Greece Travel Guides

Updated: July 22, 2017

The Best Travel Guides to Greece

1. Matt Barrett’s Greece Guides

Great general info on Athens and the Greek Islands. A good place to start when you don’t know where to go.

2. Nomadic Matt’s Greece Travel Tips

Excellent mini-guide to visiting Greece on a budget. How to save money and choose the best cheap destinations.

3. TripAdvisor Forum

Got a question about travel to Greece? This is the place to get the answer.

4. SantoriniDave

My travel guide to all things Santorini.

The Best Greece Guidebooks

1. Greece

by Lonely Planet
The best travel guide for Greece. Covers major and minor islands and the top destinations on the mainland.
Best Guide to Greece

2. Greek Islands

by Lonely Planet
The same content as the above book but this one only covers Athens and the islands.
Lonely Planet guide to Greek Islands.

3. Athens and the Greek Islands

by Frommer’s
Not as detailed but smaller and easier to carry around in a backpack.
Guide to Athens and the Greek Islands.

4. The Greek Islands

by Rough Guide
Lots of great information but I find the layout awkward and a little less user-friendly than Lonely Planet.
Budget, backpacker guide book to Greece.

5. Greece: Athens and the Peloponnese

by Rick Steves
The guidebook for sightseeing on the mainland – but nothing on the islands.
Rick Steves book about Greece.

6. Travels With Epicurus

by Daniel Klein
A 73 year-old philosopher travels to the Greek islands to figure out why Greeks seem so content with their golden years. This is quality travel writing.
Best travel book about Greece.

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