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Updated: August 29, 2019

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Moorea Beach Lodge – Colonial-style charm, tranquil seaside setting, but undersized rooms.

The bungalows are sprinkled around a beautiful garden dominated by a gigantic banyan tree. This towers above the delightful terrace/bar/lounge of wooden shutters, thatched ceilings and unstained furniture. All bungalows are semi-detached and identical inside, either facing the garden or sea. (The exception is the Honeymoon Special, which is separate, offering more privacy, and provides optimal sea views.) Each bungalow features a wooden sundeck, and sofa which could convert to another double bed – but rooms are undersized, feeling cramped with 2 people, let alone 4. Nonetheless, the attractions are ample: charming beachside setting with a slice of silvery sand; free rental of bicycles, kayaks and snorkeling gear; and restaurant-standard kitchen/bar, which guests are welcome to use outside of breakfast hours.

Moorea Beach Lodge – The Basics

  • Location: On the southern edge of Hauru village along the northwest coast of Moorea Island. About 600m from the centre of Hauru; 28km from the airport; and 29km from the ferry terminal for services to Tahiti.
  • Guests: Almost all guests are couples, often older travellers, who appreciate the relaxed setting.
  • Beach: The sliver of white sand in front is perfect for sunbathing and swimming, and large enough for the limited number of guests.
  • Views: About a third of the bungalows directly face the sea, often only 10m away, while the others overlook the pleasant gardens.
  • Wi-Fi Internet: Free for guests throughout.
  • Parking: Enough free and secure parking behind the front gates.
  • How to Book: will have the best rates.
  • Phone: (689) 87 23 33 25
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website:

Moorea Beach Lodge – Amenities

  • Pool: Perhaps a little surprisingly there is no pool, whereas some resorts of this size and standard do provide one.
  • Spa & Fitness Center: Not expected or provided in this sort of boutique lodge.
  • Private Pools/Jacuzzis: None.
  • Activities: Free rental of bicycles, kayaks, and snorkeling gear.

Moorea Beach Lodge – Food and Drink

  • Restaurant & Bar: The excellent kitchen – the sort found in an upmarket restaurant – is only used to serve breakfast to guests who have arranged this. Guests can use the kitchen and bar at other times for their own purposes.
  • Breakfast: Not always included; depends on the type of booking. The delicious cooked breakfast with fruit and croissants is certainly worth paying for.
  • Room Service: Not provided, with no restaurant onsite.

Moorea Beach Lodge – Rooms

  • Room Types: Garden Bungalows • Beach Bungalows • 1 Honeymoon Bungalow • 1 Family House
  • Smoking Rooms: No smoking in the rooms or public areas, but OK on the beach and in the gardens.
  • Best Room: Although the same size, layout and décor as the others, the Beach Bungalows are worth booking for the location: facing the sand barely 5m away.

Moorea Beach Lodge – What’s Nearby?

Restaurants & Bars

    A decent selection in Hauru village, with some providing free transfers. The places below are within 700m north up the road.

  • Le Lézard Jaune Café (40 56 35 00) – Classy bistro in a home for cuisine gustative and Tahitian food. Lounge bar, children’s meals and free transfers. 2-minute walk.
  • Le Coco D’isle (40 56 59 07) – Hugely popular despite (or because of) the sandy floor. Tahitian, French and Chinese food, as well as pizza. Evenings only, and takeaways available. 3-minute walk.
  • Le Mayflower – Next to the Hibiscus. Evenings only for French food, fish and vegetarian meals. Pricey with daily specials and kids’ meals. 6-minute walk.
  • Le Sunset – Open-air and colourful setting facing the sea. A chef from France, but also Italian cuisine and local specialties. At the Hôtel Hibiscus. 7-minute walk.
  • La Plantation (40 56 45 10) – French and Tahitian cuisine, as well as pasta, vegetarian meals and long list of desserts. Children’s menu, all-day dining, happy hours and free transfers. 9-minute walk.
  • Market or Grocery: There are a few convenience stores in the village within about 500m to the north.

Local Transport

    No public transport around Moorea Island, but 4 or 5 buses run daily between Hauru village and the ferry terminal (but not the airport) to tie in with arrivals/departures Ask the reception for details. The village is close enough to walk. Further afield, hitch a ride, organise an unmetered taxi, or rent a car/motorbike.

Moorea Beach Lodge – The Hotel

The lodge is located in a quiet locality.

The lodge is situated in a very quiet area only 600m south of Hauru village.

The delightful guests' lounge has lovely furniture.

The delightful guests’ lounge is packed with lovely furniture.

The lodge has a superb setting by a calm shallow lagoon.

Facing the calm shallow lagoon, the setting of the lodge is superb.

The lodge has a superb setting by a calm shallow lagoon.

Facing the calm shallow lagoon, the setting of the lodge is superb.

The lodge offers free kayak rental.

The lodge provides free rental of kayaks to explore the lagoon in front.

The hotel beach is adequate and nice.

The tiny beach in front is nice enough for sunbathing and swimming, and an adequate size given the few guests.

The west coast of the island features exquisite sunsets.

Along the west coast of Moorea Island, the sunsets at the lodge are exquisite.

The dive centre offers boats on hire.

The water in front of the lodge is remarkably calm. Boats are available for hire from an adjacent dive centre to explore nearby islets.

The sea-facing terrace lounge has a restaurant-standard kitchen.

The terrace lounge facing the sea is adorable, and features a restaurant-standard kitchen which can be used by guests.

The breakfast is very good at the lodge.

Some bookings include breakfast, which is worth paying extra for anyway.

A huge banyan tree dominates the garden.

The garden is dominated by an amazing banyan tree.

The stylish terrace lounge has good sea views.

Enormously appealing is the terrace lounge with stylish furniture facing the sea.

The terrace lounge is popular for breakfast and drinks.

The terrace lounge is packed with tables and chairs for breakfast or cocktails.

The lodge has a good tropical vibe.

The lodge exudes a gorgeous tropical vibe.

The gardens are full of tropical plants.

The bougainvillea and other tropical plants add to the allure.

The main building is attractive and colonial-style.

The lobby, lounge and kitchen are based in an attractive colonial-style building.

The Beach Bungalows have a nice traditional design.

Beach Bungalows feature a traditional design and wooden patio barely 10m from the sea.

The stylish bungalows feature a traditonal decor.

Bungalows are stylish with a high thatched roof and traditional-style décor.

The rooms include nicely-matched linen and cushions.

The linen and cushions nicely match the décor.

The spacious bathrooms are appealing.

The bathrooms are pleasingly spacious.

Beach Bungalows have a nice patio with sea views.

Beach bungalows feature a smallish but adequate wooden patio facing the sea.

The bungalows are spacious but rooms are small.

Each bungalow contains a sofa that can convert to a double bed, but the rooms are too small for two guests, let alone four.

Le Coco D’Isle nearby is very popular for French and Chinese food.

Only a few minutes’ walk north of the lodge, Le Coco D’isle is popular for local, French and Chinese food.

Classy Le Mayflower bistro is within walking distance.

Le Mayflower is a classy bistro within a short stroll north of the lodge.

Stylish La Plantation restaurant offers good French and Tahitian food.

Also close to the lodge, La Plantation is another stylish restaurant offering French and Tahitian food.

Le Sunset in the Hôtel Hibiscus is very friendly and inviting.

Le Sunset in the Hôtel Hibiscus just up the road is a friendly, colourful place to try local specialties.

Le Petit Village has lovely shops and cafes.

The lodge is about 800m south of Le Petit Village, a cluster of lovely shops and cafés.

The facilities at Le Petit Village are decent.

Le Petit Village offers a modest but satisfactory selection of facilities for tourists.

Hauru is pleasingly undeveloped.

Much of Hauru village is pleasingly undeveloped.

Exploring the west coast of Moorea Island by bicycle is fun.

The best way to explore Hauru and the west coast of Moorea is by bicycle, provided free for guests at the lodge.

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