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Updated: March 12, 2024
By Santorini Dave

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Top sights in Athens, Greece.

The Acropolis and Plaka (my favorite neighborhood) in Athens, Greece. I recommend at least a few days in Athens for any first-time visitor to Greece.

My Favorites for First Time Visitors

  • Best Places to Visit: AthensSantoriniMykonosNaxosParos
  • Best Tours: Santorini Wine ToursSantorini Boat ToursMykonos Boat ToursAthens Historical Tours
  • Best Ancient Sites: Delphi, Meteora, Delos (near Mykonos), and the Peloponnese are some of the historical highlights of Greece.
  • Best for Honeymoon: Santorini is a marvelous honeymoon destination. On Crete, Chania is also great.
  • Best Restaurants: Most towns and every island have several good restaurants. Athens, Naxos, and Santorini are loaded with great places to eat (both modern and traditional).
  • Best Beaches: Naxos has the best beaches in Greece.
  • Best Nightlife: SantoriniMykonos
  • Most Fun Activity: The Fira-Oia Hike along the caldera in Santorini. (Bonus: It’s free!)
  • Best Hotels: Athens, Santorini, and Mykonos have the best luxury hotels.
  • How Many Days in Greece: For most tourists, I recommend a visit of 10 to 15 days. This allows for a few days in Athens; a day or overnight trip to Nafplio, Delphi, or the Meteora; and a few nights on 2 or 3 Greek islands. Of course, trips of more or fewer days are great too. If possible arrive into one airport and fly out of a different airport so you don’t have to retrace your steps (e.g. Fly into Greece to Athens, and fly out of Greece from Santorini).
  • Can you visit Greece for only two or three nights? Yes, it’s possible, but in this case limit your visit to either Athens or just one Greek island and arrive and depart from the same airport.

Greek Island Itinerary – The Basics

Itinerary for the Greek Islands
Santorini – Amazing volcano views, boat tours, wine tours.
Mykonos – Great beaches and nightlife.
Crete – History, good beaches, authentic Greek towns, good hiking.
Naxos – My favorite beaches in Greece, good hiking, history, traditional Greek villages.
Paros – Great beaches, trendy dining, nightlife.
Corfu – Great beaches, stunning scenery, wonderful historic Corfu Town.
Zakynthos – Good beaches and scenery (just avoid the package tourism).
Rhodes – Great beaches and wonderful medieval Rhodes Town.
Kos – Very touristy but still enjoyable. Good for biking.
• Less-touristy Greek Islands: Folegandros and Milos are our favorites. Also Sifnos, Syros, Ikaria, Lesvos, Samos, Karpathos.
• I’ve ignored most of Mainland Greece for this itinerary but it’s a wonderfully diverse area that could easily fill two weeks of magical sights and experiences.

Itinerary for Greece and Greek Islands.

5 Days in Greece

  • Athens – 1 Full Day
  • Santorini, Mykonos, Paros, or Naxos – remainder of time

1 Week in Greece

  • Athens – 1 Full Day
  • Mykonos, Paros, or Naxos – 3 Days
  • Santorini – 3 Days

10 Days in Greece

  • Athens – 1 Full Day
  • Mykonos – 3 Days
  • Paros or Naxos – 3 Days
  • Santorini – 3 Days

2 Weeks in Greece

  • Athens – 2 Full Days
  • Nafplio or Delphi day trip – 1 Day
  • Mykonos – 3 Days
  • Paros – 2 Days
  • Naxos – 2 Days
  • Santorini – 4 Days

3 Weeks in Greece

  • Athens – 2 Full Days
  • Nafplio, Delphi, or Meteora – 1 or 2 Days
  • Mykonos – 3 Days
  • Paros – 2 Days
  • Naxos – 3 Days
  • Milos, Folegandros, or Sifnos – 2 Days
  • Santorini – 4 Days
  • Agios Nikolaos (Crete) – 2 Days
  • Chania (Crete) – 3 Days

Greece Itinerary: Top 5 Highlights

1. The Santorini Caldera

Itinerary for Greek Islands

Santorini is the most magical and unique Greek island. Boat tours of the volcanic caldera are a highlight of any trip to Greece.

2. The Beaches of Naxos (and Many Greek Islands)

Itinerary for Naxos.

There are many Greek islands with fantastic beaches (Mykonos, Milos, Paros, and Crete) but no island has a better beach scene than Naxos.

3. The Parthenon and Acropolis in Athens

Itinerary for Athens, Greece.

Athens has lots to see in a compact area. The Plaka, Acropolis and Acropolis Museum are where you should spend most of your time.

4. The Beach Clubs & Nightlife of Mykonos

Itinerary for Mykonos in Greece.

Mykonos is the place to go for an ideal mix of great beaches, beach clubs, and nightlife.

5. The Town of Chania in Crete

Itinerary for Crete.

Chania is a charming town on the island of Crete (the largest Greek island). Both Chania and Heraklio have many international flights to other cities in Europe which make it a great place to start or finish your holiday vacation. And Crete has many amazing tours.

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