than one tour per day.
  • Most tours include hotel pick up and drop off. This might sound insignificant when booking but is very attractive when the day of the tour arrives.
  • Private tours are more expensive but are, of course, much smaller, more intimate, and are particularly attractive during Covid when being around large groups can be a little unsettling.
  • The best free thing to do in Santorini is the Fira-Oia Hike. There are tours for this walk but it’s also easy to do on your own.

The 25 Best Santorini Tours

Tours sell out early. I’ve recommended multiple tours under each category. Most tours are very very good. I would worry less about the exact details of each tour and just get something booked for the days you’ll be in Santorini.

Santorini Boat Tours

Santorini boat tour of caldera and volcano.
This is my favorite Santorini tour. If you can only do one tour in Santorini make it a boat tour around the caldera. Recommended Santorini boat tours: Private Catamaran CruisePrivate Sunset Cruise7-Hour Private Catamaran CruisePrivate Yacht CruiseLuxury Catamaran Small Group CruiseLuxury Catamaran CruiseSunset CruiseSantorini Day CruiseVolcanic Island Cruise with Hot Springs

Santorini Wine Tours

Santorini wine tour.
Santorini wineries use a unique style of growing and irrigating their grape vines. And the wine, views, and scenery are outstanding. It all makes for a great tour. Recommended Santorini wine tours: Guided Wine Tasting Tour5-Hour Private Wine TourWine Tasting Tour & Sunset ViewingSunset Wine Tour with GuideSantorini Wine RoadsHalf-Day Tour of 3 Wineries

Santorini Fishing Tours

Santorini fishing tour.
These are fantastic tours and fun for everyone: couples, groups, families, fishing experts, and people who just want to swim, snorkel, eat, and enjoy the scenery. Recommended Santorini fishing tours: Traditional Fishing Trip and Fresh Fish Lunch (day)Sunset Fishing Trip with Dinner and Drinks (afternoon & evening)

Santorini Jet Ski Tour

Santorini jet ski tour to volcano.
So awesome and fun! Most years you can take a tour to the volcano and through the caldera. In 2022 tours are limited to the south coast of the island. Still great but a little less incredible. Recommended Santorini jet ski tours: Jet Ski Safari from Perivolos

Akrotiri Tours

Best guided tour of Akrotiri, Santorini.
The best and most interesting archaeological site on Santorini. The historical highlight of the island. Recommended Akrotiri tour: Akrotiri Prehistoric Private Guided Tour

Santorini Guided Tours

Santorini sightseeing tour.
A general sightseeing tour of Santorini’s highlights: Oia, Imerovigli, Firostefani, Fira, Megalochori, Pyrgos, a local winery, and the Akrotiri archaeological site. Recommended guided tour: Best of Santorini: 6-Hour Private TourSantorini Highlights with Wine Tasting

Santorini Cooking & Food Tours

Cooking class in Santorini.
Santorini food and traditional dishes are different than mainland Greece and the other Greek islands (in part because there is very little rain here so fruits and vegetables have unique qualities and flavors). Recommended cooking classes: Santorini Cooking Class and Wine-Tasting TourSantorini Cooking Class with Wine Tasting & Lunch4-Hour Walking Food Tour with TastingsGreek Food & Wine Tasting Tour

Santorini Walking Tours

Santorini walking tour.
The walk along the Santorini caldera is simply awesome. It’s easy to explore this area and walk the path on your own but a guided tour makes it more interesting and memorable. Recommended Santorini walking tour: Caldera Trail Guided Hike

Best tour in Santorini.

The sunset view of the caldera on a Santorini winery tour.

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